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For Those Who Read,

I went to my Archery training today, and I'm feeling way lighter than the previous time I wrote here. My uncle got busier with everything he already had to work on the company, adding the amount of things he had to get for my cousin.

Since I haven't gotten much homework to do (my clone did all of them to me, hahahahaha), I grabbed my writing notebook and decided to put some things in there. When I have courage (and time), I may put some of my creations here.

Kimi and Kaiser haven't come back yet. Where the hell are they?

P.S.: Maya invited me to go somewhere downtown. I should go with her... I think I'm still feeling bad about what happened in S. Paulo, and I have been always critizing myself for not having asked her out while we were at Brasilia...

Thalas-Juán Dharalión


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