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-Beyond the War-

Give up, Ice Guardian!” Screamed Zoe with a grin laugh “Sacrifices are unavoidable, you know that! These people need to know that Socialism is the solution, and only I can show them the way! Hasten to Brazil's main city, then!”

The Russian kept shooting and laughing while Kimi created new protection zones. He was getting exhausted from all the heroic effort to save the Brazilians.

Melchior... Are you there?” Kimi asked weakly through the communicator “I need some support here!”

Where the hell are you going?” Asked Elemental Alchemist more than worried “I already conjured my carpet in order to follow you!”

She is luring me to Brasilia!” Said Ice Guardian “Ouch, she hit my hand! Listen, I really need some backup here. If you could hasten, I'd appreciate!”

I'll try!” Answered the Salvadorian “Please hang on!” The Elemental Alchemist then set his device in order to communicate with Elite Dragon while following Kimi's track “Anael, are you there?”

I am” The Knights' leader answered not pleased “Where the hell are you and Kimi?”

Kimi has found Zoe!” The Alchemist answered “Unfortunately, he is injured and being lured to Brasilia! I think the Soviet has some nasty plans yet to come...”

Ah, you don't say!” Replied Anael with irony “Okay. Keep following Kimi's last traces. Meanwhile, I'll warn President Rousseff about that issue. You have to save Kimi and avoid the Soviet's arrival in Brasilia by all means necessary, understood? I'll talk to Thalas and see where he is.”

Understood, Leader” Melchior said finishing his call “Kimi, please hang on. I'm coming” He whispered to himself.


Thalas, Maya and Kaiser were trapped in Sao Paulo's well-known heavy traffic. Maya was feeling sick from not eating a thing, and looked pale. The Honduran then moved a bit forward in order to talk to the taxi driver.

Listen, could you please hasten?” Asked Black Witch with a painful expression “We need to be at Kazakhstan's Consulate as soon as possible! Isn't there another way?”

I'm sorry” Replied the driver with a pitiful expression “If I could go somewhere, I would. Unfortunately, this is the worst time of traffic in this city...”

Thalas noticed Maya's bad state of health, held her hand and made a decision.

We understand your effort...” Said Electro Archer “We are going to get down here and move to the Consulate. Take your money: it's already on the exact amount, no need for changes.” He gave the driver some reais* and opened the door in order to leave with Kaiser and Maya “Once again, thanks for everything.”

Thalas guided the other two Knights between the car lines in order to arrive safely at the sidewalk. Maya put her back against the nearest wall and bowed her knees showing weakness.

Maya, are you okay?” Thalas asked worried and holding her left hand “We have to eat somewhere...”

You don't need to do that...” Said the Honduran timidly “I'm fine... we have to go to the Consulate...”

Ei!” Said Kaiser in a negative tone “No way, you look as pale as a candle! I'm hungry as well, lets eat!”
Thalas looked at his watch.

We have half an hour left until the Consulate closes. I think that will do it...” The looked at the block in which they were in order to find somewhere to eat “I think I spotted a place just a few steps away.” He put Maya's left arm over his waist “Let's go, hechicera.”

The trio went to the nearest snack bar and got a table for them. Kaiser went to purchase their order. In the meantime, Thalas activate his communicator in order reply Anael's last call.

Finally some news...” Said Anael “Any luck on your research?”

More than you can even imagine” Whispered Thalas “It turns out that Zoe was designed by a Kazakh scientist called Boris Yankovich. He created Zoe in the 30's as requested by Stalin. We are going to the Kazakhstan Consulate to get more information”

Awesome!” Replied Elite Dragon in a pleased tone “Now, I have bad news: Kimi and Melchior are being lured to Brasilia by our so beloved Soviet. The Finnish is injured and Melchior hasn't met him yet. I'll meet you guys in the Consulate. Then, he will be heading to Brasilia. I'll try to contact Rousseff in the meantime, understood?”

Of course” Replied Thalas “We will hasten in our way to the Consulate.” He turned his attention to Kaiser, who arrived at the table with their orders “Thanks, Kai. I'm finishing my call. I'll call you back if I have more news.” He turned off his device and get one of the drinks for Maya “Here, you have to get more energy.”

Gracias” Said the Honduran drinking and eating her hamburger.

How much time do we have?” Asked Kaiser between one bite and other on his hamburger.

Fifteen minutes” Answered Electro Archer with a serious countenance.

We have to hasten then!” Said Maya completely recovered.

Thalas agreed, and the three of them left the place after finishing their quick meal. The Consulate was only a few meters away from them. They hid between two buildings and used their powers to activate their heroic outfits. Then, they moved out of the shadows and hasten to Kazakhstan Consulate.

The building was astonishing. It was made with Russian and Oriental architecture; there were several references to their culture and language, written in light blue over the outer walls. The inner part of the building was richly decorated with rungs, flags, symbols and paintings related to Kazakhstan and it's culture.

The Consul was organizing some documents and preparing to leave to his house when the Knights appeared. The diplomat sat down and looked at the trio with a serious countenance.

I assume you are no Kazakh.” Said the diplomat politely “How can I help you anyway?”

Maya looked at Thalas and Kaiser with a decided countenance. Then, she stepped forward and spoke politely.

We came here seeking information” Said Black Witch “Some days ago, this Soviet robot had woken up and is causing havoc all over Sao Paulo. Soon, she'll be terrorizing all Brazilians!” She made a pause while putting her hands together near her face “What we are going to ask... Is information regarding a scientist of your country who created this robot: Boris Yankovich”

The Consul stared at Maya with surprise.

I cannot do that” The diplomat replied “This information is classified as State Secret...”

This is an emergency!” Kaiser intervened with a bit of anger “We know it's a State Secret. However, we wouldn't be asking you to make us an exception if it wasn't necessary! This robot still believes she's living in the USSR's times! She is not a danger only to Brazil, but for the entire world as well! I have nothing against Socialism; however, I'm against Stalinism, and I know you think the same!”

The Consul kept in silence and Kaiser got a calmer, yet angry tone.

We are asking this huge favor in order to save lots of people. We do not intent to reveal this secret worldwide. We won't expose your country, we promise. Please, help us to do our job, which is to protect people!”

Fine” Answered the Consul “Leave your numbers. I'll call you as soon as possible. Please understand that I cannot give you files of some sort. Nevertheless, I'll help you somehow. Now, leave. It's about time to close the Consulate. Thank you for your visit.”

Kaiser prepared to say something with anger, but Thalas convinced him not to do so. Instead, the Electro Archer wrote down the code that allowed the Consul to talk to them directly through his communicators. The trio left the consulate to find Anael outside.


... I'm saying the Soviet is coming to you! What the hell are you thinking? It's your President, for God's sake!” He seemed deeply angry.

Calm down, hermano mayor...” Said Altagracia.

Elite Dragon looked at his sister with a calmer smile, Then, he looked at the other three Knights.

So?” The Guatemalan Dragon asked.

Well, we can only have hopes now” Answered Thalas pretty disappointed “And you?”

These secretaries do not understand a single thing” Answered Elite Dragon with anger “Whatever. We are going to save their President after all. Let's go. Brasilia is our goal now!”

To be Continued...


*Reais: It is the name given to the Brazilian currency.


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