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<Continuing the previous post>

-What the hell? Kaiser!!!
- Hey, I want to read it as well! You have told me you were going to give me classes regarding my past... <sees you> Oh, hello there... <feels embarrassed>
- Well, this is my brother Kaiser <points at Kaiser>, also known as DarkStalker. Since he is so eagerly wanting to know more about his origins, I'll let him stay with us... As long as he behaves...

<Opens Sankari from the last read page>

Our Mighty Origins - Part Two

Proud and vanity made our noble race to split from their original home. Yet some of them stayed, those who went far from North America in other directions succeeded: three are known to have survived to all perils of the new frontiers. They were three on total, spread on Asia (through Bering strait), Central America and Oceania (this is a particular case, which will be explored later).

Still on American Continent, the 'Softfeather' tribe was way different than the Windsteppi: they already arranged themselves in a more modern civilization in which the local birds were worshipped as sacred. They were the first ones to use the obsidian as a sacred and military weapon, for their arrows tips were made of it.

Yes, these elves started our warfare tradition as archers; instead of being as aggressive as the Windsteppi, the Softfeathered preferred being more territorial, seeking no further, for their lands were incredibly fertile, which meant that there was no need to leave the place.

Their city was built on the largest treetops, preventing them to be surprised at night and providing them nice visibility of the intruders. Also, many outposts were build, providing the archers a better place to aim and shoot instead of running.

The social status was measured in a more sutile way: the bows. Each class had an specific kind of bow, though they could customize it. The nobles usually wore Composite bows with Quetzal feathers (Quetzals are a unique bird from Central America, which are still seen there nowadays); usually their bows were either white or black in order to make the feathers stand out. The high priests wore shortbows with either red or violet feathers; the bows were usually brown. The militia wore red Longbows with no feathers, but wood spikes on it in order to show their role in that society. The workers had grey shortbows or longbows, depending on the area in which they were living. Their bows were ornamented with black obsidian rings, as if there were a cobra on it.

These elves were taller - approximately 1.70 to 1.85m height - and lighter - around 50 - 70kg - than their relatives, the Windsteppi. Their hair was black, straight and long. They usually had either green or hazel eyes. Besides archery, this society was also astonishing in the mysterious art of Astrology, making predictions, calendars, events and others just looking to the starts. Their outposts on the treetops were just perfect to stare at a starry night. Most astrologers belonged to the high priest class.

Legends say this group is still alive somewhere in the depths of Central America's forests; sometimes, it is possible to hear a strange melody in the air, played by ancient brass - either panpipes or ocarinas made of obsidian, which were found on Belize...


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