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-Codename: Red Army’s Pride-

Меня зовут Зоя ... Я телохранитель Сталина и профессионального киллера. Моя миссия? Ваш уничтожения! (My name is Zoe… I’m Stalin’s bodyguard and professional hitman. My mission? Your annihilation!)

The Knights were staring at Anael without believing on what he said; Brazil? What in the world were they supposed to do there?

The Elite Dragon didn’t give up of his speech. Instead, his countenance became even more serious, and his eyes changed to its reptilian form.

“When President called” Anael started, sitting on the light green grass “I didn’t believe either. Since we have methods to know what happened in my dialogue, I won’t tell you the story…” He removed his Shaman-Stone of his necklace “But my Shaman-Stone will do so.”

Then, the orange-haired Guatemalan unleashed the powers of his Stone, making it float and build a light veil, which he has going to use as a huge screen to reveal his recent memory about the issue…

On The Previous Day…

The others could see Anael arriving home with his sister; he was carrying some groceries, for his mother told him to do so. Altagracia ran straight to her room in order to do her homework. Anael left the groceries on the kitchen, helping his mom to separate what was she going to use at that moment and what was supposed to be put away…

After that, Elite Dragon went to his room to study

“Biology again?” Thalas asked, making fun of his best friend.

“Sshh!” Kimi censored “I’m trying to pay attention to this!”

Anael’s cellphone rang; he answered it.

Hola, Caballeros de Luna Azul?” Asked a mysterious, but familiar voice to Anael.

“Sí” Anael said “Estás hablando con Dragón de Elite, qué deseas?”

“Soy Presidente Otto Pérez Molina¹, creo que aun no nos conocimos” The voice said, affirming to be the current President of Guatemala. “I need you guys to do me a favor. Better than that – to do a favor for our nation. Do you understand?”

“Yes, President” Elite Dragon answered with a serious and solemn tone of voice “What is your mission for us?”

“The Brazilian President is facing a hazardous situation” The President said concerned “She² just called me, saying that her country received something weird from Russia… Some kind of a soviet agent that is threatening the security of her nation.” He paused “Since this situation cannot be known by her people, she’s asking for special men to deal with that… The Heroes of Central America – you, the Blue Moon Knights. I’m afraid that, if this ‘agent’ continues doing its actions, it may get into our territory and terrify us all” He made another pause “So, what’s your answer?”

Anael felt his heart stopping; Brazil was Iracema’s homeland! Even though he faced many dangers up to that point, still he hasn’t moved on of the fact he killed the Brazilian girl… Maybe this mission could be his redemption… And this ‘soviet agent’? How could that be, if Soviet Union has ended over 20 years before?

Señor Presidente” Anael started solemnly “In the name of all Blue Moon Knight as their leader, we shall accept your mission. We are going to get rid of this threaten to Latin America’s security.”

“I knew I could count on you” President said satisfied “According to the last information from Brazil, the ‘agent’ is wandering on the streets of one of their main cities – São PauloAgain, the President made a pause “This agent is gunned and is stronger than 30 men. I advise you to be cautious. Once you arrive in the city, please let me know. I’ll send you a number which you can use to directly talk to me. If you attempt to call me from this number I’m using, my secretaries may interpret it as an attempt to my own security. Please be patient.”

“Always, Mr. President” Anael said, serious “Thanks for counting on us for this meticulous task. You have my word that we’ll accomplish it without havoc.”

“I know you will” President said, happy “I’ll send you the number. Have a nice evening, Dragón de Elite…” 

The President finished the call.

Then, Anael’s Shaman-Stone converted the veil into pure light again. It stopped floating and returned to Anael’s neck. After few moments of silence, Anael spoke:

“See? Do you believe me now?”

“Well, Mr. President wouldn’t lie about such serious issue” Thalas said, serious “However, ‘soviet’? Like, the Soviet Union has ended…”

“21 years ago” Kimi and Kaiser said simultaneously.

“And we all know what Russia and other former Soviet countries are doing related to the inheritance of heavy industries…” Maya said, concerned “What intrigues me the most is the fact that this agent is still alive, you know? I mean, how?! And how can this agent be as strong as the President stated to Anael? Isn’t there any possibility of the Brazilian President being exaggerating about her current situation?”

“I doubt” Anael answered gently “Since we fought Eclipse and went to the Elven Fortress – two things considered unreal – I no longer doubt of some things. I’m also finding this ‘agent’ weird, but I already gave my word…”

“It’s my nightmare”

Anael and the other looked at Melchior’s extremely pale face; he was the one who whispered the last sentence. He seemed too frightened to talk straight, but he tried.

“Last night, I had some weird dreams, and Thalas know what I’m talking about” He said, holding his hand against his tights “It was about the same thing you and the President discussed… But I was actually inside of the place they found the ‘agent’” Melchior made a pause, trying to organize his thoughts “I know why this agent is so strong – it’s a female robot. She seemed armed, dangerous… and furious” When he finished his sentence, all his friends were looking at him with widened eyes.

“You sure? A robot?” Kimi asked doubting of his friend “That cannot be! Humanoid robots are news in our times… In Japan they had been developed few years ago…”

“I’m saying its true! I saw a robot in that lab!” Melchior said, angry “And I think she saw me…” His countenance became frightened again “She looked at me with rage…” He stopped talking and shook his head, trying to get rid of those bad memories.

“Well, robot or not” Anael said, standing up “Truth is that we have a mission to accomplish. The sooner we do it, the sooner we will head back to our homeland. Who’s with me?”

“You don’t have to ask it” Thalas said with a cynical smile “We are always with you!”


Melchior went to Anael’s house in order to talk more about that issue, for he seemed pretty upset about it. The red-haired boy kept holding his hands strongly at each other, anxious as he had never been.

“Don’t worry” Said Anael trying to help his friend “Everything’s gonna be okay…”

“Well, if you had said that some time ago…I’d agree with you” Said Melchior with a gloomy countenance “Now, I’m no longer sure…”

To Be Continued…


¹Otto Perez Molina is the current President of Guatemala, who took the chair on January 2011 (and is still running the country). 

² Dilma Rousseff is the current President of Brazil, who took the chair in 2010 (and is still running the country). She is the first woman to be elected President in Brazil.


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