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Update Package!

Hello Everyone!

This is Sakura Hayes speaking after a while. Well, the Third Season is coming to an end, and I have to do some updates on this Blog. Since I had too many things to do im real life, I couldn't do the updates step by step as I wishd to. Instead, they'll be done in one package and now. Check them out:

  1. New Seasonal Character: Marzhan Yankovich - The great-grandson of a renowed Soviet (currently Kazakh) scientist named Boris Yankovich, Zoe's creator. He has an important role on this Season;
  2. New Magical Itens: The Communicators  - The design of each communicator is unique according to the Knight who's wearing it. The Knights can communicate with each other by using Morse code to  direct their call, as if they were typing numbers. Each click or pause corresponds to an specific code which can make one talk directly to one specific Knight;
  3. Images, please! - I have some artwork ready to be shown here. I hope you like it =D
Sakura Hayes


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