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Hello Everyone!

As I promised a long time ago, I'll start the Sankari's Excerpts' Saga...

  1. What is that?
Well, Sankari or Hero's Book is current held by Ice Guardian (Kimi das Vaali). Basically, it contains information about the elves: their origins, culture, languages, etc., as well as spells and weapons of all sorts used by them.

2. How are these posts going to be?

Every three days, Kimi will be reading a certain part of the book which he considers important for you guys to know. As he reads, some images will be put just to make you guys more familiar with their traditions. It will be as if you were reading a regular book of some sort.

The drawings will be added as soon as they are ready, so it may occur that an Excerpt is posted without image. When updated, I'll let you guys know.


Excerpt #1 - General Info

- Haloo! It is Ice Guardian talking here! Well, I am going to tell you guys a bit about my people, the Northern Elves... You know, my people haven't been always that way, living in the depths of Finland, away from humans and all by ourselves... I am talking too much! Let me read it for you...

<Opens Sankari in a certain page>

Our Mighty Origins - Part One

On the beginning, we were five tribes in small groups, located in what humans call 'the Five Continents' - Asia, America, Africa, Oceania and Europe were first inhabited by us. Our journey in this world began on what is nowadays called America...

The first elven tribe was called 'Windsteps' and their appearance was a bit different from ours: they were about 1.60 m height and around 65kg; their bodies were muscular with large hips and shoulders, showing that they were more adapted to a nomadic lifestyle which had hunting as their main survival task.

Their skin had the brightness of the copper, and their hair was black as ebony. Their eyes were hazelnut to light green-coloured; only the ones considered "noble" had different tones of blue eyes. Occasionaly the Chiefs had either blue or bicolored eyes (usually green/blue or hazel/blue) and were a bit taller than the rest of the tribe members.

Along with the eyes, clothing could also define which function one had in this society. Women usually were Shamans, Artisans, Tamers or Scribes, and the necklases worn by them revealed their function along with certain clothes. Occasionaly a woman could be a General or Magician - rare cases in a patriarcal society like this. When she was one of those, she wore special bracelets to show it.

Men were normally Soldiers (all military ranks as well), Hunters, Engineers, Magicians and Sages when older; they had some patterns in their faces which indicate their place in society. Some of them could also have the same patterns in their shoulders and chests just to make a point and intimidate others. Both men and women wore something similar to black eyelashes in the inner part of the eyes in order to protect it from anything that could infect them and cause ocular diseases.

The nobles were identified by their unique face and shoulder patterns, as well as their clother, which had different colors and addresses - they were the only ones that could have feathers and buffalo fur in their outfits. Also, the women could wear feathered amethysth headdresses with earrings - which were only allowed to them.

This tribe was more aggressive than its predecessors, for fights and bloodshed were routine in Windsptepi society - they even had arenas speacially made for this. The constant fights were seen as  religious rituals, and everything was a reason for a warrior to fight in those pits: agriculture, fertility, peace and war times.

This tribe used to idol Buffalos as their ideal of strength and usefulness; the 'Rolling Thunder', as it was called by North American indians, was the idea of perfection sought by the Windsteps. When one was seen by them, they used to carve totems and define sacred places in tribute to that mighty animal.

The problems started when the population grew bigger and so happened to the nobles, which started to fight against themselves for power and control. With all the instability, thi tribe divided in  other minor groups and them the first diaspore took place: most either fled to the south or the north, and only a few stayed on their original homeland.

Those who stayed had later to fight against another kind: the humans, who took their place as they were spreading throughout the Americas. The other remaining groups survived for another day. Legends are told about the Windsteps even nowadays: sometimes, it is possible to hear their hymms of glory and pride when the wind blows strong...

Hello Everyone!

Well, it has been a while since I've updated this blog... Well, my real life is being a bit busy, a lot more than I expected, and i couldn't update this blog as much as I wanted...

However, I'll be updating it with everything I got while I work on the Fourth Season of the series... I hope I can finish it quickly, for I'll have to delay it for a month than previewed...

Well, stay tuned for more news and stuff!
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Sakura Hayes

Dear Writing Atelier,

Kimi and Kaiser will get a new home for themselves! They went to my place with Maya to hear my brother and my opinion's about the house itself: how should it be built, how many rooms, what to put inside,etc.

