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Update Pack

Hello Everyone!

As you have noticed, I've update this Blog a lot in the past few days (and today as well). So, I'll be listing the recent changes on the blog:

  1. The Olympics Strips Series + Image — a group of Comics related to 2012 Olympics which were designed to advertise the Knights and show'em in the Olympics as athletes;
  2. A New Villain in Hall of Infamy page — This page is now featuring a short profile of Zoe (Zoya) Rasputinova, a Soviet Robot who woke up on nowadays after 70 years of inactivity;
  3. New SeasonCover + New Season — The Third Season and Third SeasonCover have already arrived on this Blog
Upcoming Uptades:

  1. Magical Items
  2. (Maybe) Seasonal Characters
  3. (Maybe) A New Page...
So, these are the latest news at the moment. Stay tuned for more!!!

Sakura Hayes


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