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... And new things are coming for sure!

Hello Everyone! I am just passing by to announce the ending of Season Three. Well, after some chapters of adventure, it is time to rest a bit. However, do not worry, for the Blog will remain active: I'll be posting some features here as long as my real life doesn't give me much trouble...

As I said, I'll do my best to keep things going on this Blog. To ensure that, a new round-up of Journals will begin on this following Monday (the same scheme: each Knight has his or her day to speak a bit). Also, I'll try to give you some images and two other features:

  1. A New Blog Template - As I promised months later, I'm working on a new template's design which fits the Knights. I hope I can learn soon enough how to convert PSD into HTML (by the way, I'm looking at some tutorials right now, and I already have some designs...)
  2. Sankari's Excepts! - I know, since this post I've been promising to do it, and now I'll do. Basically, this special set of posts will be featured in this blog in gaps of 3 days to each post in order to make all of you acquinted with the informations there.
Well, these are the news for now. So far,so good; however, new things will be coming: I already started working on Season Four and other features related to the oldest seasons as well. Wait, come around here and see!

Sakura Hayes


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