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Hello Everyone!

It is Sakura Hayes speaking to close the month of September, which has been full of news! The Third Season has been closed on this month, and a new round of Journals started as well. Also,new places have been visited by the Knights, and another month has passed!

Eight months of Blue Moon Knights serving Guatemala and all the world if possible!

Stay tuned for more news and stuff!

Sakura Hayes

Dear Writing Atelier,

Melchior is not going to give me lessons! I'm sad... He said he was going to be out for a while for he wanted to see his old home for a bit... He was missing El Salvador, he said.

Kimi is a nice teacher indeed, but I cannot stand the amount of lecture and homework he gives me! I'm only a child... I need to have fun sometimes...

Speaking of which, I went to a park today while my brother was skateboarding, and I met some nice kids just like me,and we played for a long time...

I miss this; being the youngest Knight is not the best thing most of times, because I don't understand some of the dramas they have... Maybe when I grow older, I'll understand and not feel this way...

Altagracia Moon’Seeker

To My Silent Friend, the Notebook,

Oh my god, I'm soo tired! Finally I got home, and my aunt and uncle are not here... They are the ones who raise me, you know? Well, since they thought I'd be at home, because of the magical clone I casted before leaving Guatemala, I think they didn't bother to leave me... I mean, my clone here.

Now I had just taken my shoes off and jumped on my bed. How delightful... I missed my house so much. Like, I have adapted to Guatemala pretty fast,and I believe I do not miss Honduras as I used to miss after becoming a Knight...

I think I'll call Jasmine later and tell her the news, but not right now. What I'm wanting to do is to take a delighful shower, dress a clean pijamas, do some drawings and... Maybe watching a movie with some popcorn with chocolate sauce nearby... OMG, I'll get fat... I don't care, I deserve some treats from time to time!

Maya Altahuela

Hello everyone!

This post will be brief: I had just updated the Season Downloading page, adding the Third Season to the list! Check it out and start reading the Blue Moon Knights from the very beginning!

Stay tuned for more news and stuff!

Sakura Hayes

Traveller's Notes, For Those Who Follow Me,

My brother and I have started to look for jobs and a new place to live. It is just that we do not want to cause Jean-Claude any more trouble...

We had gone through lots of places in order to find one suitable. Yet we haven't found it, I have great hopes...

My brother seems a bit... Moony those days. Everytime I ask him about anything, he does this distracted "huh?" and then I have to ask again and then he replies. I think that something, or someone, is invading his mind frequently.

Thalas has given me a call talking about his cousing who's living abroad, and how proud he is about that. Someday, I think he'll do the same, and he might be pretty excited about that idea...

Kaiser Das Vaali

From Ancient Guatemala with Anxiety,

My brother Kaiser and I decided to leave Thalas' for a while. It is not that we don't like him, but we are considering finding ourselves a job in order to live in our own home, which could be used by the rest of the Knights as our headquarters.

Since we have arrived, two things have been done by me: studying the luthiery art and... Thinking about Zoe. Well, the first one I've been doing since I remeber myself as a person: I've built my flute and I'd give Kaiser a bass if he hadn't bought the electrical one before I had the idea.

The second thing... I don't know why I have thought on her. There is something about her that makes me feel this way. Even though she has gotten into my nerves back there in Brazil, I feel that she's not tha bad. She fought for her beliefs, and I hope she has learnt that such violence is not needed when it comes about spreading good ideology.

As weird as it may sound, she just doesn't come out of my head. Everything that I do, I catch myself thinking on her. I think it was her gaze and personality... Yet she can be scary, like most Soviets of her time, she also seemed charismatic and mysterious to me. That mystery she bears in her gaze is what attracts my attention, I guess. I prefer trying not to think about her than trying to solve this puzzle...

Kimi Das Vaali

Sports Journal of the Day,

Back to my newest home... I don't know, I don't feel that excited as I should. The twins are exultant about being back to Guatemala once again, but I'm not feeling the same, and I don't understand why...

I think I miss El Salvador a bit. Yet I haven't had my best moments there, I was born there, and lived there since my whole life -- except now that I'm living in Guatemala.

I had made my backpack -- since I went to Guatemala, I'm just wearing a few clothes which I have to wash everyday -- and I told Anael that I'm going away for a few days, therefore Altagracia will receive lessons only from Kimi.

I hope I can find what I think I'm looking for...

Melchior Raven-Hayes

For Those Who Read,

Well, back on track now: having cloned myself has been pretty useful in order to avoid my uncle Jan-Claude's wrath. well, to be honest, I personally don't think that he would feel worried about me. In fact, I believe he'd like not to see me...

Despite our nasty fight with Zoe, Brasilia and S. Paulo had their moments: they are two different cities in many aspects, and they hold many interesting facts as well. If my uncle finds himself with a bit more free time, I may suggest him to go with me to Brazil...

I'm feeling a bit lonely right now, for Kimi and Kaiser are away, and Maya is moving out of the neighborhood. She hasn't told me why, and her cellphone is not answering. Furthermore, my cousin Felicia is out of Guatemala: she has gone to Marseille to study, and I wont be able to see her for a while.

I'll talk to Anael and see if he and Altagracia can come around for a while, since my uncle is also out, and doesn't seem so eagering to talk to me...

Thalas-Juán Dharalión

Dear Diary,

Finally I'm back to my home... These past days in Brazil had been full of adrenaline... And memories.

I was just thinking about Zoe and Kimi... I don't know, something on that scene made me reminisce a bit of... Myself, I guess. To be honest, I know little about the things that happen in our lives...

Even though Zoe caused a lot of havoc, deep down into my heart I feel she is a good person... I cannot imagine how it feels like to be in a place or in a certain time in which you know you don't fit.

