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From Ancient Guatemala with Exhaustion,

Anael's birthday is coming... And I have to figure out a gift for him. I may have some ideas coming...

Zoe seems to have left me alone for a while. I haven't caught myself thinking on her lately. However, I think that she's going to invade my dreams...

My brother said he has found a property near Anael's neighborhood which we ca buy...

Ha, you may be thinking: "How, if you are orphans with no inheritance nor jobs to grant you money?". Well, have you ever heard something about magic?

I know it seems cheating on life, but it is the only suitable way to buy the property and build the home/headquarters in the way it needs to be build. Of course Kai and I will find ourselves jobs to cover the magic up and not to seem weird for the local authorities. Wish us luck!

Kimi Das Vaali


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