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The day was almost beginning in Guatemala City. There was almost no sound on the streets... Except the sound of a trio arriving there.

So, what is the plan” Said one of them.

Well, I think our message has been clear” Said the one in the center “If Elite Dragon does not surrender by good, then we will have to do some evil...” He smiled mischievously “To him and to his beloved ones.”

The three boys started laughing madly as they came closer to Anael's school. The one who spoke first was around 1.70m height; he was white-skinned with short, straight dark-blue hair, dark blue eyes and blue triangular patterns in his face. He was wearing the school's sleeveless shirt with cargo pants and black sneakers.

The one in the right, who haven't said a word, was around 1.80m and white-skinned; his hair was silverish and slightly wavy. His eyes were light turquoise and he was wearing the school's t-shirt with navy blue shorts and golden shoes.

The one in the centre, who spoke at last, was around 1.75m with short, curly dark-brown hair and turquoise eyes. He was copper-skinned and slightly muscular as his friends. He was wearing a long-sleeved school shirt with black pants and gray sneakers. They were all smiling, and seemed not to be friendly at all.

Anael's class was now featuring Science classes. Normally, he would be the very first one to either ask questions or to state his knowledge about the subject; however, he was sleepy and in pain, for he had had too many injuries the previous night.

His chest had some burning and cuts, which went down to his abdomen, making either sitting or breathing too annoying. Also, his legs were also presenting some cuts due to the webs and Illumina Dragon's attacks. Because of the lack of sleep, he couldn't pay attention on his teacher’s lessons, and Consuelo, who was sitting on the left chair in relation to Anael, noticed that.

Hey” She whispered “Are you okay?”

Huh?” Anael replied as if he had just been waken up “Oh, yes. Yes! I'm fine, do not worry!” Anael answered politely trying to stay awake. Then, he saw his teacher's wooden ruler hit his student desk with strength.

Is there anything you can share with our class?” The teacher asked furious.

I am deeply sorry, maestra” Answered a sleepy Anael “I had no intentions of disrespect...”

The teacher didn't want to hear the Guatemalan excuses and kicked him out of class, demanding that he went to see the principal. While he was leaving to obey the teacher, he could hear his classmates whispering: “What? Anael, out of the class? Has the teacher gone mad?”, “Is he okay? He is not like that?” and “That is not possible... He behaves so well!”. Anael sighed sadly as he was near Mr. Hernandez’s room. He knocked twice on the door.

Pasa” Said the principal gently as always “Anael?!” He looked surprised to see the emerald-eyed Guatemalan with such bad dark circles above his eyes as if he hadn't slept well “What happened?”

I swear I didn't do on purpose, Principal!” Said Anael clearly disturbed “I... I haven't slept well yesterday... I know it is not an excuse, but...” He yawned “I couldn't avoid that...”

I understand...” Said Mr. Hernandez slightly sad “Sit down, please. I'll have to notify your mother; these are the rules...”

Okay...” Said Anael sadly.

What happened to your sister?” Asked the gentle old man as he waited until Anael's mother answered the phone.

She got sick...” Answered Anael “She didn't sleep nicely and it is getting a bit colder...One thing led to another...”

I see...” Replied Mr. Hernandez “Hello, United Kingdom Embassy? I'd like to speak with María Moon'Seeker, please...Okay, I'll wait.” He looked at Anael's sad eyes “Hello, María? Yes, it is Otto Hernandez, Escuela Marina's principal... Well, I am giving you this call to talk about Anael... Your son has been caught sleeping in class, and you understand we are severe in our punishments towards this behavior... However, your son is no black sheep, please be aware of that. Even so, he has to be punished as any other student who crosses the line. So, I am communicating my decision to suspend him for 2 days... Thank you... I'll let him know... Have a nice day. Hasta luego, gracias.”

So?” Anael asked a bit fearful.

Well, she is not happy at all...” Replied the principal with seriousness “You'll have a rough time at home, that's for sure... Listen, I know you are a good person and I wouldn't punish you if it only depended of me... However, this school has rules and I stand for them as the principal. Take this time to rest...” He slightly tapped Anael's left shoulder and made a sign for the Guatemalan to leave.

Anael left the room sadder than ever. “I had never been kicked out of class...” He thought sadly “First, the nightmares... Them, the attack... Now, kicked out of class! What's happening to me?!” He was walking so distracted that he didn't even notice a person coming towards him, and he bumped violently against him.

Perdonadme!” Asked the Guatemalan “I haven't...”

When Anael looked up, he saw a copper-skinned, dark-brown curly-haired Guatemalan boy looking at him with slightly fury. That kind of gaze bothered Anael, and he felt a bit angry too.

Are you Anael Moon'Seeker?” He asked “If the answer is yes -and I assume it is- I am Consuelo Cárdenas' brother, Tristán.”

Nice to meet you...” Answered Anael.

I just want you to know” Started Tristán “My sister is the most precious thing I have. If you ever hurt her feelings...”

I won't do that.” Anael rapidly answer “You can breathe calm and easily. Now, if you excuse me...” The emerald-eyed Guatemalan left rapidly and Tristán followed him with his gaze.

Hah...” Said Tristán with disdain “I am breathing calm... It's you that won't be able to do that... Elite Dragon...”
Meanwhile, in Escuela San Marino's basketball courtyard, Melchior and Thalas had already gotten problems to solve – a newcomer started to cause havoc I the place by threatening and disdaining at all students there.

Hey, you!” Thalas intervened in his little fight “Stop that!”

The newcomer was a white-skinned, dark-blue short-haired boy with blue triangular patterns in his face. He was looking at Thalas with disdain.

Why on Earth would I obey you?” Asked the boy “Hah... Thalas-Juán Dharalion, right? The Frenchman thinks he can give me orders...”

That statement really angered Thalas, especially for the disdain expressed by the boy.

I am Lorcan Odense” Said the dark-blue haired boy “Remember my name – it won't be the last time we see each other...” He left laughing mischievously.

What an arrogant brat...” Hissed Thalas with anger.

Kaiser was sitting on his class' window, talking to a newcomer on high school; he was white-skinned with short, straight silverish hair and turquoise eyes. Assuming for his accent, Kaiser concluded he was Canadian for sure.

So, Lancelot...Right?” Kaiser began a bit shy “From which city you came?”

I came from Vancouver” Answered the newcomer “I decided to come to Guatemala to know Central America, for I have always been living in a 'golden cage', so to speak...”

I see...” Replied Kaiser “Wait a second...Lancelot O'Higgins! That name is too familiar to be true!” Kaiser said surprised with his general knowledge “You are world's Snowboard champion! Man, you are awesome!”

