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Traveller's Notes, For Those Who Follow Me,

Finally, we made it!

Well, Kimi and I have been searching for a place to live and we finally found it: an empty property in which we can build our home/ Blue Moon Knights' headquarters! We came back to Thalas' only to tell him the good news!

Also, Anael is aware of the news on phone. We started discussing how the house should look like...

Well, I have an specific image of the ideal room for myself. First of all, I'd like to have separated rooms from Kimi, for I don't want to have any problems concerning the division of the room. He also agreed on that.

Also, I'll do the room as if I were a 24/7 wayfarer (wait, I AM a 24/7 wayfarer!), filling the room with maps, flags and other sort od items as well...

God, I cannot wait for the property to be ours... I need this desperately. Both I and Kimi need it, for now we consider Guatemala our dear home...

Kaiser Das Vaali


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