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-Victim of Choices-

Anael was on his bedroom, studying Biology. At least, he seemed to be doing so. His fingers were bond at each other so hard as if he was praying. His face had this grin and sad countenance, for he was having a serious trouble on thinking. He had a bid decision to make.

“Do I tell my mom?” He said to himself, sad “Do I tell her that I’m Elite Dragon, and the fact I’ve been coming home injured has nothing to do with skateboarding?” He stared at his book, and then stared at his clock. It was 7h30 p.m., and his mom would only arrive at 8 o’clock.

Then, he started to hear some footsteps on the corridor; he already knew who was coming.

Hermanita” He said, smiling sadly at her “What do you think I should do?”

“Tell mommy!” She said with a decided countenance “And do it fast, because Melchior and Kimi already sent me a message! They are asking us to meet on Thalas’.”

“Okay” Anael answered gloomy “Wait for me downstairs…”

The little Guatemalan girl agreed and went downstairs to wait for her brother, who decided to tell the truth. Anael grabbed some paper and a pen. He had to write down some things.

“Sorry for not telling you earlier, Madre” Elite Dragon said while writing the note “I promise I’ll do my best to come back home…” He finished writing and put the note on a fancy envelope near his mom’s desk.

Then, he went downstairs to meet Altagracia, and Elite Dragon used his Shaman-Stone to change to his heroic outfit and led his sister to do the same thing.

“Let’s go” Anael said to his sister “Brazil awaits for us…”


Thalas was waiting for the Leader of the Knights to proceed. Hidden behind the tress of Thalas’ garden, the other Knights united in a circle with Kaiser on the middle. Then, he opened a vortex which would lead them to São Paulo. One by one, they entered on the portal and left Guatemala, hoping that the country would stay safe while they were out.

The void led them to the modern city of São Paulo. The high buildings and the large amount of cars and lights impressed the Knights, who were standing on the rooftop of one hotel. Anael plugged a communication device on his right ear and made the special call.

Señor Presidente, estamos en Brasil. Te haré otra llamada por teléfono cuando nuestra misión fue cumplida” He ended the call and stared at the flashing town. São Paulo seemed to be on its regular days.

“Do we have to warn the Brazilian president as well?” Thalas asked without looking at Anael.

“I don’t think so” Elite Dragon answered serious “She is already aware of our presence in her country.” He put his mask, which enhanced his night vision “Well, the agent does not seem to be here…”

Then, they started to hear some havoc on the city on the following block in front of them. Some lightning could be seen down there, and Elite Dragon approached to the edge of the rooftop.

“She is there” He hissed like a cobra, pointing at the havoc “Time to work, boys!”

He gave them a brief grin smile and threw his body away from the building, and soared fast to the chaos area. Then, Melchior conjured a flying carpet to Thalas, Maya, Kaiser, Kimi and Altagracia to follow Anael, and he conjured a levitation spell to himself in order to fly almost as naturally as Elite Dragon did.

While flying, Elite Dragon realized that several people on the streets of São Paulo were pointing at him, and he waved at them in the friendliest way he could.

“I hope these people get used to us” He thought while looking at them “They remind me of Guatemala… Of my mommy… And… Iracema” He rapidly closed his eyes while turning his head to the weird dots of light “Well, if ever want to see my beloved mom and Guatemala again, I’d better not get killed here, and I must not fail to those people.”

His wings started to beat as if he was going to land on the asphalt. People were screaming and abandoning their cars as if they were trying to escape from some sort of demon. Anael saw a little girl being left behind and ran to save her.

“Hey, little princess, do not cry.” He said gently avoiding hissing. “Let us find your parents…”

He widened his eyes and embraced the girl strongly; then, he was immediately hit on his back by a strange lighting. He could have fatally injured the little Brazilian if he hadn’t embraced her in a protective way. His scream caught Thalas’ attention, who understood that things were going to get tough.