Oh, thanks” Lancelot replied shy “I've been snowboarding for a long time... I have participated on 2010's Winter Olympics in my homeland because of all effort I made...”

Kaiser looked at his new friend with a happy and admired countenance. Thalas looked at Melchior with an angered countenance, which was shared by the red-haired Salvadorian. Anael, on the other hand, was coming home to take care of Altagracia's health; he was holding his cellphone on his hand, for he was typing a phone number.

Then, he put the cellphone near his left ear and waited.

Hola” Said the voice on the phone.

Consuelo?” Anael asked “Do you have plans for this night?”

To Be Continued...

-All Nightmare Long-

The tunnel seemed endless, for Anael has been falling there for a long time, faster and faster than the beginning. Then, before he could do anything to stop his fall, he hit the ground, cracking it. The Guatemalan almost lost his consciousness due to the impact. However, his Shaman-Stone did the trick, keeping him safe from the danger for that time.

Anael stood on his knees, searching for something familiar; the scenario was a creepy wasteland, full of spiky trees and branches; he could hear the sound of bats soaring upwards. There was almost no sign of life in there. The ground was too rocky for a plant to develop; the trees were all dead and blackened. The air smelled rotten, and Anael heard a sound too familiar and scary for him.

I hear the growl of a Jaguar” He said to himself while holding his Shaman-Stone really hard, ready to become Elite Dragon “Is this a bad omen, like Mr. Zelaya told?” He stood up on his feet.

Ha,ha,ha! It is more than a merely omen, Dragon! It is an invitation to Hell – to join the lost ones in Xibalba!” Anael heard cracks coming from the southeast; it was the time to become Elite Dragon.

No! You are the one who will stay on this unholy wasteland!” Screamed Elite Dragon, making his Shaman-Stone float on his right hand, and letting its turquoise rays of light involve him and transform Anael into Elite Dragon. Almost immediately, Anael summoned the Sapphire Sword and looked in all directions in order to find the one who was talking to him.

Suddenly, Elite Dragon heard something coming from the sky: it was human, and it had a scythe on its hands, charged with what it seemed to be light powers. Rapidly Anael turned to face his enemy, avoiding to get killed on the first round. The impact was so strong that they opened a hole on the rocky ground.

Die, weak dragon!” Shouted the foe, trying to rip Anael's head off.

Never!” Hissed the Guatemalan “You have captured my sister and I know it! I am neither leaving nor dying without finding her!”

Whatever! You are all going to be part of the Nightmare Realm!” Hissed Anael's foe back “Your souls will be restless, and you shall never find peace of mind again!”

The creature was a male humanoid with dragon-like eyes, which were turquoise with a sinister bright, and white wings. Although he was wearing a long white overcoat, Anael could see he was as copper-skinned as he was; his hair was short, curly and dark-brown. He was wearing light turquoise Arabic pants as well and dark green boots.

I am Illumina Dragon, and I shall be the one who will sent you to the underworld!” Illumina Dragon lifted his golden scythe, rapidly charging it with light, ready to strike and pierce Anael's heart. The Guatemalan didn't think twice, and charged his hands with a strong energy beam, throwing his foe away.

Elite Dragon felt a bit dizzy, for Illumina's attacks were quite stronger than he previously thought. He tried his best to stay on his feet. Then, he held the Sword stronger. He looked around to see if he could find Illumina Dragon, but his efforts were in vain; he seemed not to be there anymore.

Where is my sister?!” Shouted Elite Dragon to the air, searching for his foe.

Then, he saw a sparkling violet area northwest from his position. With his sword in his fist, he proceeded with caution towards the shining path. When he saw what was there, his eyes seemed to lose the life within.

Mi rayo de Sol...

It was still dark in Guatemala; the rest of the Knights were sleeping... Except Elemental Alchemist. The Salvadorian couldn't sleep well, and he was sitting on the mattress in which he was supposed to be sleeping. As Anael did previously, he also noticed the strange fog on their room, which led to Altagracia's. Instead of doing exactly like Anael, Melchior had no intentions of going alone, for he knew it wouldn't be very clever.

He looked to his left, and Kaiser has having a rough night; he seemed to be having some pretty nasty nightmares; therefore the night would be lost to him.

Kai... wake up...” Whispered Melchior as he lightly shook DarkStalker's left shoulder, which was not covered by the blanket.

M-Melchior?!” Kaiser said slightly scared, for he had a nightmare before. “What?”

Look” Elemental Alchemist whispered pointing at the strange violet fog “They have found us and I think Anael went first to look for them...”

If he did so...” Whispered DarkStalker “It might have not been a great idea... He said they were three, right? Better we hurry...”

You've read my mind...” The Salvadorian replied using his Shaman-Stone to become Elemental Alchemist.

Let's follow the track and see what comes out” Replied Kaiser using his Shaman-Stone to become DarkStalker.

The two Blue Moon Knights followed the strange track which led to Altagracia's room, just like it did to Anael. When Melchior was about to open the door, Kaiser intervened holding his wrist.

Better I open a vortex” He said to Elemental Alchemist “If Anael followed the same track, they may know we will come in his aid and might stop us. Surprise is the word of valor.”

Agreed” Nodded Melchior affirmatively “Do what you have to and let's save our friend”

Kaiser used his Shaman-Stone to open a vortex in front of Altagracia's room, and the two Knights entered on it. As Anael, they had arrived in Xibalba; however, the Illumina Dragon did not come after them, for he had already caused the amount of damage he wanted.

When Melchior and Kaiser saw what was beyond the violet fog, they were horrified; Altagracia was trapped in what seemed to be webs of some sort, and Anael was laying on the ground with his arms tied by the strange web. His armor was slightly shattered, and his Shaman-Stone had weak glow, and his body was being dragged to the same strange web which trapped his beloved sister.

Kaiser, give me a helping hand!” Shouted Elemental Alchemist as he run towards Anael, using some weak energy beans to tear the web down.

It is stronger than it looks!” DarkStalker replied trying to cut the webs which trapped Altagracia. “The webs seem to be draining their lifeforce!” Finally, he manages to cut the little Guatemalan out of the deadly trap “Quickly!”

Melchior, get Altagracia and leave! I can take care of this issue!” DarkStalker shouted as he tried to defend himself from his foe's attack.

I'll be back!” Said Elemental Alchemist entering into the vortex.

Kaiser looked at the vortex to see if it has closed; when he did it, a strong fire-based attack hit him hard, causing him to fall on the rocky ground and cut his face and shoulders with the little pieces of hardened soil. Because of inner wounds, DarkStalker spitted a bit of blood and had difficulties to breathe.

