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Dear Writing Atelier,

I finally got up early enough to see my brother practicing capoeira. It is funny to see him fighting as if he was dancing. The music is also catchy as well, and I felt the urge to play with him. My brother said that I could learn capoeira if I wanted; he said that I'm old enough to play it nicely, and I can even learn faster than he did, for he plays since he was 6 years old...

My brother has inherited the multicultural side of mommy... He loves everything related to cultures in general; when he is not reading anything about Amphibians, he likes to research about other countries, specially about some stories which he tells me at night.

Today, he is going to tell me The 1001 Nights... I'm so excited! I cannot wait to hear these awesome stories... How can a person keep telling stories for 3 years without stopping?

Altagracia Moon’Seeker


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