They are considering making their home our official headquarters, so that everyone will have a room and there will also be a meeting room for all of us, but they are planning to do that as discrete as possible. Since Maya can draw really,really well, they are trusting on her as their official designer. Moreover she asked my help to deal with the design! I'm so happy!

My brother's birthday is arriving... and my mom and I have a huge surprise for him!

Altagracia Moon’Seeker

To My Silent Friend, the Notebook,

Great news! It seems that the Finn brothers had gotten a place to call home here! Well, it is not that Thalas' place isn't nice, but they were not pleased about living there for a long time. I think Thalas' uncle started to get suspicious...

Only Anael's mother knows about the truth,and she didn't react nicely, and we do not want to originate a fight between one of us and our beloved relatives.

I had just called Jasmine to tell the news while carrying some packages to my new home. It turns out that my home is not that far from my school here in Guatemala,so I won't have to worry about being away of the guys...

Maya Altahuela

Traveller's Notes, For Those Who Follow Me,

Finally, we made it!

Well, Kimi and I have been searching for a place to live and we finally found it: an empty property in which we can build our home/ Blue Moon Knights' headquarters! We came back to Thalas' only to tell him the good news!

Also, Anael is aware of the news on phone. We started discussing how the house should look like...

Well, I have an specific image of the ideal room for myself. First of all, I'd like to have separated rooms from Kimi, for I don't want to have any problems concerning the division of the room. He also agreed on that.

Also, I'll do the room as if I were a 24/7 wayfarer (wait, I AM a 24/7 wayfarer!), filling the room with maps, flags and other sort od items as well...

God, I cannot wait for the property to be ours... I need this desperately. Both I and Kimi need it, for now we consider Guatemala our dear home...

Kaiser Das Vaali

From Guatemala City with Great News,

Today we went back to Thalas' home. Yes, we have already done what we needed to in order to get the property. Soon, we will start building it with the help of our fellows...

Thalas seems happier than normal. Like, normally he has a gloomy countenance even smiling. He showed us some things he has been writing. Man, this guy is awesome! He knows how to use words on his behalf for sure! I wish I were like him...

Along with my brother, Thalas and Anael on the phone, we started to discuss the plans of the home/headquarters. We all agreed that we should have rooms for each member whenever it was needed to sleep there (longer missions or only to go to school together and keep track on the news), and some facilities related to our powers as well. all of this should be hidden so that people won't notice we are the Blue Moon Knights. I'm just waiting for Melchior to arrive in order to discuss that with him. I hope he likes the idea...

Kimi Das Vaali

Sports Journal of the Day,

I think I'll be leaving San Salvador by the end of the week. Meanwhile, I have some sports tour to do here. I had played handball, volleyball, basketball, soccer and I swimmed a bit. I simply love sports! Also, I had found the perfect gift for
Anael's birthday... I hope I can hold the secret until the day of the party... I hate surprises.

Now I'm on the rooftop of the hotel in which I'm staying, looking up to the starry night. Most of people are not aware of it, but I love physics, specially the Kepler's Law's part (the Universal Gravitation studies). I like to see those huge astronomical bodies and think about the idea of E.Ts...

I believe they exist, but they haven't found us yet. I may consider studying Astronomy in the future, for I want to discover the planet which could be inhabited by humans without restrictions, or find the planet which bears another intelligent and dominant species such ours. I have this scientifical side of me, although I don't seem to like it.

I know that it's better for me to get a chance in Finland or other european countries to study this course. I think I'll talk to Kimi about that and see what he has to say...

Melchior Raven-Hayes

For Those Who Read,

My cousing sent me a letter, finally! I haven't told what she's doing there, have I?

Well, she went to Marseille to study Art - I know, it seems strange, but she feels that it's better there, for the rest of the Dharalion family lies there. Also, she's got a way to get some special classes and other technical courses on Milan. Her dream is to become a well-known designer, and I think she can achieve this easily: her drawings are pretty damn good!

If I were good at those things, I'd even consider this career. However, I guess my skills lie at writing and archery only...

I'm incredibly happy! Like, I had gone out with Maya and... It was amazing. Words cannot describe how pleasing it was... I think that up to this point, I can no longer deny what I feel for her. I had already though on asking her to be my girlfriend, but I had always declined that thought, for I fear she won't correspond to my feelings. How I envy Melchior, as much as I hate to admit it: he is that kind of guy who's not afraid of saying anything that passes through his mind. Thanks to his speeches, he always gets what he wants... on a certain moment. If I could have this courage for one day in my life, I'd be more than satisfied.