Since I became Elite Dragon, certain things don't seem that appealing anymore... Staying up late, for example, is one of them. Every time I get home, I'm literally destroyed, and I just want to sleep or get a way to make the pain in my body go away... I used to wait for my mother to arrive, but there's no such thing anymore...

Speaking of that, I've finally told my mother the truth... She felt pretty mad, but I know she feels proud of us deep in her heart. Of course she wanted me to be a regular kid, but I cannot do this; my country needs heroes, and I'm up to that task.

Anael Moon’Seeker

Hello Everyone!

Finally, a new page has come to this blog: I'm talking about downloads!

Some of you may have started reading the Blue Moon Knights series now, so you may have not read the first seasons or finished reading the Third one. Considering these situations, this new page will solve all your problems!

In the Download Seasons page you can find the First and Second Seasons available for download (I'll put the Third one in a few days, do not worry) in a list of languages, which will be updated as I find a staff to translate in the available languages there (if you have a suggestion of language, please comment here or on the Official Facebook page and I'll look for someone who can do the translation).

To start the download, just click on the correspondant language and it will start. If you ahve any sort of trouble, please contact me.

Sakura Hayes

... And new things are coming for sure!

Hello Everyone! I am just passing by to announce the ending of Season Three. Well, after some chapters of adventure, it is time to rest a bit. However, do not worry, for the Blog will remain active: I'll be posting some features here as long as my real life doesn't give me much trouble...

As I said, I'll do my best to keep things going on this Blog. To ensure that, a new round-up of Journals will begin on this following Monday (the same scheme: each Knight has his or her day to speak a bit). Also, I'll try to give you some images and two other features:

  1. A New Blog Template - As I promised months later, I'm working on a new template's design which fits the Knights. I hope I can learn soon enough how to convert PSD into HTML (by the way, I'm looking at some tutorials right now, and I already have some designs...)
  2. Sankari's Excepts! - I know, since this post I've been promising to do it, and now I'll do. Basically, this special set of posts will be featured in this blog in gaps of 3 days to each post in order to make all of you acquinted with the informations there.
Well, these are the news for now. So far,so good; however, new things will be coming: I already started working on Season Four and other features related to the oldest seasons as well. Wait, come around here and see!

Sakura Hayes

- Swan Lake -

"Mission accomplished, Señor Presidente" Said Anael through his Communicator to Guatemala's President " Brazil's  President is safe and the Soviet has been taken into custody. The Brazilian authorities are going to take the appropriate measures regarding this issue."

"Excellent" Said the President happly and solemnly "I couldn't expect more than that from you. Well, as I said before, Guatemala owes you for that effort. You are awaited here in Guatemala City. Thanks once again for taking this task."

"As I said before, it is an honor to serve my country" Replied Elite Dragon with the same seriousness as before "We will be back soon."

"Before you finish, I have one question for you" The President said with curiosity "How were you guys able to be in two places at once?"

Anael gave a brief, discrete laugh before answering. He was referring to the Knights' Shaman-Stone's ability to creat copies of each Stone bearer. "Well, I think I will have to leave you without an answer, Mr. President. Let's say that it is... Part of our 'service combo', if you get my point"

"Fair enough" Answered the President after finishing the call.Then, Anael turned his communicator off and came closer to his friends, who were awaiting for him in a circle outside the National Congress.

"I think I'm going to miss this place..." Said Kimi in a reflexive tone with his eyes half closed "It is a nice country after all..."

"Brasilia is a nice city indeed" Agreed Maya with a smile "I'm coming back here for sure! What about you, Thalas?"

"Hum?M-me?" The French Guatemalan discretely blushed surprised with the question "Well... Someday, when I won't have to deal with no Soviet agent or other things like that..."

All the Knights laughed at Electro Archer's statement with relief. After weeks away from their homes, The Central American heroes were ready to go home to garantee the safety of Central America.

"Let's go!" Said Altagracia with a smile, holding Anael's arm "We have to pick up Kaiser..." Then, a vortex appeared near them, and Kaiser came out with a mischievous smile.

"No need for that." Said DarkStalker "Very well, I present you the quickest and most discrete wa to go to Guatemala, and it is free! Laaast call, I want everybody in!"

Meanwhile, in a prison away from Brasília, lied Zoe on a cell with another two women, who were sleeping at the spoken moment. The Russian girl was sadly smiling, reminiscing the recent flow of events which took place on her life. Kimi was on her mind instead of the deceased Johannes. Her cheeks were reddish, but she didn't care.

"You seem to be a great man, Ice Guardian" Whispered the former Soviet agent "I think you gave me a reason to keep living... Even if it means spending some years in prison..." She looked at the window's iron bars, which were shining by the moonlight. "The night Stalin put me to sleep for the last time... Had the same moonlight as today..."

She became sad and looked at the concrete floor, thoughtless in her sadness within. "If I could only turn back in time... And ask Stalin everything I've always wanted to..."

"Too bad you cannot, right?"

Zoe turned her face towards the voice. It was no one else than Mikhail Gorbachov, the last Soviet President. He had features which resembled a typical middle-aged Russian man: large shouders, plae skin, a robust, yet wrinkly body, as a sign of the physical youth already gone. He was recognized worldwide as a Peace Nobel Prize winner and the one who ended Soviet Union's isolacionism. The old man was smiling at the robot.

"I've talked to Brazil's President. Well... You are costing us a bit of work, you know? Because of your actions, Russia's diplomacy has been compromised a bit. However, I've presented her a solution:  you are coming with me to live in Russia as a domestic prisioner. You are going to be unarmed and cannot leave the house without my permission. When our country's diplomatic relations with Brazil goes back to normality, then... You will be free to do whatever you desire."

"Well... I think it is fair..." She answered sadly "I did some bad things after all... I feel so lost and confused, as if I wasn't supposed to be here... The USSR no longer exists, Stalin died without giving me some answers regarding my life..." She started to cry discretely.

