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Sports Journal of the Day,

I think I'll be leaving San Salvador by the end of the week. Meanwhile, I have some sports tour to do here. I had played handball, volleyball, basketball, soccer and I swimmed a bit. I simply love sports! Also, I had found the perfect gift for
Anael's birthday... I hope I can hold the secret until the day of the party... I hate surprises.

Now I'm on the rooftop of the hotel in which I'm staying, looking up to the starry night. Most of people are not aware of it, but I love physics, specially the Kepler's Law's part (the Universal Gravitation studies). I like to see those huge astronomical bodies and think about the idea of E.Ts...

I believe they exist, but they haven't found us yet. I may consider studying Astronomy in the future, for I want to discover the planet which could be inhabited by humans without restrictions, or find the planet which bears another intelligent and dominant species such ours. I have this scientifical side of me, although I don't seem to like it.

I know that it's better for me to get a chance in Finland or other european countries to study this course. I think I'll talk to Kimi about that and see what he has to say...

Melchior Raven-Hayes


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