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For Those Who Read,

Well, back on track now: having cloned myself has been pretty useful in order to avoid my uncle Jan-Claude's wrath. well, to be honest, I personally don't think that he would feel worried about me. In fact, I believe he'd like not to see me...

Despite our nasty fight with Zoe, Brasilia and S. Paulo had their moments: they are two different cities in many aspects, and they hold many interesting facts as well. If my uncle finds himself with a bit more free time, I may suggest him to go with me to Brazil...

I'm feeling a bit lonely right now, for Kimi and Kaiser are away, and Maya is moving out of the neighborhood. She hasn't told me why, and her cellphone is not answering. Furthermore, my cousin Felicia is out of Guatemala: she has gone to Marseille to study, and I wont be able to see her for a while.

I'll talk to Anael and see if he and Altagracia can come around for a while, since my uncle is also out, and doesn't seem so eagering to talk to me...

Thalas-Juán Dharalión


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