"What I'm giving you is called second chance,dear Zoe: use it wisely." Said Gorbachov with a smile "I understand you feelings, and I think that, if the rest of the former Soviet Party were still alive, they wouldn't like to see you so sad as you are right now... Give this new Russia a chance for once. Give me one chance. You won't regret that. It is a new life for sure, young lady." He offered his hands through the iron bars "Come with me, sweet granddaughter of mine..."

The authority responsible for the jail bars opened Zoe's prison, letting her go out and embrace Mikhail as strong as she could, demonstrating her most fragile side.

"Mr. Gorbachev!" She screamed crying and weeping.

"Call me Mikhail, sweetie..." Said the former USSR's President smiling with such love as a granfather would show to his grandchildren "Time for you to go home; you've been lost and afraid for a long time." He put his right arm over her shoulders and walked away with her "Listen, do you know how to dance ballet?"

"Yes..." She said timidly "The Swan Lake... It used to be one of the favourite pieces of one member of Soviet Party..."

"I think we found you a new way to live." Said Gorbachev smiling "When we arrive at Moscow, we can discuss that more clearly, ok?"

Zoe smiled at the old, yet powerful man. A new life full of opportunities and discoveries was awaiting for her. What was next for Zoe? Only the future could tell...

End of Third Season.

- Do You Believe In Socialism? -

Anael and the others were flying near the entrance of Alvorada Palace. An Independence Dragon was waiting for them while the President came out followed by her security guards. When Anael saw her, the Guatemalan put his feet on ground, and instructed Maya to do the same regarding her dragon.

"I am Elite Dragon" Said Anael solemly to Brazil's State Chief "The others on that dragon are some of the Blue Moon Knights. I am the one who instructed your guards to guide you out of town. You have no choice other than trust me." He continued to look at her "Which is the safest place nearby?"

The President didn't know what to say; she looked surprised and frightened at the same time, even though she tried her best to hide her feelings.

"The Official Residence is a few kilometers away" She answered calmly "Take me there"

"As you wish" Answered Anael politely; then, he turned his looks to Maya "Black Witch! Give the President some extra space on your mount, please! And do it fast!"

The Honduran nodded affirmatively, casting a summon spell in Mayan, creating a bigger Dragon which had some saddles in its back.

"Come here, Ms. President!" Asked Maya with a smile "Please hold the harness with all the strength you have, because we will fly high and fast!"

While Maya, Thalas and Altagracia were helping the Brazilian President, Anael stepped out for a bit to answer his communication device. He snapped his right fingers near his right ear and the Jade Communicator appeared.

"Finally! I thought you were never going to answer!"

His eyes widened. He knew that voice.

"M-mother?!" He said a bit surprise "H-how did you get the code?!"

"I talked to the Kazakhstan Consulate by mere coincidence" answered Anael's mother clearly angry "I did that after reading the note you left me. So, are you telling me that both you and your sister risk your lives every single day to protect Guatemala?!"

"And the world, if possible..." Anael completed timidly, knowing that it hasn't been his best decision.

"I should have noticed that you guys were up to something when that red-haired called 'Melchior' and the blonde Finn called 'Kimi' appeared on your life!" She took a deep breath before continuing "You haven't given me the key information on that piece of paper: Since when did you become..."

"A Hero?" Asked Anael gaining some courage to face his mother's lecture "See... It was never my intention to get you worried..." He closed his fist left very tight, trembling his hand "I became a hero when I went to Tikal, remember? Well, uhm... Something happened on the woods, Mom... And I felt the need of becoming a hero! I'm tired of just seeing the problems and being unable to do something! I know you care about me and my Rayo de Sol, but I couldn't let the opportunity of being helpful go away!" His eyes were no longer reptilian, and a tiny shy tear rolled over his left eye "You are a diplomat, mom! You know better than anyone how it feels like to work so hard and see almost any changes in the flow of the events at all!"

The silence came in and Anael's heart beat faster. The, he heard his mother's sigh.

"Secrets have a higher price than you may think, mi tesoro" Said María "And I'm concerned about that. You and Altagracia are everything that I have... And I feel so afraid for both of you... Please, come home safe, okay?"

"Okay, mom..." He responded calmer than before "I'll do my best... You know that I respect, admire and love you, right?"

"I do... However, we are going to talk about that issue later..." Said Elite Dragon's mother with a serious tone, finishing her call right after.

The Guatemalan finished his call and turned his attention to his current task: escorting Dilma out of Brasília for a while. He flew away following the other Dragon conjured by Maya, hoping that Kimi would do his part...


The Ministries' Esplanade; two lines of Ministry departments along the streets of Monumental Axis. Between the two main roads, lies the National Congress, Zoe's target and main goal. On the top of one Ministry Department, the Russian had a mean smile; she could see all the movement downwards, and she was free to shoot anyone nearby.

"Halt!" Kimi was few meters behind her with an angry countenance "This stupidity ends now!"

"Agreed." Zoe slowly stood up and faced her enemy "You won't give up, Nazi, will you?"

"I'm no Nazi." Kimi said without losing control "And we are no longer in World War times. Stop using the Brazilian to achieve a goal that is senseless." He took a deep breath " Icicle!" He blew more cold wind against Zoe.

"Not this time!" Grunted the Russian, firing against Kimi, who evaded the shot and ran towards her.

When she started kicking, Kimi didn't low his guard. Instead, he kept pushing and avoinding being hit by the Russian. Then, he slapped her arm and made her throw her gun downstairs.

"No tricks this time..." Said Kimi with a mischievous smile. Then, he united his palms briefly while creating an icy blue light; when he started to separate then, an enormous icicle appeared "Take this!" He threw the projectile agains the Soviet's chest. The ice was not hard enough to pierce her chest and broke; however, Kimi threw it so fast ans strong that its impact against the Russian's body made her tremble her legs, almost falling on the ground.