Where do you think you were going?” Said DarkStalker's foe. A tall, muscular white male with light turquoise eyes, darkened by his wicked soul. He was wearing red leather pants with metal shoes and bracelets which had blaze patterns. His chest had a maple drawn on it. Because of that and his accent, Kaiser deduced his foe was Canadian.

It is none of your business!” Replied Kaiser with his sword at hand ,running towards the mean Canadian, trying to inflict a wound in his flesh.

The Canadian replied punching, and Kaiser responded rapidly with kicks, and so they went in that fighting dance – Kaiser used void beans to withstand the fire beans. However, the Finnish started to feel dizzy and tired, for he didn't sleep much. His foe's plan seemed to be working, and he could do nothing when the Canadian, trapped him in a fire circle.

I have to confess my rudeness” Said the Canadian politely “Let me introduce myself: I am Starfire Dragon, nice to meet you. I assume you are friends with the one who calls himself 'Elite Dragon'...” He went slowly towards the fire, which seemed to cause him no harm “We are here to send a message: if he keeps claiming to be a 'dragon', dishonoring the title as he does, none will be spared...” He stopped near Kaiser, who was on his knees. Starfire Dragon knelt before DarkStalker. “If you insist on stopping us, your life will be at stake, too. Stay the hell away.” He said the last sentence slowly and creepy, opening a fiery vortex in which he threw Kaiser.

Sweet dreams, Blondie...” Said Starfire Dragon with an ironic tone, madly laughing right after.

To be Continued...

-As Long as She Falls-

Anael arrived at his house with a gloomy countenance. In other circumstances, such news wouldn't have bothered him that much, for he got accostumed to them, since it was part of a Blue Moon Knight's job. The emerald-eyed Guatemalan opened the front door of his house looking for his sister.

Altagracia?” He asked “Where are you? Come here, please!” He spotted his sister on the stairs, rushing to meet him.

You left too early today!” She mumbled with her cheeks full of air “Where have you been? The breakfast was delicious, by the way” She said, referring to the pancakes Anael made before leaving the house. “Why are you looking so sad?”

I've just received some bad news, sis” He answered gloomy “That's why I look like that. We need to talk to the others...”

Anael snapped his right hand's fingers in order to conjure his communicator and instructed his sister to do the same. Then, the typed the Drive Two Code, which allowed him to talk to Thalas only.

Hermano, are you there?” Asked Elite Dragon with seriousness in his voice.

You seem calmer than before” Answered Thalas in a happy, yet discrete tone “I had already talked to the others. I think it is wise if we meet in your place. The twins are already with me and Melchior and Maya are being told the news by Altagracia.”

You have just caught my thoughts, as always.” Said Anael with a grin smile.

We will be at your house in a matter of minutes” Said Thalas in his habitual tone of voice.

The emerald-eyed Guatemalan sat on a couch nearby with his hand on his head and his elbows on his tights with a worried expression. Though we believed in Mr. Zelaya's prediction, he wanted it to be proven wrong; he knew that their lives were in constant risk, but the feeling of loosing a friend in a battlefield was the worst for him.

He was so distracted on his thoughts that he didn't even notice Altagracia's soft and tiny hands on his shoulders. The child had to hug his brother in order to be noticed.

Is everything okay, hermano mayor?” She asked with a worried countenance.

I don't know...” Elite Dragon answered with the same gloomy countenance. “I am no longer sure...”


Thalas and the other Knights had arrived right after Anael's answer to Altagracia's inquiry. Elite Dragon asked his sister to get them the appetizers he made before. When she arrived, they sad on the floor forming a circle.

Well, Altagracia said you had pretty bad news to us...” Melchior started breaking the ice “What is the matter?”

Thalas said you seemed very disturbed on the communicator” Added Maya with pity in her countenance.

Anael took a deep breath before starting. His countenance was still very gloomy.

I have to tell you from the very beginning” Said the emerald-eyed Guatemalan “I think that Melchior is not the only one gifted with foreseeing skills... Before my birthday, the previous week to be precise, I started to feel something bad in my dreams. There were... I don't know, they looked like a bit like us and were three...”

The Knights continued to pay attention to Anael's words, getting a bit annoyed with Elte Dragon's nightmares.

They are pursuing me. Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped into a device of some sort, like ropes or cages, I'm not sure... Usually my dreams take me to dark places, with hostile landscapes and then I start to feel suffocated, and the three entities start to appear, but they never take any form.” Anael took a cup of coffee, drank a bit and then continued “However, on the day before my birthday, the dreams disappeared, and I slept peacefully, so as I did yesterday, without dreaming at all. Nevertheless, those horrifying dreams had not disappeared from my mind, and I went to school to solve them...”

Oh! Are you talking about Mr. Zelaya?” Asked Thalas surprised “Has he said something about that?”

Who's that guy and what's his connection to the topic thread?” Asked Melchior confused.

Mr. Zelaya is our History teacher. He used to be a fortune-teller before coming to Guatemala City. I think he came from Quetzaltenango...Or was he from Belize?” The French Guatemalan become a bit thoughful “Anyways, rumors tell that he hasn't abandoned his past profession, and still reads peoples' future. Some say his accuracy is close to a 100%! This guy is a natural!”

Freak...” Mocked Kaiser with a mischievous smile “Anyways, go on, Anael”

As Thalas already figured it out, I went to talk to Mr. Zelaya and see what he would think about this. Yet I haven't told him about the Blue Moon Knights, I gave him an idea of what was happening to me lately... Well... It was not good at all.”

Meaning?” Kimi asked with seriousness, eating a chocolate and banana cookie

He read the future.” Anael started gloomy “He said things will get tougher, and I believe it is going to be the greatest peril we have ever faced; he also believes that at least one of us may lose his or her life on this adventure, which will be extremely dangerous... And... I do not know whether there is any hope or not.”

Silence took place on that room. All the Knights became worried; considering everything that has happened to them, it was almost impossible not to believe in Anael's words. Altagracia became gloomy as well, for she was worried about everything.

I think I may know what your teacher has seen...” Said Melchior in an unusual threatening, hissing tone “Are all of you aware of what happened yesterday in Quetzaltenango?”

What happened there?” Kaiser asked curious.

The city was almost completely destroyed by a trio of 'humanoid dragonlike' entities who came out of earth as if they had found a way to the surface from Hell itself!I think...I think, Anael, and there is almost no doubt in my mind that these three are the ones who threaten your dreams and pursuit you openly.”

Well, their intentions are more than clear” Said Anael with a decided countenance, hissing discretely.

However, how are we going to fight against them?” Asked Maya “Like, they do not seem to be attacking right now and they have just appeared once!”

