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-Machinery of War -

Anael and the other Knights proceeded with their plans; Anael held his sister against his chest and flew away, while Maya summoned a dragon to carry Thalas and Kaiser with her. The Guatemalan Dragon tried to make contact with the other two Knights.

Melchior? Kimi? Are you there? Answer me, please!” Anael seemed angry and worried at the same time. His eyes became reptilian in a sign of anger. “That Soviet...”

Calm down, Leader!” Said Kaiser with worry in his voice “They are going to be fine!At least I hope so...” Dark Stalker whispered to himself the last sentence.

Elite Dragon was still upset; deep in his heart, he wanted to have some revenge against Zoe. He couldn't stand the idea of his easy defeat to her. Also, the fact of Kimi being defeated and multiple injured by the Russian kept him angry.

Hermano, don't” Said Altagracia in her sweet tone of voice “I don't like to see you angry. It's not you...”
Anael looked at his sister's eyes and smiled at her. His reptilian eyes were gone for a while.

You are right” He said “I cannot take her actions as personal issues..." When he opened them back, they were reptilian again "However, we cannot allow her to continue hurting people for free" The Guatemalan hissed the last sentence holding his sister stronger than before "Mi rayo de Sol, if I'm hurting you, please let me know, ok?" Elite Dragon said while avoiding hissing "I'm just holding you stronger in order to make you safer..."

"You are not hurting me..." Answered Lotus Flower "I'm fine..."

"Anael!" Screamed Black Witch from her dragon, waving at the Blue Moon Knights' leader "Melchior is on the communicators! He gave us a position: he said he is near Brasília! They have  just arrived on the outskirts of the city! It seems that Zoe is planning to..."

"...Arrive at the National Congress!" Completed Elite Dragon with a surprise and scared countenance, for he knew what the Soviet agent was up to "President Rousseff!" He turned his face to Thalas "Zoe is planning to harm Brazil's President! We must stop her!"

"I'll warn Melchior!" Said Electro Archer with an affirmative nod "Maya, try to contact Kimi!He and Melchior must avoid Zoe's arrival on the Congress. Fast!"

While Black Witch and Electro Archer were making their calls, Kaiser received a signal on his communicator.

"Hello, am I talking to... DarkStalker?" Said the voice on Kaiser's device with a strong accent.

"Yes, you are" Answered the Finn, surprised "Who am I talking to?"

"Sorry for my lack of politeness" Answered the unknown voice "The Kazakhstan Consulate gave me this code in order to contact you. Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Marzhan Yankovich, Dr. Yankovich's great-grandson. I am aware of the trouble my great-grandfather's masterpiece is causing and I'm willing to help. Meet me at a place called Conjunto Nacional* in Brasília, and I'll teel you evertything you need to know about Zoe. Everything."

"Fine" Said Kaiser in a serious tone "We will be arriving in Brasília soon. Wait for me there." He ended the call with a mischievous smile "Anael, great news for us!" Elite Dragon turned his face to DarkStalker "The Kazakhstan Consulate did more for us than I could ever imagine! They did not gave us the files we needed, they did better than that: one of Yankovich's relatives is going to grant us all information regarding Zoe!"

"Awesome" Elite Dragon hissed with a smile "Hasten to Brasília! I'll try to talk with President..."



Melchior had finally reached Zoe and Kimi. The Soviet kept running and shooting at the innocent people near her, while jumping over the unnoccupied cars in her path. Ice Guardian was no longer creating protection Zones: his magical flying carpet was acting by itself while he had fainted.

The Elemental Alchemist then conjured a magical net who rapidly flew in the Soviet's direction, paralyzing and making her fall on the asphalt. She screamed swear words in Russian, language which Melchior didn't understand, as she tried to get out of the net. The Salvadorian then directed his flying carpet to his friend's.

"Kimi, wake up!" Screamed Melchior with Kimi in his arms, shaking his shoulders in order to force the Finn to open his eyes "Man, don't do this to me! Anael is counting on us to defeat that Soviet and save the Brazilians! Don't give up!" Ice Guardian was getting paler and paler, for he had lost too much blood from his injured leg, which  Elemental Alchemist was trying to heal "You are stronger than that, and you know it! Don't fall so easily..."

The Salvadorian closed his eyes while pronouncing  cure spell in Mayan. In that moment, two things happened: Zoe broke free from the magical net and Kimi started to respond at Elemental Alchemist's pleas. The Russian seemed too angry to keep running towards Brasília. Instead, here eyes became bloody red, and she aimed straight on Melchior.

"I'm going to eliminate you, red-haired, so that you'll stop annoying me!" She screamed while shooting in Melchior's direction, who commanded his flying carpet out of the shooting line. His communicator started glowing.

"Melchior, where the hell are you?" Electro Archer said from the communicator "Are you alright?"

"I'm a bit busy right now!" Answered Elemental Archer trying to avoid being hit by Zoe's laser gun "We are at Brasília's south entrance! Kimi has been knocked down and I managed to delay Zoe's arrival for a short time. Argh!" The laser his his left shoulder "Please, arrive as fast as you can!" He turned his communicator off  "Damn!"

"" Whispered Kimi while recovering his counsciousness.

Zoe paralyzed; the ground near her started to freeze as the shiver conjured by a weak Kimi touched the ground. Once again, her body was frozen up to her neck, and she sweared more than before. Melchior felt more than happy when he realized that his best friend woke up and straighten his back, sitting on the carpet.

"Oh...My head" Said Ice Guardian blinking slowly and passing his hand all over his blonde hair "What happened..." He saw Melchior's right hand covering a bloody spot "Was that... My fault? I'm so sorry!"

"No need to feel this way" Replied the Salvadorian, rapidly healing himself  "See? I'm fine..." They looked at Zoe, who seemed to have fallen asleep; then they looked around to see where they were. "What is this place?" Melchior asked with a scared countenance.

"She almost made it" Answered Kimi with the same countenance "I think they call this place Rodoviária**... From that 'bridge' in which we are, I can see... The National Congress. What should we do?"

"I don't know if it's wise to approach her now" Answered Melchior crossing his arms "Are you okay?"

"Thanks to you, I am" Answered Kimi with a brief smile "I think you should call Anael and tell him that we are safe and sound... I'll take care of Zoe..."

"You sure?" Said Melchior while holding Kimi's right shoulder.

Kimi nodded affirmatively and walked on Zoe's direction. If he only knew what has going to happen next...

To be Continued...


*Conjunto Nacional: a huge commercial sector located in the centre of Brasília. It was one of the first shopping malls to be built on this city.

** Rodoviária: a place in which all buses coming from inner places of Brasília and the other Administrative Regions stop. It is also the main connection of the Ministeries with the Blocks and other parts of the city; moreover, it's Brasília's link to the rest of Brazil.


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