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Sports Journal of the Day,

I've arrived in my hometown San Salvador just three days ago...

Every corner I looked or walked in, I reminisced my childhood... Rough times, you know? I remember that I used to travel for many hours until we found a town in which we could receive some payments... Here, poverty is kind of common, and I feel sad about that. I hope I can change my country's reality when I grow older...

Today I had played basketball with some guys in a public court downtown of San Salvador. We were up to 15, I guess, and they played very, very well!

For the first time of my life, I had to make some effort in order to win the game. Even though we were playing in teamsof three in top-of-the-mountain style (the winner team stays on the court until another team defeats them), it was hard for me to maintain my team on top. I think I had only won two or three rounds in a row. I've seen (and done) lots of great shots. These guys rock! Some of them were about my age, but most of them were older. Well, I think that I won some respect 'round there...

There are 28 days left for me to buy something for Anael until his birthday arrives.. Is that me or he was born on Halloween? Well, nevermind. I have to find a suitable gift for him... Wish me luck!

Melchior Raven-Hayes


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