Thalas-Juán Dharalión

Dear Diary,

Well, I think I should explain how capoeira works. While I'm talking to you guys, I'm just outside of my home stretching up a bit and getting ready for 3 to 4 hours of training... Yet I think I needed more time...

Well, capoeira is a Brazilian martial art in which your learn more than simply fighting: you can also learn how to sing and play the instruments. My master always says that a Capoeirist who ignores the musical part of this art is an imcomplete capoeirist.

It was developed by the slaves in Brazil in order to keep their traditions alive and resist the slavery without getting caught: the Captains used to think that they were just dancing...

In capoeira, there are different styles: Traditional - also referred as Angola Capoeira, for it was the country which gave the slave merchants their "products" (regardless the slaves' origins, most of them came from Luanda's ports) - and the Regionals - which are variants of the Traditional, and it is more objective and less "joker" in a certain way. It has been created in 1920 due to a re-creation of capoeira. The one which is the most popular and traditional is Regional Bahian Capoeira from the Brazilian state of Bahia.

I practice the Traditional, which is a bit trickier and requires a bit of a playful me (feels like Melchior), for we are required to trick and fool the other opponent in order to win quicker; here, what matters is how strategic you are, not how strong or technical. My master says that I am almost a pro on the art of moving, for I'm a bit smaller, yet more flexible and stronger than my classmates. Since I had been hissing more frequently (yeah, that feature has not been limitated only to my Elite Dragon outfit. Thanks a lot, Shaman-stone...), my colleagues started calling me Cobra Capoeirist. At the beginning, I didn't like it and even became angry at them. Now, I find this nickname awesome and I hope it sticks!

Time to practice! I have to enjoy the colder winds of the dawn before it gets to hot in here...

Anael Moon’Seeker

Dear Writing Atelier,

I finally got up early enough to see my brother practicing capoeira. It is funny to see him fighting as if he was dancing. The music is also catchy as well, and I felt the urge to play with him. My brother said that I could learn capoeira if I wanted; he said that I'm old enough to play it nicely, and I can even learn faster than he did, for he plays since he was 6 years old...

My brother has inherited the multicultural side of mommy... He loves everything related to cultures in general; when he is not reading anything about Amphibians, he likes to research about other countries, specially about some stories which he tells me at night.

Today, he is going to tell me The 1001 Nights... I'm so excited! I cannot wait to hear these awesome stories... How can a person keep telling stories for 3 years without stopping?

Altagracia Moon’Seeker

Hello Everyone!

I come here asking for help! The Knights need you to become famous on the Internet! Since English is not enough, I am inviting you guys to translate the series to your mother tongues!

Right now, I am interested on people who can translate English to Portuguese and Spanish. However, if you mother tongue is another one, please feel free to translate to it.

If you are interested, please leave a message to my Blog profile or Facebook page and I'll happly explain the further details, such as:

1. First of all, go to the Download the Seasons page and choose the Season you'd like to work with;

2. You have to tell me which language you are going to work with. Once you choose it, other people interested on the same language will have to work on the following Season;

3. Once you are done ith your job, send me the archive on an email and I'll convert it on PDF file.

These are the basics. Please contact me to receive further information!

The Knights deeply appreciate your efforts =D

Sakura Hayes

To My Silent Friend, the Notebook,

I'm going to kill Thalas! This time, I mean it! How could he not tell me about Anael's birthday, which is arriving surprisingly fast?

Well, it is true that I haven't spoken to him lately, but it is not because I hate him! The thing is that my family had to move out from the neighborhood in which we were, and that might mean that I wont be able to keep studying in the same school as the French Guatemalan... I don't know why, but I feel a bit sad about that, even though I'll still see him around...

Ah, he can be so,so, so cute when he wants to. He likes to act as a tough guy, but deep down he's so charming, gentle and cute! x3 I asked him out few days ago just to explain him what was going on - I did not answer my phone for it was with low battery and no credits at all! I felt bad at that when he asked me about it...

We went to a fine place downtown. At first, I only wanted to take him somewhere in which we could buy some metal CDs (I really needed some new stuff). Then, when I realized, we were at a place which I didn't know, yet it felt so romantic... I did not complain nor said anything else. We stood at one rooftop just watching the full moon... and listening to Dream Threatre....

Maya Altahuela

Traveller's Notes, For Those Who Follow Me,

Anael's birthday is coming, and still I have no idea of what giving him... Well, I went to the southern-most part of Guatemala City in order to think about some stuff going on my mind...

