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To My Silent Friend, the Notebook,

Oh my god, I'm soo tired! Finally I got home, and my aunt and uncle are not here... They are the ones who raise me, you know? Well, since they thought I'd be at home, because of the magical clone I casted before leaving Guatemala, I think they didn't bother to leave me... I mean, my clone here.

Now I had just taken my shoes off and jumped on my bed. How delightful... I missed my house so much. Like, I have adapted to Guatemala pretty fast,and I believe I do not miss Honduras as I used to miss after becoming a Knight...

I think I'll call Jasmine later and tell her the news, but not right now. What I'm wanting to do is to take a delighful shower, dress a clean pijamas, do some drawings and... Maybe watching a movie with some popcorn with chocolate sauce nearby... OMG, I'll get fat... I don't care, I deserve some treats from time to time!

Maya Altahuela


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