Darkness...” Anael hissed slowly with his eyes wide open “Mr. Zelaya said those entities attack at night!...On our nightmares to be more precise...”

Oh no...” Said Altagracia slightly scared, holding his brother stronger.

It will be hard to fight this time...” Reflected Thalas “Like, all of our enemies acted openly either at daylight or night... Even Eclipse, who could use this kind of strategy, didn't do so...”

As weird and dangerous this may sound... The best we can do is to wait them make their move” Said Anael in an unpleasant tone “Since we cannot predict when or where they are going to attack, and we have no idea of how they look like, the best option is to sit and wait... And I do not agree with my thoughts...”

What other options do we have, Leader?” Kimi asked in a rhetorical way “I see none.”

Neither I do” Answered Anael bittered “It is decided then. You guys are going to sleep here tonight. I'll just call my mother and tell her that you will do so...”

The night arrived fast in Guatemala. It seemed too sinister to be a regular night; Altagracia went to her bedroom with Maya, and the boys went to Anael's room. Elite Dragon's mother had prepared the Guatemalan's bedroom in order to keep everyone comfortable. It was approximately ten o'clock when they all decided to sleep.

Well, here is the plan” Anael started to say sitting in his hammock “We will sleep and hope to see at least one of them in our dreams. If this part happens, then we will figure out a way to gather strength to fight against them and get some answers... Understood?”

The others nodded affirmatively and went to sleep. At first, Anael couldn't sleep because of his anxiety. He wanted to understand why these things were happening; it hasn't been much since they had stopped Zoe, and now they had to face another hazardous situation. He felt his eyes closing slowly, and he almost fell asleep.

His mind was almost reaching his own dream realm when he felt that something was wrong, and it was on the air. A purple line of dust was coming inside his bedroom and following the path to another bedroom: Altagracia's.

What the...?!” Thought a sleepy Anael, slowly walking towards the following room, where the strange powder went down the door. He opened the door slowly in order to make the least sound he could. Maya was sleeping in a mattress near his sister's bed.

Altagracia?” He slowly asked while approaching her bed, just to find out that it was empty; Altagracia was gone! His eyes widened and his face became pale as his countenance became desperate. Then, the room became too dark and Maya disappeared. He heard the door closing abruptly.

Time to face your fears, Elite Dragon!” A hole opened down Anael's feet, and he was dragged down to the darkness, and he had no idea of what was coming next...

To Be Continued...

-Free as a Quetzal-

A screechy alarm clock suddenly woke Anael up; Elite Dragon hit the device hard as a reflexive act, accidentally breaking it.

Damn...” He whispered “I'll have to fix it later” He put his right hand on his head and his left on the bed table “My head... The bells are still singing on my head... Ouch!” He closed his eyes in a sign of pain “I need some painkillers...”

Then, he finally looked at the time: it was eight o'clock.

God dammit, I am super late!” Mumbled the Guatemalan with his eyes wide open “I had to go to school to see things about my current schedule!” He ran to his drawer and dropped his uniform on his undone bed “I wont take a shower, I'm too late for that! Where the hell I put my deodorant?” He found it and thrown on the bed, changing his clothes rapidly right after. “I should have remembered it...” He said while spraying the deodorant below his school shirt “If I had remembered that I had to attend to school today, I wouldn't have gone to the beginning of the celebrations! Now the city will be crowded and going there will be almost impossible...”

He put his half-moon necklace, grabbed his backpack and rushed through the door downstairs. He left a note for his sister on the kitchen with her breakfast and got some strawberries for himself. After that he left the house and ran to his school.

On the way, he kept mumbling at himself, looking at his watch compulsively as if he wished time would stop or turn back in order to make things easier for him.

Damn, damn, damn!” He whispered lecturing himself “I hope the teacher's still there... I don't have his cellphone...”

He was so distracted that he didn't notice that another person was coming on the exact opposite direction of his, and he bumped into the person so hard that caused her fall. For he was stronger than regular people, he could stand on his feet as if nothing happened. He was about to say something rude when he notice that he had pulled a girl down, and for that he felt terribly embarrassed.

Perdonadme!” Begged Anael, bending to help the girl “I didn’t mean to tumble you...” The girl held his hand and the Guatemalan slightly blushed and the young lady laughed discretely at him.

She was a few centimeters shorter than Elite Dragon; she was chubby, copper-skinned with dark, straight long hair tied in two long pigtails. Her eyes were wide as Anael’s, but dark brown like oak’s trunks. Her mouth was a bit fleshy, and her smile was perfect: white and with no teeth out of place. She was wearing the female school uniform: a short-sleeved white shirt with the school emblem and a navy blue corsair pants.

“Y-you seem new ‘round here…” Anael said clearly shy “C-can I help you?”

“Oh, yes!” Said the girl with an embarrassed tone “I'm new on this town,and I had been transferred to Escuela San Marino, which people told me it is up on that street... Could you please confirm if I am following the right path?”

“W-well, I think the one who gave you this information made a mistake.” He showed the school emblem on his chest “See? I study there, and it is only a few blocks down on this street. I can guide you, since I had to go there anyways... Well, if you don't mind...”

“Thank you so much! You are such a gentleman!” thanked the girl, holding his hands tight.

Anael's face went from copper to red in a matter of seconds; the Guatemalan felt his heart beating faster, and he tried to cover the embarrassment as they walked through the blocks. He noticed that the girl had a bit of red in her cheeks as well.

“My name is Consuelo Cardenas” Said the dark-eyed girl “I came from Quetzaltenango*, I don’t know if you’ve been there before… You are…?”

“A-anael Moon’Seeker...” Answered Elite Dragon “Nice to meet you!”

“I say the same” Answered Consuelo with a smile “I'm going today just to have a tour on the school and get the schedules... I'll start as a student after the holidays...”

They walked without saying much things, for they seemed quite shy among themselves; as the school was getting closer, Anael tried to break the ice, and for him that was something normally difficult to do.

“You said you came from Quetzaltenango...” He started with reddish face “When did you arrive?”

“I arrived few hours before the All Saints' Day's celebrations started...” Said the girl equally shy “The only reason they move in was to get me accustomed to the idea of studying on the capital's University... They are kinda planning big things to my future, you know?”

“I see...” Said the Guatemalan with a shy smile “I think you will like it here... There are certainly plenty of things to do, and I'm sure you'll get along with people just fine!”

She gave him a smile and turned her looks to the school building in front of them. She kept walking at Anael's side in order to figure things out. Then, she saw a wall which contained some pictures of Elite Dragon in his Capoeira suit together with his master in some Capoeira public demonstrations.