I don't know, I simply noticed that I got acostumed to the life 'round here... It feels like I've been always Guatemalan instead of Finnish. It is not that I don't like my homeland, but I lived there for a brief time in my life -- before getting killed and then revived here -- and Anael and the others had let me join their lives so happly...

Everything seems too new for me. I'm still adapting to the world of the living, and I don't know a lot of stuff, and I'm not so sure that Kimi will be teaching me everything paciently...

When my brother and I talked about owning our own house in Guatemala, first thing I did was to open the greatest smile of my life! Finally, my life as Kaiser das Vaali will start...

Oh, look at that! I've found a nice store to buy Anael's gift; just what I needed!

Kaiser Das Vaali

From Ancient Guatemala with Exhaustion,

Anael's birthday is coming... And I have to figure out a gift for him. I may have some ideas coming...

Zoe seems to have left me alone for a while. I haven't caught myself thinking on her lately. However, I think that she's going to invade my dreams...

My brother said he has found a property near Anael's neighborhood which we ca buy...

Ha, you may be thinking: "How, if you are orphans with no inheritance nor jobs to grant you money?". Well, have you ever heard something about magic?

I know it seems cheating on life, but it is the only suitable way to buy the property and build the home/headquarters in the way it needs to be build. Of course Kai and I will find ourselves jobs to cover the magic up and not to seem weird for the local authorities. Wish us luck!

Kimi Das Vaali

Sports Journal of the Day,

I've arrived in my hometown San Salvador just three days ago...

Every corner I looked or walked in, I reminisced my childhood... Rough times, you know? I remember that I used to travel for many hours until we found a town in which we could receive some payments... Here, poverty is kind of common, and I feel sad about that. I hope I can change my country's reality when I grow older...

Today I had played basketball with some guys in a public court downtown of San Salvador. We were up to 15, I guess, and they played very, very well!

For the first time of my life, I had to make some effort in order to win the game. Even though we were playing in teamsof three in top-of-the-mountain style (the winner team stays on the court until another team defeats them), it was hard for me to maintain my team on top. I think I had only won two or three rounds in a row. I've seen (and done) lots of great shots. These guys rock! Some of them were about my age, but most of them were older. Well, I think that I won some respect 'round there...

There are 28 days left for me to buy something for Anael until his birthday arrives.. Is that me or he was born on Halloween? Well, nevermind. I have to find a suitable gift for him... Wish me luck!

Melchior Raven-Hayes

For Those Who Read,

I went to my Archery training today, and I'm feeling way lighter than the previous time I wrote here. My uncle got busier with everything he already had to work on the company, adding the amount of things he had to get for my cousin.

Since I haven't gotten much homework to do (my clone did all of them to me, hahahahaha), I grabbed my writing notebook and decided to put some things in there. When I have courage (and time), I may put some of my creations here.

Kimi and Kaiser haven't come back yet. Where the hell are they?

P.S.: Maya invited me to go somewhere downtown. I should go with her... I think I'm still feeling bad about what happened in S. Paulo, and I have been always critizing myself for not having asked her out while we were at Brasilia...

Thalas-Juán Dharalión

Dear Diary,

Well, only 30 days until my birthday... And everything seems brighter to me!

Today, I've skateboarded for a while, going from my home to downtown... It is nice to see how much my town has changed since I became a hero.

Thalas says that I'm becoming more mature as the days go by. I don't know, I simply feel the same. I hope that he's right about that. My skateboarding activities led me to a park nearby in which I practice a bit of capoeira ( a Brazilian martial art which mixes dancing and fighting). I've been doing capoeira since I was 6 years old and I love it. I cannot imagine myself without capoeira.

I'm just a few weeks of taking the master's test in order to achieve the last level in capoeira fighting. I'll explain later how does capoeira works,for it is late and I have to figure a new way to make Altagracia sleep on time...

Anael Moon’Seeker

Hello Everyone!

The month of October has started, and new stuff came with it! The Journals are coming and -- surprise! -- a new Season will be released on this month! Yes, the Fourth Season is approaching!

Well, it may seem strange, for I use to take a bit longer to announce new Seasons; however, this one will be quite longer and much more complex to develop; in order to close the year with honours, nothing better than a strong, yet longer Season, right?

Stay tuned for more news and stuff!

Sakura Hayes

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