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- Swan Lake -

"Mission accomplished, Señor Presidente" Said Anael through his Communicator to Guatemala's President " Brazil's  President is safe and the Soviet has been taken into custody. The Brazilian authorities are going to take the appropriate measures regarding this issue."

"Excellent" Said the President happly and solemnly "I couldn't expect more than that from you. Well, as I said before, Guatemala owes you for that effort. You are awaited here in Guatemala City. Thanks once again for taking this task."

"As I said before, it is an honor to serve my country" Replied Elite Dragon with the same seriousness as before "We will be back soon."

"Before you finish, I have one question for you" The President said with curiosity "How were you guys able to be in two places at once?"

Anael gave a brief, discrete laugh before answering. He was referring to the Knights' Shaman-Stone's ability to creat copies of each Stone bearer. "Well, I think I will have to leave you without an answer, Mr. President. Let's say that it is... Part of our 'service combo', if you get my point"

"Fair enough" Answered the President after finishing the call.Then, Anael turned his communicator off and came closer to his friends, who were awaiting for him in a circle outside the National Congress.

"I think I'm going to miss this place..." Said Kimi in a reflexive tone with his eyes half closed "It is a nice country after all..."

"Brasilia is a nice city indeed" Agreed Maya with a smile "I'm coming back here for sure! What about you, Thalas?"

"Hum?M-me?" The French Guatemalan discretely blushed surprised with the question "Well... Someday, when I won't have to deal with no Soviet agent or other things like that..."

All the Knights laughed at Electro Archer's statement with relief. After weeks away from their homes, The Central American heroes were ready to go home to garantee the safety of Central America.

"Let's go!" Said Altagracia with a smile, holding Anael's arm "We have to pick up Kaiser..." Then, a vortex appeared near them, and Kaiser came out with a mischievous smile.

"No need for that." Said DarkStalker "Very well, I present you the quickest and most discrete wa to go to Guatemala, and it is free! Laaast call, I want everybody in!"

Meanwhile, in a prison away from Brasília, lied Zoe on a cell with another two women, who were sleeping at the spoken moment. The Russian girl was sadly smiling, reminiscing the recent flow of events which took place on her life. Kimi was on her mind instead of the deceased Johannes. Her cheeks were reddish, but she didn't care.

"You seem to be a great man, Ice Guardian" Whispered the former Soviet agent "I think you gave me a reason to keep living... Even if it means spending some years in prison..." She looked at the window's iron bars, which were shining by the moonlight. "The night Stalin put me to sleep for the last time... Had the same moonlight as today..."

She became sad and looked at the concrete floor, thoughtless in her sadness within. "If I could only turn back in time... And ask Stalin everything I've always wanted to..."

"Too bad you cannot, right?"

Zoe turned her face towards the voice. It was no one else than Mikhail Gorbachov, the last Soviet President. He had features which resembled a typical middle-aged Russian man: large shouders, plae skin, a robust, yet wrinkly body, as a sign of the physical youth already gone. He was recognized worldwide as a Peace Nobel Prize winner and the one who ended Soviet Union's isolacionism. The old man was smiling at the robot.

"I've talked to Brazil's President. Well... You are costing us a bit of work, you know? Because of your actions, Russia's diplomacy has been compromised a bit. However, I've presented her a solution:  you are coming with me to live in Russia as a domestic prisioner. You are going to be unarmed and cannot leave the house without my permission. When our country's diplomatic relations with Brazil goes back to normality, then... You will be free to do whatever you desire."

"Well... I think it is fair..." She answered sadly "I did some bad things after all... I feel so lost and confused, as if I wasn't supposed to be here... The USSR no longer exists, Stalin died without giving me some answers regarding my life..." She started to cry discretely.

"What I'm giving you is called second chance,dear Zoe: use it wisely." Said Gorbachov with a smile "I understand you feelings, and I think that, if the rest of the former Soviet Party were still alive, they wouldn't like to see you so sad as you are right now... Give this new Russia a chance for once. Give me one chance. You won't regret that. It is a new life for sure, young lady." He offered his hands through the iron bars "Come with me, sweet granddaughter of mine..."

The authority responsible for the jail bars opened Zoe's prison, letting her go out and embrace Mikhail as strong as she could, demonstrating her most fragile side.

"Mr. Gorbachev!" She screamed crying and weeping.

"Call me Mikhail, sweetie..." Said the former USSR's President smiling with such love as a granfather would show to his grandchildren "Time for you to go home; you've been lost and afraid for a long time." He put his right arm over her shoulders and walked away with her "Listen, do you know how to dance ballet?"

"Yes..." She said timidly "The Swan Lake... It used to be one of the favourite pieces of one member of Soviet Party..."

"I think we found you a new way to live." Said Gorbachev smiling "When we arrive at Moscow, we can discuss that more clearly, ok?"

Zoe smiled at the old, yet powerful man. A new life full of opportunities and discoveries was awaiting for her. What was next for Zoe? Only the future could tell...

End of Third Season.


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