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- All The Things She Said -

Melchior stepped away from Kimi in order to talk to Anael. Meanwhile, Kimi approached Zoe. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing slowly and softly as a baby. The Finn smiled at her and came closer.

"Now it's time for you to stop causing havoc..." He whispered with a brief smile.

Then, she rapidly opened her eyes. which were bloody red. She gave Kimi a mean smile.

"Got you!" She said in a singing tone. Then, she broke the ice and aimed her gun.

"Not so fast!" Replied Ice Guardian hitting her arm and throwing the gun away "Let's fight equally now!"

"My pleasure!" Grunted Zoe, throwing herself against the finnish, trading punches ans slaps with him.

Then, Melchior noticed the event and ran to help Ice Guardian; Zoe then kicked Kimi to the sidewalk and ran towards Melchior.

"Now it's your turn" She looked at the ground and spotted her laser gun; then, she looked at Melchior with a mean smile "Russian Roulette time!"

"No!" Screamed Melchior running on her direction.

She jumped over the gun and got it, preparing to aim on Elemental Alchemist, who held her arms in order to avoid getting shooted. Even though he was strong, Zoe was proving to be someone hard to maintain held.

"Kimi!" Screamed Melchior while seeing the Finnish in trouble to get on his own feet "Call Anael, fast!" He couldn't talk more than that, for Zoe got away from his arms and hit his head with her gun, knocking him out.

"You'll pay for this..." She said with anger, aiming her gun on Melchior's head.

Before she could pull the trigger, an icicle stake hit her on her left ribs followed by a cold whirlwind.

"Hey! I said equal fight!No tricks!" Screamed Kimi, angry "Now you got on my nerve" He took a deep breath and blowed a cold wind strike on the Russian, throwing her off the sidewalk's protection, making the agent fall, creating a huge crater on the asphalt.

She put her hands on the ground, leveling her shoulders and part of her torso up, yet she was still laid on the ground. She gave him another mean smile.

"You gave me a shortcut!" She said while laughing maleficently "Awesome!" She started to run towards the National Congress. Kimi jumped on the crater and followed her.


Anael arrived with the others right after the incident. He was talking to the President's security guards while Thalas and Maya helped Melchior to stand on his feet.

"I bet it has been a heck of fight, right?" Said Thalas laughing discretely at Melchior while helping him.

"Funny" Said Melchior with irony "Now, where is Kimi?" He asked looking in all directions.

"He's heading to the Congress, perhaps" Said Anael unpleased, finishing his call "I've just talked to the ones responsible to protect the President. I think it's better if we leave this battle for Kimi to handle. I have instructions for us: we will hasten to the Alvorada Palace* and escort Brazil's State Chief out of Brasília until Kimi has taken care of Zoe. Understood?"

"Yes" Answered Maya summoning a smaller, yet faster dragon "Welcome all aboard!"

"You can go. I stay" Said Kaiser "Dr. Yankovich's great-grandson, Marzhan, is coming to town. I have to find him."

Anael nodded afirmatively "Okay, you are free to go. Make sure you give us fresh news about your discoveries. Any help we can get is welcome." He looked at his sister "Rayo de Sol, I think it'll be better if you go with Maya, ok?"

"No problem" Answered Lotus Flower kissing her brther's cheek and mounting Maya's dragon. "Full throttle ahead!"

The Dragon flew away following the Guatemalan Dragon. Anael had a worried countenance. "I hope Kimi gets out of this situation in the best possible condition..." He thought. His reptilian eyes focused on the National Congress building, which consisted in two rectangular prisms towers with two spherical structures similar to plates: one was facing up and the other down. The whole structure was painted of white, and it was possible for them to fly between the towers, and so they did. Before making this move, Anael could see Kimi's fight, and his worries started to grow.

He was losing field.


Meanwhile, in a snack bar inside of Conjunto Nacional, Marzhan and Kaiser were dealing with another part of their enemy: Zoe's origins and soul.

"Thanks once again for responding us" Said Kaiser politely while drinking a cup of coffee "Feel free to start telling me all things I need to know..."