"Damn it!" She said with anger "Die!" She tried to punch him, but Ice Guardian was fast enough to evade the Russian's strong fists. Then, he held one of her arms and conjured another icicle, which he threw against her. The impact was stronger than before, and Zoe stood at the edge of the building trembling and almost breathless. "You bast..." She tried to ran into Kimi,but the edge in which she were broke."Aaaahhh!!!"

"Zoe!" Screamed Kimi throwing himself on the floor and grabbing Zoe's hands "Hold on!"

"Let me go!" She screamed with anger, looking at Kimi with her bloody red eyes "I'd rather die than be saved by you!"

"Oh, you...!" Kimi was about to answer when his communicator device appeared.

"Veli, are you listening to me?" It was Kaiser through the device "I need you to pay attention! I know how to deactivate Zoe's destructive behaviour!"

"What?" Kimi said surprise "How?"

Zoe screamed again, for she was starting to slip from Kimi's hands. The Finn pulled her arms in order to avoid her fall. She was looking deep into his eyes, and that attitude made him blush for a while.

"Repeat the sentence I'm about to say" Said Kaiser. "Zoe,..."

"...Do you believe in Socialism?" Ice Guardian said steadly.

Zoe widened her eyes and the bloody red color disappeared, and her eyes became golden again "Wh...What?"

"I'm serious. Do you believe or don't you believe in Socialism?" Kimi was not merely repeating Kaiser's words: he actually believed in Socialism.

"Of course" Zoe closed her eyes, and shy tears rolled over her face "It means everything to me..." She looked at Kimi's eyes and gave him a happy smile "You look just like him... Except by the ears and the long hair... Just like Johannes used to be..."

Kimi turned his communicator off.

"Stalin died in 1954 after 29 years of government: the longest of overall Soviet Union..." He closed his eyes and kept talking slowly "Khrushchov replaced him right after and tried to make some changes, but he was kicked out of Comunism Party in 1964, and Leonid Brejnev replaced him."

"No..." Zoe said closing her eyes strongly as if she didn't want to believe in Ice Guardian's words.

 "The Socialist system of economical development started to fail and the Soviets realized that they wouldn't be able to keep the belicist rhythm any longer... During that time, however, they started the Space Race times, which are resembled up to nowadays... Brejnev died and was replaced in 1982 by Yuri Andropov, who tried to save the Union by taken measures that would resemble Stalin's Era..." Kmi kept talking as if he couldn't see Zoe.

"That cannot be..." She begged when tears started to multiply on her face.

"However, the system was already in crisis, and Konstantin Chernenko replaced him in 1984, the year Andropov died, and stayed for one year as President; he did a lot, even if it was not enough to avoid what was coming next... The last President, Gorbachov, then took place... And disbanded Soviet Union in 1991."

"Stop!Stop! That cannot be! The USSR... Stalin... Everything... The world as I know... It's all gone! It is a lie!!!" She was screaming in pain. Her eyes were closed and she couldn't avoid crying. "Why did I miss all those things? Why did Stalin abandoned me? Wasn't I a good servant? Have I betrayed Socialism at any point?"

"Zoe..." Kimi opened his eyes slowly while looking at the crying Russian "Even though you have attempted against lots of innocent lives... Your spirit is good after all. You have a sense of duty and loyalty that most people nowadays will have forgotten for sure. If it is a matter of confession, I also believe in Socialism."

"What?" She asked surprised "You...You do?"

"Yes..." He answered shy "I do believe, for I think that soon the world won't be so unfair, cruel, unequal and materialist. You don't have to impose this to people: if you explain to them how it works, some will hate, but other will love and will spread the word!"

"Is there... Any of those Presidents alive?" Asked Zoe with tears. Kimi then pulled her arms making her hands touch his shoulders. Right after that, Ice Guardian, pulled the Russian closer to him, helping her to stand on her own feet.

"All of them died... Except one" Said Kimi hugging Zoe "Mikhail Gorbachov is still alive, yet he does not command Russia anymore. The USSR became other 14 independent countries, and Russia is the biggest from far. Well, I know you will be angry at me, however... You will have to go to jail, you know?"

Zoe slowly nodded affirmatively: she was aware of the things she has done. Kimi stepped away from her for a bit, and gave her a happy smile. They started to hear the sound of a helicopter soaring nearby; it was the police, no doubt. They were ready to make the arrest.


All the Knights met Kimi at the National Congress' entrance in order to see Zoe's arrest. Kaiser and Marzhan were laughing and talking about science. Elite Dragon was shaking hands with the President, who came back to Brasília safe and sound. They all could see the authorities taking Zoe away.

Before leaving the town, Zoe's eye sight crossed Kimi's one. Ice Guardian felt his heart beat faster than normality. Then, he became slightly sad when the helicopter left with the Russian in it. Worried about his friend, Melchior approached, slightly touching Ice Guardian's right shoulder.

"Are you okay?" Asked Elemental Alchemist concerned.

"I will be..." Kimi answered with sadness on his voice. "She called me...Johannes..." He closed his eyes and sadly smiled "This guy may have meant a lot to her..." He put his left hand on his chest "However, I don't know why this name seem to mean a lot to me..."

"... Thank you so much for your help!" Kaiser was getting closer to the double as he was talking to Marzhan "Really, you really gave us a helping speech, if you understand what I mean" Both Kaiser and Marzhan laughed.

"No problem. Here, take it. This is my phone number. I think that it make us even after all, don't you think? Well, I have to go... I have some projects to work on Kazakhstan. My country needs me!"

"I can give you a ride!" Offered Kaiser politely "Come with me, I can lead you the way back to the airport..."

Kaiser gave a brief smile at the scene of his brother and the young scientist who helped them. His mind, however, was smiling to someone else...

To Be Continued...

- All The Things She Said -

Melchior stepped away from Kimi in order to talk to Anael. Meanwhile, Kimi approached Zoe. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing slowly and softly as a baby. The Finn smiled at her and came closer.

