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Dear Diary,

Finally I'm back to my home... These past days in Brazil had been full of adrenaline... And memories.

I was just thinking about Zoe and Kimi... I don't know, something on that scene made me reminisce a bit of... Myself, I guess. To be honest, I know little about the things that happen in our lives...

Even though Zoe caused a lot of havoc, deep down into my heart I feel she is a good person... I cannot imagine how it feels like to be in a place or in a certain time in which you know you don't fit.

Since I became Elite Dragon, certain things don't seem that appealing anymore... Staying up late, for example, is one of them. Every time I get home, I'm literally destroyed, and I just want to sleep or get a way to make the pain in my body go away... I used to wait for my mother to arrive, but there's no such thing anymore...

Speaking of that, I've finally told my mother the truth... She felt pretty mad, but I know she feels proud of us deep in her heart. Of course she wanted me to be a regular kid, but I cannot do this; my country needs heroes, and I'm up to that task.

Anael Moon’Seeker


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