Cobra capoeirist, huh?” She said with a fascinated smile “You seem pretty famous on these corridors, don't you?”

“D-do I?” The Guatemalan boy seemed even more nervous and embarrassed than before “Uhm, I guess I didn’t know that…” Then, he tried to cover his embarrassment “Well, Uhm… If you need any help, like, getting into classes or asking certain teachers about how things work here… You can talk to me and I’ll help you, okay?”

“Okay! Thank you so much!” She said holding his hand tighter, yet in a friendly way “Well, I don’t know which class I study… Where can I have this info?”

“Look on this parietal” Said the green-eyed Guatemalan pointing to the wall to their left “Here we have the list of all classes from Elementary to High School. Take a look”

“Class 8-1…” She said thoughtful “Which is the according room?”

“Oh, that is my class!” He replied with a discrete smile “Follow me, I can show you where it is…”

Anael guided Consuelo through the right corridor of the building; class 8-1 was the third door counting from the beginning. The girl entered on the room and took a look on it. Then, she looked back to Anael with a smile.

“This place seems very,very nice!” She said with excitement “However, I need to talk to the principal... Could you lead the way?”

Anael answered with a smile and led the way to the principal; his office was located upstairs, and it was the central door of the main corridor of that floor. Mr. Otto Hernandez, which was a man around his 60's, a bit overweight, copper-skinned with dark eyes, was the principal of Escuela San Marino. His hair was short, straight and white, and his face had the signs of the years gone by: rugs and old man's expressions. He seemed much more like a grandfather to the students than an authoritarian, tyrant principal.

“Come on in” Said the man “What can I do to help you?”

Hola, señor HernandezSaid Anael politely “I am here for two reasons: this is Consuelo Cardenas; she came from Quetzaltenango and will begin studying here on the next week, and she needs to get things done.” The Guatemalan girl smiled at Cobra capoeirist “The other thing which brought me here is a chit chat that I need to have with Mr. Zelaya... Is he still here?”

Well, you are a very lucky young man, Moon'Seeker” Answered the principal with seriousness “I have just seen Mr. Zelaya on the teacher's room. As far as I know, you were supposed to talk to him much earlier than now... Go there, apologize and them talk to him. Get your work done, Moon'Seeker.”

Gracias, principal!” He said a bit embarrassed, yet smiling at the old man.

Now, let's talk, young lady...” The principal began talking to Consuelo in order to solve her situation.

Anael left before he could hear anything else, rushing to the teacher's room, which was the second door counting to the left of the principal's chambers. The Guatemalan boy stood in front of the dark green door ready to knock it. His hand, however, stood paralyzed just a few centimeters from the wood, for he was thinking about all lecture he was going to receive. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and knocked thrice.

Then, he opened the door, and his teacher was awaiting for him with a serious and slightly enraged countenance.

You had asked me to come here to talk to you this morning at seven o'clock, if I am not mistaken...” Said Mr. Zelaya with discrete anger “What in the world is your excuse?”

Alejandro Zelaya, simply referred as Mr. Zelaya by his students, was a medium-height (around 1.75m tall), thin, mulatto young man, who was around his 30s. He had dark blue eyes and medium, straight dark hair. He was wearing a gray overcoat with golden buttons and other minor details, a white polo shirt underneath, a pair of black pants, dark-brown moccasin shoes and a Panama Jack beige hat. He was drinking a cup of coffee while waiting for Anael's answer. Mr. Zelaya was Anael's History and Geography teacher.

Well... I overslept...” Said the Guatemalan with a deep sigh of regret “I meant no disrespect towards you, Mr Zelaya...” He slowly approached towards the teacher, who calmly drank his beverage “Like, yesterday was my birthday, and the All Saints' Day celebrations started pretty early and my friends wanted to get me there as a group celebration... I know it may not justify my lateness, but could you forgive me?”

Well... I'll think about that.” Replied Mr. Zelaya politely “Speaking of the holiday, I may go to the celebration this year...” He looked at the Guatemalan, putting his cup down and filling it with more coffee from the thermos bottle. “So, we were discussing on the other day about mystical things... Mostly Mayan mythology...” The poured a cup for Anael, who accepted and put it in front of him “Then, you asked me about my private life...”

I've heard that you are a fortune-teller... And your deck is related to Mayan mythology” Said Anael with seriousness “Well, both of us know that this holiday is full of legends; some are good fortune and others... Are bad...”

Kid, I do not know what you are going to ask me” interrupted the teacher in a smooth tone “However, you have to know that my fortune-telling deeds belong to the past. I don't do such thing anymore.”

You are the only person I know which can help me...” Said Anael elusively “My Capoeira master is not a fortune-teller nor a Shaman, and yet he knows a lot about our culture, he is not up to the task I'm going to talk to you about...” He held his Shaman-Stone tight “When Consuelo, the new student that arrived today, said she was from Quetzaltenango, I haven't remembered it. Then, I've just realized that a weird thing happened on this town during the All Saints' Day celebrations...”

...And you believe that this event may be related to some Mayan ancient legend...” Completed Mr. Zelaya “...Also, you think that I may discover more about that by using my abilities as a former fortune-teller...” He drank a bit of his coffee “Then tell me, kid: why do you want me to do this for you? What is the thing behind this?”

Like... Do you believe on me?” Said Anael surprised “The misfortune had been divulged by the authorities at night... and they are going to do another news about that...” Anael drank a bit of his coffee.

I'm only asking you that in order to trust you... And to understand some things about the person that I thought I knew...” Answered Mr. Zelaya drinking more coffee “You seem to be hiding something. Something big, perhaps, and it is really afflicting you...”

Sorry for not being completely honest, teacher” Said the Guatemalan with sorrow “But I cannot tell everything... The only thing I can is the fact that I've been haunted with nightmares about what happened in Quetzaltenango, although I'm not completely sure about how they really affect me...”

Well, when you are ready to confess everything, I'm all ears” Answered the teacher calmly “So, what do you want from me?”

Anael took a deep breath and then proceeded talking “I need you to read what awaits for me in the near future, and what awaits Guatemala in the near future as well. I know it seems too much, but can you do that?”

The teacher didn't answer; he opened the left side of his overcoat an put his hand inside of a hidden pocket, taking a Mayan deck out of it, placing the cards on the table. Then, he looked at Anael with a decided countenance.

Shuffle these” He said “Then give them back to me. Let's see if I still know how to get things done.”

Anael obeyed, and gently shuffled the Mayan deck; he cut the deck seven times and, when he finished the shuffling, he gave the cards back to Mr. Zelaya, who was ready to do his part. The man got the cards and spread them in front of him as a huge fan, and started picking some cards. Anael felt his heart beat faster in pure anxiety.