"Now it's time for you to stop causing havoc..." He whispered with a brief smile.

Then, she rapidly opened her eyes. which were bloody red. She gave Kimi a mean smile.

"Got you!" She said in a singing tone. Then, she broke the ice and aimed her gun.

"Not so fast!" Replied Ice Guardian hitting her arm and throwing the gun away "Let's fight equally now!"

"My pleasure!" Grunted Zoe, throwing herself against the finnish, trading punches ans slaps with him.

Then, Melchior noticed the event and ran to help Ice Guardian; Zoe then kicked Kimi to the sidewalk and ran towards Melchior.

"Now it's your turn" She looked at the ground and spotted her laser gun; then, she looked at Melchior with a mean smile "Russian Roulette time!"

"No!" Screamed Melchior running on her direction.

She jumped over the gun and got it, preparing to aim on Elemental Alchemist, who held her arms in order to avoid getting shooted. Even though he was strong, Zoe was proving to be someone hard to maintain held.

"Kimi!" Screamed Melchior while seeing the Finnish in trouble to get on his own feet "Call Anael, fast!" He couldn't talk more than that, for Zoe got away from his arms and hit his head with her gun, knocking him out.

"You'll pay for this..." She said with anger, aiming her gun on Melchior's head.

Before she could pull the trigger, an icicle stake hit her on her left ribs followed by a cold whirlwind.

"Hey! I said equal fight!No tricks!" Screamed Kimi, angry "Now you got on my nerve" He took a deep breath and blowed a cold wind strike on the Russian, throwing her off the sidewalk's protection, making the agent fall, creating a huge crater on the asphalt.

She put her hands on the ground, leveling her shoulders and part of her torso up, yet she was still laid on the ground. She gave him another mean smile.

"You gave me a shortcut!" She said while laughing maleficently "Awesome!" She started to run towards the National Congress. Kimi jumped on the crater and followed her.


Anael arrived with the others right after the incident. He was talking to the President's security guards while Thalas and Maya helped Melchior to stand on his feet.

"I bet it has been a heck of fight, right?" Said Thalas laughing discretely at Melchior while helping him.

"Funny" Said Melchior with irony "Now, where is Kimi?" He asked looking in all directions.

"He's heading to the Congress, perhaps" Said Anael unpleased, finishing his call "I've just talked to the ones responsible to protect the President. I think it's better if we leave this battle for Kimi to handle. I have instructions for us: we will hasten to the Alvorada Palace* and escort Brazil's State Chief out of Brasília until Kimi has taken care of Zoe. Understood?"

"Yes" Answered Maya summoning a smaller, yet faster dragon "Welcome all aboard!"

"You can go. I stay" Said Kaiser "Dr. Yankovich's great-grandson, Marzhan, is coming to town. I have to find him."

Anael nodded afirmatively "Okay, you are free to go. Make sure you give us fresh news about your discoveries. Any help we can get is welcome." He looked at his sister "Rayo de Sol, I think it'll be better if you go with Maya, ok?"

"No problem" Answered Lotus Flower kissing her brther's cheek and mounting Maya's dragon. "Full throttle ahead!"

The Dragon flew away following the Guatemalan Dragon. Anael had a worried countenance. "I hope Kimi gets out of this situation in the best possible condition..." He thought. His reptilian eyes focused on the National Congress building, which consisted in two rectangular prisms towers with two spherical structures similar to plates: one was facing up and the other down. The whole structure was painted of white, and it was possible for them to fly between the towers, and so they did. Before making this move, Anael could see Kimi's fight, and his worries started to grow.

He was losing field.


Meanwhile, in a snack bar inside of Conjunto Nacional, Marzhan and Kaiser were dealing with another part of their enemy: Zoe's origins and soul.

"Thanks once again for responding us" Said Kaiser politely while drinking a cup of coffee "Feel free to start telling me all things I need to know..."

Marzhan drank his cappuccino slowly. Then, he put the cup on the table and started talking "Well, the basics I think you are already aware of it: Project 1930 or Zoya Rasputinova, as we called her after finishing, was designed first to protect the Comunist Party Presidents against any professional killers sent to threaten their lives, domestic or foreigners." He got a cookie for him and paused for a while "My great-grandpa was one of the greatest scientists in the Soviet Union at that time. Stalin demanded the project to have an enormous strength, agility and capacity of thought - which means that she was supposed to be just like a huiman being with advantages promoted by complex circuits and muscles made of steel, titanium and paladium" He laughed discretely "Where was I? Oh, I remebered... Then, Boris accepted the challenge and worked on her for 3 years. When she was ready, both Stalin and Trotsky went to see her..."

He stopped talking for a while in order to clean his glasses.

"Trotsky realized Stalin didn't want only one 'Zoe': he wanted an entire army. Think with me: if you could replace regular soldiers for ones made of metal, twice as stronger and faster, wouldn't you do so? You'd be showing your enemy you military superiority and capacity to rule the world by the means of strength. Meanwhile, Zoe started to discover the world which surrounded her..."

"She was no ordinary robot" Concluded Kaiser "She had feelings..."

"Exactly" Said the Kazakh "Most of the Communism party members used to treat Zoe as if she was a child, you know? Against Stalin's orders of coldening her personality, they used to give her gifts and tell stories about the Revolution and ancient times of Russia. When Stalin kicked most of them out of the party, she became sad and thus affected her results in field..."

"I am sorry for interrupting you" Kaiser said "We heard that Zoe was unactivated on 1942, the year the Nazis attacked Russia" Marzhan nodded affirmatively showing that he understood Kaiser's line of thought "Do you know why?"