“Melchior!” He shouted “Help me get these people out of here! You, follow the Elemental Alchemist!” The archer said to the crowd, pointing at Melchior “He’s going to lead you to a safer place! Right now, what matters the most is getting out of here! There’s going to be a fight here, and it’s not gonna be pretty! Do you understand?!” People nodded affirmatively while running towards Electro Archer.

“Follow us!” Maya and Melchior shouted while guiding the civilians to another part of the town “Families stay together and do not lose track of your kids! Youngsters please help the elderly!”

Altagracia and the Finn twins stayed behind some steps northwest of Thalas, who was worried.

“Have you seen Anael?” He asked with eyes wide open “I cannot see him through these cars…”

“Uh oh...” Kaiser said while looking at the burning cars near to were Anael spotted the agent.


Anael was on his knees with the child with her head on his chest and strongly hugging him; he was up to fifteen cars distant of Thalas and he was feeling pain.

“Are you okay?” He asked. The child nodded affirmatively.

He was going to tell her to run, but he had to look to the agent and discover who he (or she) was. Through the smoke of burning cars a female form took place. A fragile, yet strong female form. She had straight, light green medium-length hair, which ended up to her shoulders. Her eyes were golden. She was white-skinned and medium-height. Her outfit was a light pink one piece with white boots and gloves. She was holding a strange fire weapon, and she had strange devices attached to her head instead of ears. Anael gave her a sarcastic grin smile — she was different from what he expected her to be. Then, his countenance became full of anger.

“Listen carefully to me” He said to the girl on his arms “I’ll need you to be brave and fast. Run away from here as fast as you can.” He looked at the agent, who was approaching slowly “Run into the direction pointed by the cars” He said, pointing at the line of abandoned cars “My allies — the other heroes — are waiting for you. I’ll keep that mean lady away from you.” He finished his instructions and let the little Brazilian go.

The girl obeyed Anael and let the Guatemalan alone to fight his newest enemy.

He stood up; the soviet agent put her gun away and ran towards him. He electrified his hands to respond, but the agent was too fast and Anael fell on the ground so hard that he crackled the asphalt.

She screamed something in Russian and started to hit him with her fists. Up to the third punch, Anael grabbed her left arm and electrocuted her, causing the agent to step aside and retreat some steps.

He stood up and cleaned the right corner of his mouth, which was bleeding. His legs were trembling, but it didn’t stop Elite Dragon, who ran towards her, jumped and kicked the green-haired girls causing her to fall. He could see the lightning going through her body. She was furious.

“Get out of my sight!” She screamed with a heavy Russian accent.

Anael was going to punch her face when she grabbed his left arm and threw him on the ground, creating another hole on the asphalt and causing Anael to spit a considerable amount of blood. The Russian girl knelt before the injured Guatemalan to whisper something in his ears. A death message.

Zoya Rasputinova” Said the Russian with a grin tone and heavy accent “Now that you know, your life will be shorter than you thought…”

She ran into the black smoke of the burning cars, leaving Anael on the asphalt spitting lots of blood. The Guatemalan tried to stand up; however, the best he could do in his condition was to stay on the ground with his belly on the asphalt. He conjured the communication device.

“Thalas… answer por favor” Elite Dragon said in pain “The agent… Su nombre es Zoe — se escribe Zoya’ en ruso” He said to his friend that the agent was called Zoe “She continued her path to the eastern part of the city. I’m too hurt to follow her — she is much stronger than I thought she’d be, just like the President said…” He wanted to say more things, but he fainted.


“My child! Obrigada!” Said a Brazilian brunette who was the mother of the child saved by Anael.

Por nada” Answered Altagracia “Now get to a safer place, okay?” Then, she came closer to Kimi “Any news related to my brother?”

The answer came almost immediately; they heard the explosion of several cars; the flames grew wilder, and Thalas came out of them holding Anael, who was severely injured.

“What kind of enemy is this?” Kimi whispered with his icy blue eyes wide open.



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