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To My Silent Friend, the Notebook,

I'm going to kill Thalas! This time, I mean it! How could he not tell me about Anael's birthday, which is arriving surprisingly fast?

Well, it is true that I haven't spoken to him lately, but it is not because I hate him! The thing is that my family had to move out from the neighborhood in which we were, and that might mean that I wont be able to keep studying in the same school as the French Guatemalan... I don't know why, but I feel a bit sad about that, even though I'll still see him around...

Ah, he can be so,so, so cute when he wants to. He likes to act as a tough guy, but deep down he's so charming, gentle and cute! x3 I asked him out few days ago just to explain him what was going on - I did not answer my phone for it was with low battery and no credits at all! I felt bad at that when he asked me about it...

We went to a fine place downtown. At first, I only wanted to take him somewhere in which we could buy some metal CDs (I really needed some new stuff). Then, when I realized, we were at a place which I didn't know, yet it felt so romantic... I did not complain nor said anything else. We stood at one rooftop just watching the full moon... and listening to Dream Threatre....

Maya Altahuela


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