"As I said" The Kazakh continued after a large sigh "She developed feelings. Well, she just clung to Stalin for obvious reasons: protecting and believing in him and his actions. Things got a bit shaken when she realized Trotsky had died and... When she fell in love for the first time." He looked at Kaiser's surprised face "She fell in love with a Nazi officer who she was supposed to kill, for he was the one who'd be sent to kill Stalin. His name was Johannes Klaus von Ericht, a promising young tenant and pilot. His attempt failed, though, for the plane in which he was had been destroyed by the British forces. Stalin never told Zoe why he would deactivate her. The only thing he said was that her services were no longer needed..."

"How cruel..." There was pity in Kaiser's voice. He felt sorry for the Russian.

"Stalin forced my great-grandpa to leave Moscow and work on Siberia to pay for the 'crime' of giving him a damaged weapon. Yes, Zoe was nothing but a mere weapon for him: a tool that could be used to influence the flow of the World War." Marzhan looked at Kaiser's eyes with a grin countenance "Then, he demanded a new scientist to modificate Zoe's behaviour permanently: instead of allowing her to have a personality and act as a person, Stalin made this scientist configurate Zoe's mind in order to obtain a perfect Nazi-killing machine."

"The Nazi Hunting mode!" Concluded Kaiser "Stalin managed to use Hitler's concept of Arian race against him! That's why she pursued  Kimi!" Then, his eyes became wider "In that case..."

"I have the key for you guys to defeat Zoe without fight" The Kazakh said while interrupting Kaiser's conclusion "Do you guys wear some kind of communication device?"

"Yes, we do" Said Kaiser. Then, he snapped his right hand's fingers conjuring his communicator: The Onyx Communicator "The communicators' designs vary according to the Knight who's wearing it. Why?"

"Listen carefully" Marzhan said calm and in a low tone of voice "The one you call Kimi... Is he fighting Zoe right now?" He looked at DarkStalker, who nodded affirmatively "Then, set your communicator into his frequency. What I'm about to tell you is the sentence that will deactivate Zoe's destructive behaviour... and give place for negotiations..."

To Be Continued...


*Alvorada Palace: It is the building in which the President works and lives in Brasília.

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As I promised in the post below, here you can see some images of our beloved Knights (more artwork is in progress):

Anael Moon'Seeker (Elite Dragon) in his capoeira
outfit and holding 4 salamanders (his favourite animal)

Anael (Elite Dragon) teaching his sister Altagracia (Lotus Flower)
how to cook something.

This is a clear reference to Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame":
Here, Melchior (Elemental Alchemist) plays the role of Clopin (with "mini
Melchior" puppet included)

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This is Sakura Hayes speaking after a while. Well, the Third Season is coming to an end, and I have to do some updates on this Blog. Since I had too many things to do im real life, I couldn't do the updates step by step as I wishd to. Instead, they'll be done in one package and now. Check them out:

  1. New Seasonal Character: Marzhan Yankovich - The great-grandson of a renowed Soviet (currently Kazakh) scientist named Boris Yankovich, Zoe's creator. He has an important role on this Season;
  2. New Magical Itens: The Communicators  - The design of each communicator is unique according to the Knight who's wearing it. The Knights can communicate with each other by using Morse code to  direct their call, as if they were typing numbers. Each click or pause corresponds to an specific code which can make one talk directly to one specific Knight;
  3. Images, please! - I have some artwork ready to be shown here. I hope you like it =D
Sakura Hayes

-Machinery of War -

Anael and the other Knights proceeded with their plans; Anael held his sister against his chest and flew away, while Maya summoned a dragon to carry Thalas and Kaiser with her. The Guatemalan Dragon tried to make contact with the other two Knights.

Melchior? Kimi? Are you there? Answer me, please!” Anael seemed angry and worried at the same time. His eyes became reptilian in a sign of anger. “That Soviet...”

Calm down, Leader!” Said Kaiser with worry in his voice “They are going to be fine!At least I hope so...” Dark Stalker whispered to himself the last sentence.

Elite Dragon was still upset; deep in his heart, he wanted to have some revenge against Zoe. He couldn't stand the idea of his easy defeat to her. Also, the fact of Kimi being defeated and multiple injured by the Russian kept him angry.

Hermano, don't” Said Altagracia in her sweet tone of voice “I don't like to see you angry. It's not you...”
Anael looked at his sister's eyes and smiled at her. His reptilian eyes were gone for a while.

You are right” He said “I cannot take her actions as personal issues..." When he opened them back, they were reptilian again "However, we cannot allow her to continue hurting people for free" The Guatemalan hissed the last sentence holding his sister stronger than before "Mi rayo de Sol, if I'm hurting you, please let me know, ok?" Elite Dragon said while avoiding hissing "I'm just holding you stronger in order to make you safer..."

"You are not hurting me..." Answered Lotus Flower "I'm fine..."

"Anael!" Screamed Black Witch from her dragon, waving at the Blue Moon Knights' leader "Melchior is on the communicators! He gave us a position: he said he is near Brasília! They have  just arrived on the outskirts of the city! It seems that Zoe is planning to..."

"...Arrive at the National Congress!" Completed Elite Dragon with a surprise and scared countenance, for he knew what the Soviet agent was up to "President Rousseff!" He turned his face to Thalas "Zoe is planning to harm Brazil's President! We must stop her!"

"I'll warn Melchior!" Said Electro Archer with an affirmative nod "Maya, try to contact Kimi!He and Melchior must avoid Zoe's arrival on the Congress. Fast!"

While Black Witch and Electro Archer were making their calls, Kaiser received a signal on his communicator.

"Hello, am I talking to... DarkStalker?" Said the voice on Kaiser's device with a strong accent.

"Yes, you are" Answered the Finn, surprised "Who am I talking to?"

"Sorry for my lack of politeness" Answered the unknown voice "The Kazakhstan Consulate gave me this code in order to contact you. Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Marzhan Yankovich, Dr. Yankovich's great-grandson. I am aware of the trouble my great-grandfather's masterpiece is causing and I'm willing to help. Meet me at a place called Conjunto Nacional* in Brasília, and I'll teel you evertything you need to know about Zoe. Everything."

