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- Do You Believe In Socialism? -

Anael and the others were flying near the entrance of Alvorada Palace. An Independence Dragon was waiting for them while the President came out followed by her security guards. When Anael saw her, the Guatemalan put his feet on ground, and instructed Maya to do the same regarding her dragon.

"I am Elite Dragon" Said Anael solemly to Brazil's State Chief "The others on that dragon are some of the Blue Moon Knights. I am the one who instructed your guards to guide you out of town. You have no choice other than trust me." He continued to look at her "Which is the safest place nearby?"

The President didn't know what to say; she looked surprised and frightened at the same time, even though she tried her best to hide her feelings.

"The Official Residence is a few kilometers away" She answered calmly "Take me there"

"As you wish" Answered Anael politely; then, he turned his looks to Maya "Black Witch! Give the President some extra space on your mount, please! And do it fast!"

The Honduran nodded affirmatively, casting a summon spell in Mayan, creating a bigger Dragon which had some saddles in its back.

"Come here, Ms. President!" Asked Maya with a smile "Please hold the harness with all the strength you have, because we will fly high and fast!"

While Maya, Thalas and Altagracia were helping the Brazilian President, Anael stepped out for a bit to answer his communication device. He snapped his right fingers near his right ear and the Jade Communicator appeared.

"Finally! I thought you were never going to answer!"

His eyes widened. He knew that voice.

"M-mother?!" He said a bit surprise "H-how did you get the code?!"

"I talked to the Kazakhstan Consulate by mere coincidence" answered Anael's mother clearly angry "I did that after reading the note you left me. So, are you telling me that both you and your sister risk your lives every single day to protect Guatemala?!"

"And the world, if possible..." Anael completed timidly, knowing that it hasn't been his best decision.

"I should have noticed that you guys were up to something when that red-haired called 'Melchior' and the blonde Finn called 'Kimi' appeared on your life!" She took a deep breath before continuing "You haven't given me the key information on that piece of paper: Since when did you become..."

"A Hero?" Asked Anael gaining some courage to face his mother's lecture "See... It was never my intention to get you worried..." He closed his fist left very tight, trembling his hand "I became a hero when I went to Tikal, remember? Well, uhm... Something happened on the woods, Mom... And I felt the need of becoming a hero! I'm tired of just seeing the problems and being unable to do something! I know you care about me and my Rayo de Sol, but I couldn't let the opportunity of being helpful go away!" His eyes were no longer reptilian, and a tiny shy tear rolled over his left eye "You are a diplomat, mom! You know better than anyone how it feels like to work so hard and see almost any changes in the flow of the events at all!"

The silence came in and Anael's heart beat faster. The, he heard his mother's sigh.

"Secrets have a higher price than you may think, mi tesoro" Said María "And I'm concerned about that. You and Altagracia are everything that I have... And I feel so afraid for both of you... Please, come home safe, okay?"

"Okay, mom..." He responded calmer than before "I'll do my best... You know that I respect, admire and love you, right?"

"I do... However, we are going to talk about that issue later..." Said Elite Dragon's mother with a serious tone, finishing her call right after.

The Guatemalan finished his call and turned his attention to his current task: escorting Dilma out of Brasília for a while. He flew away following the other Dragon conjured by Maya, hoping that Kimi would do his part...


The Ministries' Esplanade; two lines of Ministry departments along the streets of Monumental Axis. Between the two main roads, lies the National Congress, Zoe's target and main goal. On the top of one Ministry Department, the Russian had a mean smile; she could see all the movement downwards, and she was free to shoot anyone nearby.

"Halt!" Kimi was few meters behind her with an angry countenance "This stupidity ends now!"

"Agreed." Zoe slowly stood up and faced her enemy "You won't give up, Nazi, will you?"

"I'm no Nazi." Kimi said without losing control "And we are no longer in World War times. Stop using the Brazilian to achieve a goal that is senseless." He took a deep breath " Icicle!" He blew more cold wind against Zoe.

"Not this time!" Grunted the Russian, firing against Kimi, who evaded the shot and ran towards her.

When she started kicking, Kimi didn't low his guard. Instead, he kept pushing and avoinding being hit by the Russian. Then, he slapped her arm and made her throw her gun downstairs.

"No tricks this time..." Said Kimi with a mischievous smile. Then, he united his palms briefly while creating an icy blue light; when he started to separate then, an enormous icicle appeared "Take this!" He threw the projectile agains the Soviet's chest. The ice was not hard enough to pierce her chest and broke; however, Kimi threw it so fast ans strong that its impact against the Russian's body made her tremble her legs, almost falling on the ground.

"Damn it!" She said with anger "Die!" She tried to punch him, but Ice Guardian was fast enough to evade the Russian's strong fists. Then, he held one of her arms and conjured another icicle, which he threw against her. The impact was stronger than before, and Zoe stood at the edge of the building trembling and almost breathless. "You bast..." She tried to ran into Kimi,but the edge in which she were broke."Aaaahhh!!!"

"Zoe!" Screamed Kimi throwing himself on the floor and grabbing Zoe's hands "Hold on!"

"Let me go!" She screamed with anger, looking at Kimi with her bloody red eyes "I'd rather die than be saved by you!"