The young fortune-teller chose three cards to start; as re revealed each, he gave Anael his interpretation “Whichever is your degree of involvement on this issue, boy, believe me: things are going to get tough” He said revealing the card of Mayan God Hurakan* downwards “Usually, this card would mean good fortune; however, its meaning differs on this position. Also...” He revealed the second card, the Mayan deity Xiquiripat** “... You and whoever is involved as well will pay a high price. One of your friends may die...” He said with a hissing voice. He got three more cards to continue his foreseeing event; when he got the others, he continued to reveal the hidden pictures “The card of Vucub-Caquix*** means extreme danger; regarding to what happened in Quetzaltenango, and the next card, the Hun-Came****, means that the ones who came from Quetzaltenango and will cause more havoc in our land have to come from Xibalba and are coming for the massacre.”

Anael felt his voice failing; he was more than scared, hoping that his teacher would be wrong. However, he doubted of that thought, and bit his lip before asking what he so desperately needed.

“Is there any hope?” Asked Elite Dragon quite breathless “I mean, is there anything on your cards that may work as a turning of offense?”

“Let's see...” Said the thoughtful fortune-teller, revealing the fifth card “The Camazotz***** card means that those creatures are related to darkness, and they may strike with full throttle at night,maybe acting on a deeper place, in which we can gain or lose control rapidly: nightmares... It can also mean curse and other bad fortune to those involved in the events” Then, he took a deep breath before revealing the last card. “Kid...” He revealed the card of Mayan God Kinich-Ahau****** with a mischievous smile “The hope or lack of it... Is something that you'll have to figure out by yourself.” The teacher got his cards back and put them back to their place in his overcoat; after that, he got Anael's class schedules, giving it to the Guatemalan “Whatever is your problem, kid, look deep within and find the strength to face it. Have a nice holiday.”

“I wish you the same...” Said Anael in a weak tone of voice, trying to cover his feelings up.

The Guatemalan walked slowly towards the door, putting the papers inside his backpack. When he left the teacher's room, he started running with his eyes strongly closed; it was possible to see some tears in his eyes. Consuelo saw him running and tried to get his attention, but Anael didn't listen her voice.

Anael didn't know why he felt so scared; he had no clue of his tears, and why those ancient gods frightened him so much. He stopped running near of the place in which he met Consuelo. He put one of his hands on the wall near him, and the other hand he used to snap his fingers and conjure his Jade Communicator. Then, he pressed the red button once, held it for a while and released it.

Come on, come on...” Said the Guatemalan with anxiety and a slightly weeping voice “Answer, dude...”

He waited for a few minutes, which seemed eternal to him, hearing his heart beating faster than ever, before the according Knight answered his call: Thalas didn't wake up early on holidays – the earliest time he did on a holiday was waking up at ten o'clock.

Bonjour!” Said Thalas through the device with a sleepy tone of voice “Anael, is that you?”

Sorry for waking you up so early, Thalas” Said the Guatemalan in agony “But I need to talk to you and all the Knights as soon as possible. I have just received some pretty bad news that are related to all of us and I need to talk about this... I...I am going to pick up Altagracia at home and... And then... Then I proceed to your home, understood?”

Of course” Said the French Guatemalan in his usual calm voice “I'll call Maya and ask her to come by. Meanwhile, try to calm down, okay? I bet it is not that bad as it seems...”

Anael ended the call, hoping that his friend would be right. To say the truth, the emerald-eyed boy wished he had told his teacher the truth about being Elite Dragon, the leader of the Blue Moon Knight, and that he felt scared about beginning a new round of fights. Sometimes, Anael wished he had a regular life...

To Be Continued...

*Hurakan: Mayan God of wind, fire and thunderstorms. He is usually represented as a cobra, meaning the death and rebirth of the world;

**Xiquiripat: Mayan demonic deity which inhabited Xibalba (Mayan underworld), to which was attributed the bloodshed occurred on Mayan society;

***Vucub-Caquix: Along with Hun-Came, a demonic deity which was Xibalba's lord;

**** Hun-Came: Along with Vucub-Caquix, it is one of Xibalba's lord and judge of the Council;

***** Camazotz: A vampire Mayan myth, a terrifying Bat-God which was aggressive and feared by the Mayans. Maybe inspired in an extinct chiropteran which inhabited the Yucatan Peninsula;

****** Kinich-Ahau: One of Mayan Sun Gods, he is represented as a fire bird on daylight. When comes dawn, he inhabits Xibalba as a jaguar. He was one of the governors of Xibalba.


The Dragons had always been worshiped by humans either as evil creatures who seek no more than destruction and havoc or as powerful, good and protective creatures which would reward those who really worth it…

A couple of months had passed since Anael and his friends went to Brazil to stop Zoe. Life has become regular for the Knights: their lives were organized regarding their school, their free time and saving Guatemala. The Guatemalan President had given them safe conduct to act wherever they thought necessary, working with the police in order to help public security as a reward for their actions in Brazil.

It was October, finally; a very special month for two Knights: Anael, well-known as Elite Dragon, and Altagracia, the Lotus Flower. October was Anael’s month, for his birthday was on October 31st, the Halloween day. His mother would finally have a day off to organize a party for him and give more attention to her children, for she didn’t do that on Altagracia’s day.

On that day, things were working as they normally did: at precisely 5 of the mourning, Anael was already awaken, sitting on his bed, ready to start the day as he usually did. He stood up and looked at his drawer, taking a sleeveless, turtleneck white and turquoise shirt with a light turquoise baggy pants and a light blue and yellow cord. He rapidly changed his clothes, folding his pajamas carefully. Then, he took a few steps to the western part of his bedroom and took a small stereo and one CD with him.

Anael was a capoeirist. Capoeira is a well-known Brazilian martial art which mixes dance with fighting moves, and it was created by slaves in the senzals (places in which the slaves slept and stayed if they were not working on the sugar cane plots) and they played it as a form of protest to the abuse they suffered; however, they couldn’t get caught fighting, so they under covered the style making it a dance. Anael had a master, Madam Thunder*, who started teaching him capoeira at the age of six. Madam Thunder was a man on his 40’s who went out of Brazil to discover the world and fell in love with Guatemala. He was a transvestite, who fought as well as he could make himself pass for a woman without being discovered. He was as serious as funny, and for that Anael loved him and his lessons, making him a great capoeirist.