"Fine" Said Kaiser in a serious tone "We will be arriving in Brasília soon. Wait for me there." He ended the call with a mischievous smile "Anael, great news for us!" Elite Dragon turned his face to DarkStalker "The Kazakhstan Consulate did more for us than I could ever imagine! They did not gave us the files we needed, they did better than that: one of Yankovich's relatives is going to grant us all information regarding Zoe!"

"Awesome" Elite Dragon hissed with a smile "Hasten to Brasília! I'll try to talk with President..."



Melchior had finally reached Zoe and Kimi. The Soviet kept running and shooting at the innocent people near her, while jumping over the unnoccupied cars in her path. Ice Guardian was no longer creating protection Zones: his magical flying carpet was acting by itself while he had fainted.

The Elemental Alchemist then conjured a magical net who rapidly flew in the Soviet's direction, paralyzing and making her fall on the asphalt. She screamed swear words in Russian, language which Melchior didn't understand, as she tried to get out of the net. The Salvadorian then directed his flying carpet to his friend's.

"Kimi, wake up!" Screamed Melchior with Kimi in his arms, shaking his shoulders in order to force the Finn to open his eyes "Man, don't do this to me! Anael is counting on us to defeat that Soviet and save the Brazilians! Don't give up!" Ice Guardian was getting paler and paler, for he had lost too much blood from his injured leg, which  Elemental Alchemist was trying to heal "You are stronger than that, and you know it! Don't fall so easily..."

The Salvadorian closed his eyes while pronouncing  cure spell in Mayan. In that moment, two things happened: Zoe broke free from the magical net and Kimi started to respond at Elemental Alchemist's pleas. The Russian seemed too angry to keep running towards Brasília. Instead, here eyes became bloody red, and she aimed straight on Melchior.

"I'm going to eliminate you, red-haired, so that you'll stop annoying me!" She screamed while shooting in Melchior's direction, who commanded his flying carpet out of the shooting line. His communicator started glowing.

"Melchior, where the hell are you?" Electro Archer said from the communicator "Are you alright?"

"I'm a bit busy right now!" Answered Elemental Archer trying to avoid being hit by Zoe's laser gun "We are at Brasília's south entrance! Kimi has been knocked down and I managed to delay Zoe's arrival for a short time. Argh!" The laser his his left shoulder "Please, arrive as fast as you can!" He turned his communicator off  "Damn!"

"" Whispered Kimi while recovering his counsciousness.

Zoe paralyzed; the ground near her started to freeze as the shiver conjured by a weak Kimi touched the ground. Once again, her body was frozen up to her neck, and she sweared more than before. Melchior felt more than happy when he realized that his best friend woke up and straighten his back, sitting on the carpet.

"Oh...My head" Said Ice Guardian blinking slowly and passing his hand all over his blonde hair "What happened..." He saw Melchior's right hand covering a bloody spot "Was that... My fault? I'm so sorry!"

"No need to feel this way" Replied the Salvadorian, rapidly healing himself  "See? I'm fine..." They looked at Zoe, who seemed to have fallen asleep; then they looked around to see where they were. "What is this place?" Melchior asked with a scared countenance.

"She almost made it" Answered Kimi with the same countenance "I think they call this place Rodoviária**... From that 'bridge' in which we are, I can see... The National Congress. What should we do?"

"I don't know if it's wise to approach her now" Answered Melchior crossing his arms "Are you okay?"

"Thanks to you, I am" Answered Kimi with a brief smile "I think you should call Anael and tell him that we are safe and sound... I'll take care of Zoe..."

"You sure?" Said Melchior while holding Kimi's right shoulder.

Kimi nodded affirmatively and walked on Zoe's direction. If he only knew what has going to happen next...

To be Continued...


*Conjunto Nacional: a huge commercial sector located in the centre of Brasília. It was one of the first shopping malls to be built on this city.

** Rodoviária: a place in which all buses coming from inner places of Brasília and the other Administrative Regions stop. It is also the main connection of the Ministeries with the Blocks and other parts of the city; moreover, it's Brasília's link to the rest of Brazil.

-Beyond the War-

Give up, Ice Guardian!” Screamed Zoe with a grin laugh “Sacrifices are unavoidable, you know that! These people need to know that Socialism is the solution, and only I can show them the way! Hasten to Brazil's main city, then!”

The Russian kept shooting and laughing while Kimi created new protection zones. He was getting exhausted from all the heroic effort to save the Brazilians.

Melchior... Are you there?” Kimi asked weakly through the communicator “I need some support here!”

Where the hell are you going?” Asked Elemental Alchemist more than worried “I already conjured my carpet in order to follow you!”

She is luring me to Brasilia!” Said Ice Guardian “Ouch, she hit my hand! Listen, I really need some backup here. If you could hasten, I'd appreciate!”

I'll try!” Answered the Salvadorian “Please hang on!” The Elemental Alchemist then set his device in order to communicate with Elite Dragon while following Kimi's track “Anael, are you there?”

I am” The Knights' leader answered not pleased “Where the hell are you and Kimi?”

Kimi has found Zoe!” The Alchemist answered “Unfortunately, he is injured and being lured to Brasilia! I think the Soviet has some nasty plans yet to come...”

Ah, you don't say!” Replied Anael with irony “Okay. Keep following Kimi's last traces. Meanwhile, I'll warn President Rousseff about that issue. You have to save Kimi and avoid the Soviet's arrival in Brasilia by all means necessary, understood? I'll talk to Thalas and see where he is.”

Understood, Leader” Melchior said finishing his call “Kimi, please hang on. I'm coming” He whispered to himself.