"Oh, you...!" Kimi was about to answer when his communicator device appeared.

"Veli, are you listening to me?" It was Kaiser through the device "I need you to pay attention! I know how to deactivate Zoe's destructive behaviour!"

"What?" Kimi said surprise "How?"

Zoe screamed again, for she was starting to slip from Kimi's hands. The Finn pulled her arms in order to avoid her fall. She was looking deep into his eyes, and that attitude made him blush for a while.

"Repeat the sentence I'm about to say" Said Kaiser. "Zoe,..."

"...Do you believe in Socialism?" Ice Guardian said steadly.

Zoe widened her eyes and the bloody red color disappeared, and her eyes became golden again "Wh...What?"

"I'm serious. Do you believe or don't you believe in Socialism?" Kimi was not merely repeating Kaiser's words: he actually believed in Socialism.

"Of course" Zoe closed her eyes, and shy tears rolled over her face "It means everything to me..." She looked at Kimi's eyes and gave him a happy smile "You look just like him... Except by the ears and the long hair... Just like Johannes used to be..."

Kimi turned his communicator off.

"Stalin died in 1954 after 29 years of government: the longest of overall Soviet Union..." He closed his eyes and kept talking slowly "Khrushchov replaced him right after and tried to make some changes, but he was kicked out of Comunism Party in 1964, and Leonid Brejnev replaced him."

"No..." Zoe said closing her eyes strongly as if she didn't want to believe in Ice Guardian's words.

 "The Socialist system of economical development started to fail and the Soviets realized that they wouldn't be able to keep the belicist rhythm any longer... During that time, however, they started the Space Race times, which are resembled up to nowadays... Brejnev died and was replaced in 1982 by Yuri Andropov, who tried to save the Union by taken measures that would resemble Stalin's Era..." Kmi kept talking as if he couldn't see Zoe.

"That cannot be..." She begged when tears started to multiply on her face.

"However, the system was already in crisis, and Konstantin Chernenko replaced him in 1984, the year Andropov died, and stayed for one year as President; he did a lot, even if it was not enough to avoid what was coming next... The last President, Gorbachov, then took place... And disbanded Soviet Union in 1991."

"Stop!Stop! That cannot be! The USSR... Stalin... Everything... The world as I know... It's all gone! It is a lie!!!" She was screaming in pain. Her eyes were closed and she couldn't avoid crying. "Why did I miss all those things? Why did Stalin abandoned me? Wasn't I a good servant? Have I betrayed Socialism at any point?"

"Zoe..." Kimi opened his eyes slowly while looking at the crying Russian "Even though you have attempted against lots of innocent lives... Your spirit is good after all. You have a sense of duty and loyalty that most people nowadays will have forgotten for sure. If it is a matter of confession, I also believe in Socialism."

"What?" She asked surprised "You...You do?"

"Yes..." He answered shy "I do believe, for I think that soon the world won't be so unfair, cruel, unequal and materialist. You don't have to impose this to people: if you explain to them how it works, some will hate, but other will love and will spread the word!"

"Is there... Any of those Presidents alive?" Asked Zoe with tears. Kimi then pulled her arms making her hands touch his shoulders. Right after that, Ice Guardian, pulled the Russian closer to him, helping her to stand on her own feet.

"All of them died... Except one" Said Kimi hugging Zoe "Mikhail Gorbachov is still alive, yet he does not command Russia anymore. The USSR became other 14 independent countries, and Russia is the biggest from far. Well, I know you will be angry at me, however... You will have to go to jail, you know?"

Zoe slowly nodded affirmatively: she was aware of the things she has done. Kimi stepped away from her for a bit, and gave her a happy smile. They started to hear the sound of a helicopter soaring nearby; it was the police, no doubt. They were ready to make the arrest.


All the Knights met Kimi at the National Congress' entrance in order to see Zoe's arrest. Kaiser and Marzhan were laughing and talking about science. Elite Dragon was shaking hands with the President, who came back to Brasília safe and sound. They all could see the authorities taking Zoe away.

Before leaving the town, Zoe's eye sight crossed Kimi's one. Ice Guardian felt his heart beat faster than normality. Then, he became slightly sad when the helicopter left with the Russian in it. Worried about his friend, Melchior approached, slightly touching Ice Guardian's right shoulder.

"Are you okay?" Asked Elemental Alchemist concerned.

"I will be..." Kimi answered with sadness on his voice. "She called me...Johannes..." He closed his eyes and sadly smiled "This guy may have meant a lot to her..." He put his left hand on his chest "However, I don't know why this name seem to mean a lot to me..."

"... Thank you so much for your help!" Kaiser was getting closer to the double as he was talking to Marzhan "Really, you really gave us a helping speech, if you understand what I mean" Both Kaiser and Marzhan laughed.

"No problem. Here, take it. This is my phone number. I think that it make us even after all, don't you think? Well, I have to go... I have some projects to work on Kazakhstan. My country needs me!"

"I can give you a ride!" Offered Kaiser politely "Come with me, I can lead you the way back to the airport..."

Kaiser gave a brief smile at the scene of his brother and the young scientist who helped them. His mind, however, was smiling to someone else...

To Be Continued...


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