The Guatemalan was outside of his house stepping on the grass. The watch on his right arm marked 5:10 a.m.; he smiled, for he was on schedule to start his first round of training. He put the stereo on the ground and opened the place in which he could put the CD, and so he did. Then, he lowered the volume in order to avoid waking his neighbors up, yet he could hear the music perfectly. He smiled and prepared the dummy; the cool winds were blowing on his face, making his smile even bigger and more beautiful. When everything was set, he looked at his training target.

“Let’s start the day!” Said the Guatemalan doing the rhythmic moves of capoeira, hitting the dummy with his feet and elbows in the rhythm of the Brazilian instrumental song.

The music made him remember some events. As he made the fighting movements following the track, his mind was going somewhere else, some days not that far from the present day…

Some Weeks before…

Anael and Altagracia had arrived home through Kaiser’s vortex. Their mother was expecting them with a raging face, and they knew he was going to lecture them. The Moon’Seeker siblings entered on the house slowly as their mother guided them to the living room; she did not allow them to transform into their civilian clothes, for she wanted to see their undercover.

“Sit down. Both of you.” She said sitting on a dark green armchair next to the sofa. Anael and Altagracia sat on the sofa with worried countenances “You two owe me explanations. Especially you, Anael.” She couldn’t keep such calm countenance; she started screaming “How could you do this to your sister?! Don’t you realize how dangerous it is?! You’ve been lying to me for a long time! Why didn’t you tell me the truth?! Why haven’t you trusted me?! Am I not your mother?! Answer me!”

Altagracia held Anael’s arm with strength, showing how scared she was at that scene. Their mother used to be calm and quiet, so it was scary to see her so enraged. Anael took a deep breath and prepared to answer her in calm and controlled tone.

“I… I couldn’t tell you the truth…” His hands were trembling “I thought that it would risk your life… I didn’t want to make you worry about us…”

“It was not Anael’s idea to make me one of the Knights!” Interrupted Altagracia with tears in her eyes “Please mom, don’t punish him!” She closed her eyes and let the tears roll over her face as she kept holding her brother’s arm “He is good to me, and he didn’t want me to become a hero as he is… I made my way to become one of them so that I could still be close to him…”

“You knew you couldn’t allow her to do so” Said the mother to Anael in inflexible tone “It is an unnecessary risk you guys have been taking. “ She put two of her fingers on her head as a signal of headache “Why you, my children? Why? Isn’t it enough the fact that your father died because of his heroic deeds?”

This time Anael got angry.

“Don’t talk this way!” Hissed the Guatemalan Dragon with anger in his eyes “You know it was his job! ...” A tear rolled over the left side of his face “For me, being a Knight is not ‘fooling around’ or risking my life for nonsense! We are­­­ committed with the security of this country and others on Central America and the world!”

Maria Moon’Seeker, their mother, stood up with a serious countenance; she walked two steps near them with apathy.

“Then you should realize that secrets have a price; they are not for free.” She left the room and went upstairs in order to enter in her room; Anael was still angry, and his eyes changed to the reptilian form.

­­­“So, this is the way she’s going to end this conversation?” He hissed angrily and low “Then it is fine to me.”


The Guatemalan Dragon stopped his practice for a moment to sit on the grass; then, he put his arms over his knees. His eyes were half open and his countenance showed regret.

“Why does she always end up her conversations like this?” He whispered to himself “Couldn’t her be just more comprehensive? ... Talking about Dad… With Altagracia nearby and crying as she was… That was not fair. Not at all…” He slowly stood up “Better get going… It is precisely 6 of the morning, and I have to wake them up…”

Anael turned the stereo off and grabbed it; he entered on the house and went upstairs to reach his room. When he arrived there, he put the stereo where it originally were and opened his drawer again in order to get his school uniform: a short sleeve white shirt with the school emblem and a pair of jeans; also, he got a pair of black sneakers with light green details in it, gray socks and his underwear. After that he went straight to the shower.

He got out few minutes later, dressed up and ready for another day of classes. Then, he got out of the bathroom and went to his sister room. Altagracia was sleeping with a small smile on her face. The Guatemalan smiled at his younger sister and touched her face smoothly with his left hand. Then, he put the same hand on her right shoulder and gently shook her.

“Time to wake up, my darling” He whispered in her ear “We have school today…” Her sister mumbled something her couldn’t understand. He just smiled, kissed her forehead, passed his hand through her long, wavy brown hair and left the room. Just a few steps to the north laid his mother’s room, and Anael went there; however, he stood up in front of the door. Even though their discussion had happened almost a month before, he was still feeling bad about that. He gently knocked on the oak door and slowly opened it. Instead of going near his mother and wake her up as he did with Altagracia, he kept distance at her.

“Mom, time to wake up” He said from the door, leaving afterward.

The diplomat slowly sat on the bed, preparing herself to do the same ritual Anael did before. The two children were downstairs at the spoken moment; Altagracia was watching TV with her backpack ready for school while Anael made their breakfast. A regular mourning at Moon’ Seeker’s house had started…


The classes went as regular as they could be – no sign of awkward activities or such. As the teachers were speaking, explaining their subjects to the students and giving them the according assignments, Anael kept his mind somewhere else; his day was brighter than usual, even though he had remembered some unpleasant events: it was his birthday. His body copied every single note down, and just part of his consciousness was active in class – the other part was thinking about getting older and much more dreamer than usual.

The school bell rang; it was their break time. The Guatemalan had a dreamy smile on his face, and his eyes were looking to the ground. He seemed so distracted that he hadn't noticed a hand touching his right shoulder. He looked up a bit surprised. It was Thalas.

Bon anniversaire” Said the French Guatemalan, congratulating Anael for another birthday “Here, this is a little gift for you...” He gave Anael a wrapped package “It seems that there's nothing in the stores that is suitable for you... Don't be shy, open it!”

The Guatemalan obeyed his friend's command and tore the present apart; the package contained a Judas Priest's “Screaming for Vengeance” shirt and three CDs from this band – 2008's “Nostradamus” and 2010's “Live in Japan (Screaming in Japan)” and 2011's “Epitaph World Tour”. Anael's eyes started to glow in overjoy and excitement.

“You said you regretted not going to their live concert which took place on Guadalajara, Mexico” Said Thalas with a discrete smile “Considering that and also the fact that Judas Priest is the soundtrack of your life, I decided to buy you those souvenirs... Yet I think they are far from being what you really deserve...”

“Of course not!” Said the Guatemalan with his eyes slightly wet “Cut it out! You gave me simply my dream back! You are the best friend in the entire world, thank you so much!” He gave him a friendly hug. Then, Melchior entered on the class, followed by Maya and the Finn twins Kimi and Kaiser.

