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Dear Diary,

Well, I think I should explain how capoeira works. While I'm talking to you guys, I'm just outside of my home stretching up a bit and getting ready for 3 to 4 hours of training... Yet I think I needed more time...

Well, capoeira is a Brazilian martial art in which your learn more than simply fighting: you can also learn how to sing and play the instruments. My master always says that a Capoeirist who ignores the musical part of this art is an imcomplete capoeirist.

It was developed by the slaves in Brazil in order to keep their traditions alive and resist the slavery without getting caught: the Captains used to think that they were just dancing...

In capoeira, there are different styles: Traditional - also referred as Angola Capoeira, for it was the country which gave the slave merchants their "products" (regardless the slaves' origins, most of them came from Luanda's ports) - and the Regionals - which are variants of the Traditional, and it is more objective and less "joker" in a certain way. It has been created in 1920 due to a re-creation of capoeira. The one which is the most popular and traditional is Regional Bahian Capoeira from the Brazilian state of Bahia.

I practice the Traditional, which is a bit trickier and requires a bit of a playful me (feels like Melchior), for we are required to trick and fool the other opponent in order to win quicker; here, what matters is how strategic you are, not how strong or technical. My master says that I am almost a pro on the art of moving, for I'm a bit smaller, yet more flexible and stronger than my classmates. Since I had been hissing more frequently (yeah, that feature has not been limitated only to my Elite Dragon outfit. Thanks a lot, Shaman-stone...), my colleagues started calling me Cobra Capoeirist. At the beginning, I didn't like it and even became angry at them. Now, I find this nickname awesome and I hope it sticks!

Time to practice! I have to enjoy the colder winds of the dawn before it gets to hot in here...

Anael Moon’Seeker


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