Thalas, Maya and Kaiser were trapped in Sao Paulo's well-known heavy traffic. Maya was feeling sick from not eating a thing, and looked pale. The Honduran then moved a bit forward in order to talk to the taxi driver.

Listen, could you please hasten?” Asked Black Witch with a painful expression “We need to be at Kazakhstan's Consulate as soon as possible! Isn't there another way?”

I'm sorry” Replied the driver with a pitiful expression “If I could go somewhere, I would. Unfortunately, this is the worst time of traffic in this city...”

Thalas noticed Maya's bad state of health, held her hand and made a decision.

We understand your effort...” Said Electro Archer “We are going to get down here and move to the Consulate. Take your money: it's already on the exact amount, no need for changes.” He gave the driver some reais* and opened the door in order to leave with Kaiser and Maya “Once again, thanks for everything.”

Thalas guided the other two Knights between the car lines in order to arrive safely at the sidewalk. Maya put her back against the nearest wall and bowed her knees showing weakness.

Maya, are you okay?” Thalas asked worried and holding her left hand “We have to eat somewhere...”

You don't need to do that...” Said the Honduran timidly “I'm fine... we have to go to the Consulate...”

Ei!” Said Kaiser in a negative tone “No way, you look as pale as a candle! I'm hungry as well, lets eat!”
Thalas looked at his watch.

We have half an hour left until the Consulate closes. I think that will do it...” The looked at the block in which they were in order to find somewhere to eat “I think I spotted a place just a few steps away.” He put Maya's left arm over his waist “Let's go, hechicera.”

The trio went to the nearest snack bar and got a table for them. Kaiser went to purchase their order. In the meantime, Thalas activate his communicator in order reply Anael's last call.

Finally some news...” Said Anael “Any luck on your research?”

More than you can even imagine” Whispered Thalas “It turns out that Zoe was designed by a Kazakh scientist called Boris Yankovich. He created Zoe in the 30's as requested by Stalin. We are going to the Kazakhstan Consulate to get more information”

Awesome!” Replied Elite Dragon in a pleased tone “Now, I have bad news: Kimi and Melchior are being lured to Brasilia by our so beloved Soviet. The Finnish is injured and Melchior hasn't met him yet. I'll meet you guys in the Consulate. Then, he will be heading to Brasilia. I'll try to contact Rousseff in the meantime, understood?”

Of course” Replied Thalas “We will hasten in our way to the Consulate.” He turned his attention to Kaiser, who arrived at the table with their orders “Thanks, Kai. I'm finishing my call. I'll call you back if I have more news.” He turned off his device and get one of the drinks for Maya “Here, you have to get more energy.”

Gracias” Said the Honduran drinking and eating her hamburger.

How much time do we have?” Asked Kaiser between one bite and other on his hamburger.

Fifteen minutes” Answered Electro Archer with a serious countenance.

We have to hasten then!” Said Maya completely recovered.

Thalas agreed, and the three of them left the place after finishing their quick meal. The Consulate was only a few meters away from them. They hid between two buildings and used their powers to activate their heroic outfits. Then, they moved out of the shadows and hasten to Kazakhstan Consulate.

The building was astonishing. It was made with Russian and Oriental architecture; there were several references to their culture and language, written in light blue over the outer walls. The inner part of the building was richly decorated with rungs, flags, symbols and paintings related to Kazakhstan and it's culture.

The Consul was organizing some documents and preparing to leave to his house when the Knights appeared. The diplomat sat down and looked at the trio with a serious countenance.

I assume you are no Kazakh.” Said the diplomat politely “How can I help you anyway?”

Maya looked at Thalas and Kaiser with a decided countenance. Then, she stepped forward and spoke politely.

We came here seeking information” Said Black Witch “Some days ago, this Soviet robot had woken up and is causing havoc all over Sao Paulo. Soon, she'll be terrorizing all Brazilians!” She made a pause while putting her hands together near her face “What we are going to ask... Is information regarding a scientist of your country who created this robot: Boris Yankovich”

The Consul stared at Maya with surprise.

I cannot do that” The diplomat replied “This information is classified as State Secret...”

This is an emergency!” Kaiser intervened with a bit of anger “We know it's a State Secret. However, we wouldn't be asking you to make us an exception if it wasn't necessary! This robot still believes she's living in the USSR's times! She is not a danger only to Brazil, but for the entire world as well! I have nothing against Socialism; however, I'm against Stalinism, and I know you think the same!”

The Consul kept in silence and Kaiser got a calmer, yet angry tone.

We are asking this huge favor in order to save lots of people. We do not intent to reveal this secret worldwide. We won't expose your country, we promise. Please, help us to do our job, which is to protect people!”

Fine” Answered the Consul “Leave your numbers. I'll call you as soon as possible. Please understand that I cannot give you files of some sort. Nevertheless, I'll help you somehow. Now, leave. It's about time to close the Consulate. Thank you for your visit.”

Kaiser prepared to say something with anger, but Thalas convinced him not to do so. Instead, the Electro Archer wrote down the code that allowed the Consul to talk to them directly through his communicators. The trio left the consulate to find Anael outside.


... I'm saying the Soviet is coming to you! What the hell are you thinking? It's your President, for God's sake!” He seemed deeply angry.

Calm down, hermano mayor...” Said Altagracia.

Elite Dragon looked at his sister with a calmer smile, Then, he looked at the other three Knights.

So?” The Guatemalan Dragon asked.

Well, we can only have hopes now” Answered Thalas pretty disappointed “And you?”

These secretaries do not understand a single thing” Answered Elite Dragon with anger “Whatever. We are going to save their President after all. Let's go. Brasilia is our goal now!”

To be Continued...


*Reais: It is the name given to the Brazilian currency.

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September is set for the news that are coming! The Third Season will continue on this Month,and more stuff are coming -- Journals (yes! More things about each Knights' private lives!), Images and more!

As always, stay tuned for more stuff!

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