“Are we interrupting something?” Asked Melchior in his joker tone “Happy birthday, man!” He gave his gift to the Guatemalan, which was a mini-Anael puppet. '”I suck at gift selection, I admit it! I had no other idea in mind.” Said the Salvadorian in a mocking, yet embarrassed tone “However, I think you will like it!”

Anael smiled discretely at Melchior; then, he put the doll on his right hand and changed his voice tone in order to fake the puppet's speech “Awesome! I like being as handsome as my new owner! What do you think?” This act of Anael made all the Knights, including Anael himself, laugh out loud in the empty classroom.

“Watch out, we've got a bad-ass over here!” Said Kimi and Melchior in a mocking tone between laughs. The, Kimi took a deep breath and approached Anael.

“My turn now.” The Finn long-haired said with a discrete smile “Hyva syntimapaivaa” He congratulated Anael in Finnish, giving the Guatemalan a cyllindrical present box.

“What is that?” Asked Anael with a happy and curious countenance.

“Figure it out yourself” Answered Kimi politely “The only hint I can give you is that its sound is one which you love the most...”

Anael opened the box rapidly and took a beautiful flute out of it. The musical instrument was icy blue with some detalis in white; when Anael blown a C note on it, the sound was different from a standard wooden flute: it sounded more crystalline.

“What kind of sorcery is this?” Asked Anael impressed.

“This flute is unique; I've made it myself using everlasting ice. That's why the timber seems different from the regular flutes, but is still close to them. I made it this way so that you'll have a customized version of your favorite instrument. I hope you have like it...”

“It is impressive, completely astonishing!” Answered the Guatemalan with happiness “I can't even describe how I feel right now. Thank you so much!”

Ei kesta” Replied Kimi saying 'you're welcome' in Finnish “I'm glad you like it.”

Then, Kaiser approached, faking an arm-bar on the Guatemalan, scaring him a bit.

Hyva syntymapaivaa!” Said Kaiser with a big smile “Relax, I'm not going to tight my arms on your neck, I'm just fooling around.” He gave Anael a book with some cheap Chemistry experiments “In tribute to your scientific curiosity and love for Chemistry. You can even make gunpowder with this one!” Said Kaiser with a smile “I hope you make good use of it!”

“I'll use it wisely...” Anael gave a mischievous smile to all Knights “...Mythbusters time!” He screamed, making his friends laugh once more.

Then, it was Maya's turn. The Honduran seemed too shy to approach and give her gift.

“Come on, Maya” Said Anael with a smile “I want to see what you have for me. I'm sure I'll like it...”

Then, Black Witch gave him a brief smile and offered the package, which clearly had the shape of a book. When the Guatemalan opened, both happiness and surprise appeared on his countenance.

Herpetology is actually my favorite part of Zoology, as you may know” she said with her faces blushed “However, your favorite part of the Animal Kingdom concerns the two-life: Amphibians! So, I've found this book which is completely related to them,and only them, for you to read when you are free...I h-hope you enjoy it...”

“I love it, Maya!” Anael said giving her a hug “Awesome choice; all of you had made some awesome choices for me. You are the best friends ever!” All of the Knights gave Anael a hug and started clapping in a certain rhythm of a certain song:

Cumpleaños felices,deseamos a ti
Que lo pases muy bien
Cumpleaños feliz!

“Let's celebrate!” Said Melchior happly “We've got to go somewhere nice tonight! Your choice, Anael; wherever you want to go!”

“I'll think on something...” Said Anael with a smile “Once again, thanks so much for the gifts, you guys. This has been the best birthday of my live, and it hasn't even started!”


Anael went with his friends to a fair related to the All Saints' Day, which was going to take place on the following day. All the tents had nice articles which the Knights spent some time looking at. There were presentations, holy masses and all kinds of manifestations related to this holiday.

Times was passing fast, and Anael didn't notice. He only realized that it was late when the bells of the main church of the city started to sing. It was around midnight when that event happened.

“Are they going to sing the bells now?” Asked Anael out loud, concerned about time.

“Yes, sir!” Answered Thalas as loud as Anael “When they finish this, we can go straight to our homes!”

The emerald-eyed boy agreed and stayed close to his friends in the mass of people, waiting for the bells to sing strong as thunders in the raging storm. The counting began loud and kept the same tone until it was finished: 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1!!! The bells sang strong and beautifully, and people near the church started to scream and hold themselves in pure overjoy and excitement.

“Happy birthday, Anael!” Screamed the Knights for their leader “Happy All Saints' Day!”

“Thanks Lord!” Replied Anael happily “Happy All Saints' Day!”


Meanwhile, in another Guatemalan city, far from the capital, the Knights didn't know, but another threat was about to come.

Quetzaltenango was the second most populated city of Guatemala, and the administrative capital of the homonym department of that country. This city is also called Xelaju, the indigenous name to refer to this town, also known as Capital of Central America, for it has the largest amount of indigenous people in its population.

The city was also celebrating the holidays; however, the celebrating mood was replaced by awe and havoc when an enormous crater opened on the ground of the central park, releasing flames of strange tone of silver and purple. Some churches had its walls cracking and one was shattered by the abnormal phenomenon. The ones who stood up near the park could see, terrified, a trio of shadows on the flames

Three entities came out of the unholy passage; they were like humans, but they had dragon wings in different colors, and they were wearing plates underneath their clothes.

The one on the left was white and wore a black and violet mask; his hair was short, straight and navy blue, and his eyes were light blue. He was carrying a grayish blue sword which seemed to be carrying souls within, for it appeared to be screaming as its master cut the wind with it, shattering the nearest buildings and slaying innocent people who couldn't run away.

The one on the right was also white and wore a mask which resembled fire; his hair was short, straight and white, and his eyes were turquoise; differently from his colleagues, he was not wearing a plate: instead, his chest was nude, and had a red maple tattooed on it. He was also wearing a pair of gloves which allowed him to manipulate fire, using it to burn everything on his path.

The moon was glowing in a terrifying way, and that was caused by the last entity, on the center; he was copper-skinned, and his mask was turquoise and yellow. He had short, curly dark-brown hair and turquoise eyes. He was carrying a scythe that seemed to allow him to control light, revealing where people hid and slaying them as they were tracked.

“Let's go, boys!” Said the one carrying the scythe “Let's show Central America the power of the mighty Templar Dragons... And for the one they call 'Elite Dragon'... Let's teach him a lesson he will never forget...”

To Be Continued...


*Madam Thunder: An allusion to Madam Satan, a transvestite capoeirist from 19th century in Rio de Janeiro, feared for his ability on Capoeira; he worked as a security guard from some cabarets while acting as drag queen. There is a movie made in tribute to this character, who was interpreted by Brazilian actor Lazaro Ramos.

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