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From Ancient Guatemala with Anxiety,

My brother Kaiser and I decided to leave Thalas' for a while. It is not that we don't like him, but we are considering finding ourselves a job in order to live in our own home, which could be used by the rest of the Knights as our headquarters.

Since we have arrived, two things have been done by me: studying the luthiery art and... Thinking about Zoe. Well, the first one I've been doing since I remeber myself as a person: I've built my flute and I'd give Kaiser a bass if he hadn't bought the electrical one before I had the idea.

The second thing... I don't know why I have thought on her. There is something about her that makes me feel this way. Even though she has gotten into my nerves back there in Brazil, I feel that she's not tha bad. She fought for her beliefs, and I hope she has learnt that such violence is not needed when it comes about spreading good ideology.

As weird as it may sound, she just doesn't come out of my head. Everything that I do, I catch myself thinking on her. I think it was her gaze and personality... Yet she can be scary, like most Soviets of her time, she also seemed charismatic and mysterious to me. That mystery she bears in her gaze is what attracts my attention, I guess. I prefer trying not to think about her than trying to solve this puzzle...

Kimi Das Vaali


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