Marzhan drank his cappuccino slowly. Then, he put the cup on the table and started talking "Well, the basics I think you are already aware of it: Project 1930 or Zoya Rasputinova, as we called her after finishing, was designed first to protect the Comunist Party Presidents against any professional killers sent to threaten their lives, domestic or foreigners." He got a cookie for him and paused for a while "My great-grandpa was one of the greatest scientists in the Soviet Union at that time. Stalin demanded the project to have an enormous strength, agility and capacity of thought - which means that she was supposed to be just like a huiman being with advantages promoted by complex circuits and muscles made of steel, titanium and paladium" He laughed discretely "Where was I? Oh, I remebered... Then, Boris accepted the challenge and worked on her for 3 years. When she was ready, both Stalin and Trotsky went to see her..."

He stopped talking for a while in order to clean his glasses.

"Trotsky realized Stalin didn't want only one 'Zoe': he wanted an entire army. Think with me: if you could replace regular soldiers for ones made of metal, twice as stronger and faster, wouldn't you do so? You'd be showing your enemy you military superiority and capacity to rule the world by the means of strength. Meanwhile, Zoe started to discover the world which surrounded her..."

"She was no ordinary robot" Concluded Kaiser "She had feelings..."

"Exactly" Said the Kazakh "Most of the Communism party members used to treat Zoe as if she was a child, you know? Against Stalin's orders of coldening her personality, they used to give her gifts and tell stories about the Revolution and ancient times of Russia. When Stalin kicked most of them out of the party, she became sad and thus affected her results in field..."

"I am sorry for interrupting you" Kaiser said "We heard that Zoe was unactivated on 1942, the year the Nazis attacked Russia" Marzhan nodded affirmatively showing that he understood Kaiser's line of thought "Do you know why?"

"As I said" The Kazakh continued after a large sigh "She developed feelings. Well, she just clung to Stalin for obvious reasons: protecting and believing in him and his actions. Things got a bit shaken when she realized Trotsky had died and... When she fell in love for the first time." He looked at Kaiser's surprised face "She fell in love with a Nazi officer who she was supposed to kill, for he was the one who'd be sent to kill Stalin. His name was Johannes Klaus von Ericht, a promising young tenant and pilot. His attempt failed, though, for the plane in which he was had been destroyed by the British forces. Stalin never told Zoe why he would deactivate her. The only thing he said was that her services were no longer needed..."

"How cruel..." There was pity in Kaiser's voice. He felt sorry for the Russian.

"Stalin forced my great-grandpa to leave Moscow and work on Siberia to pay for the 'crime' of giving him a damaged weapon. Yes, Zoe was nothing but a mere weapon for him: a tool that could be used to influence the flow of the World War." Marzhan looked at Kaiser's eyes with a grin countenance "Then, he demanded a new scientist to modificate Zoe's behaviour permanently: instead of allowing her to have a personality and act as a person, Stalin made this scientist configurate Zoe's mind in order to obtain a perfect Nazi-killing machine."

"The Nazi Hunting mode!" Concluded Kaiser "Stalin managed to use Hitler's concept of Arian race against him! That's why she pursued  Kimi!" Then, his eyes became wider "In that case..."

"I have the key for you guys to defeat Zoe without fight" The Kazakh said while interrupting Kaiser's conclusion "Do you guys wear some kind of communication device?"

"Yes, we do" Said Kaiser. Then, he snapped his right hand's fingers conjuring his communicator: The Onyx Communicator "The communicators' designs vary according to the Knight who's wearing it. Why?"

"Listen carefully" Marzhan said calm and in a low tone of voice "The one you call Kimi... Is he fighting Zoe right now?" He looked at DarkStalker, who nodded affirmatively "Then, set your communicator into his frequency. What I'm about to tell you is the sentence that will deactivate Zoe's destructive behaviour... and give place for negotiations..."

To Be Continued...


*Alvorada Palace: It is the building in which the President works and lives in Brasília.


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