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- My Lost Lenore-

While Electro Archer, Black Witch and DarkStalker went to the Kazakhstan Consulate, Elite Dragon and Lotus Flower kept their surveillance. The two of them were soaring over different blocks in order to locate Zoe.

"Nothing here" Said Elite Dragon through his magical communicator while soaring near MASP¹ "What about you guys?"

"Negative" Said Melchior near Ibiriapuera Park² "Not a single trace of Soviet activities 'round here."

"Sorry, Leader" Said Ice Guardian "Nothing... Wait a second..." The Finnish went to the edge of the building in which he were "I'll contact you soon, Leader"

"I'll be waiting" Answered Anael "Melchior, has Thalas given you some kind of message, anything?"

"Nothing at all" Answered Elemental Alchemist "Well, it was approximately eight o'clock when we left the hotel's lobby,right?" He was looking at all sides searching for Kimi "Now it is... Four and a quarter. Like, they should have said something..."

"Keep your communicator on and don't down your guard" Answered Anael putting his feet on ground and letting Altagracia down "And do not forget to keep an eye on Kimi. If Thalas calls me, I'll arrange somewhere to meet; however, if you find Zoe..."

"I know how to proceed" Answered the Salvadorian "I'll call them. Be cool" He shut the line down "Problem is... I lost Kimi. I'm screwed if Anael discovers that." He tried to sync his communication device with Kimi's "Where the hell are you? Answer me please!" He started to run to outside the park.


Kimi had found Zoe; even though she tried to undercover, it was hard to hide a light green hair from everyone. Even though she was wearing civilian clothes — navy blue boots, violet pantyhose, black miniskirt and a petroleum blue puffy blouse with a fuchsia vest —, he knew she might have her gun hidden somewhere.

"I'll need to go there under-covered" He said to himself "Even in civilian form I may trigger that Nazi Hunting mode of hers. Considering that..." He put his Icicle Stone on his left and and made it float " Some shape-shifting would be more than appropriated. Let's see...". 

His Stone showed him some new male outfits; some would change minor details of his traits; others, however, would change his face completely. "No, I don't want blonde appearances!" He said to his Stone. Then, he looked at the street in which he was "Freedom Avenue³... A Japanese descendant! Perfect!" He chose one of the Asian profiles that his Stone made for him.

An icy blue light surrounded the Finnish. In a matter of second, he came from European to Asian: his hair became short and black and the same happened to his eyes, which became dark brown and had the same shape as Japanese eyes. His clothes were more social: a social light blue shirt, navy blue pants and dark moccasin shoes.

"The second round begins" Said the Japanese version of Kimi. He didn't realize his voice hasn't changed at all.

He tried to follow her through the amount of people on the Japanese district of São Paulo. Freedom Avenue was richly decorated with Japanese traditional symbols: paper lanterns, Sakura-pattern paintings and outdoors, Japanese-written signs and other references.

She walked as if she was aware of his presence on that place. She went straight to an isolated place of the Avenue, near its ending. Kimi hid himself behind some boxes nearby. Then, he realized she left something on the ground: it was a necklace with a black and white picture inside.

"Huh?" He said while picking the object "It is a..."

"Hey,you!" Said Zoe turning back "This is mine! Give me!"

Kimi gave the necklace back to her owner, who kept looking at him with distrust.

"You are a bit taller for... a Japanese?" She said "Were you following me?"

"Uhm... No..." Answered Kimi trying to keep his cover "Sorry for that..."

She rapdly grabbed his arm and paralyzed him. "Liar!" She said pointing the gun at his face "You are that blonde Knight! I recognize your voice!"

"So, you remember me?" Said Kimi "Well, I think my undercover has no practical use now." His Shaman Stone got him back into his heroic outfit and normal appearance; also, the light tried to freeze Zoe's arms and legs, giving Kimi time to run away from her and out from Freedom Avenue.

"Come back here, you bastard!" Screamed the Soviet getting rid of the ice "Oh, you want to run? You cannot beat me at this kind of activity!" She started to run for real, and she pointed the gun at Kimi, who avoided being hit by the laser thanks to his reflexes.

"I won't leave so easily! Watch this!" She ran and jump on the rooftops, shooting at anyone nearby "I'll shatter everything in this country! You need the salvation that only I, the Soviet Resistance, can bring! Sacrifices are unavoidable, blonde one! Follow me!"

He tried to create magical shields in order to protect the Brazilian from Zoe's attacks. One of the laser bolts struck his left tight, making it hard to walk. He conjured his communication device, sending a message to all Knights.

"Listen, I have found her. Argh!" His leg was bleeding "I'm leaving the Freedom Avenue while trying to create a protection zone against her laser gun. She had injured more than 20 people from the 70 she aimed. I'm following her. Please send reinforcements!"

"Finally you gave me an answer!" Said Melchior with angry and worry "I'm coming, don't worry!"

Kimi used his Stone to make a floating carpet to follow Zoe. At least, he could hasten this way...



¹MASP: It's the abbreviation for "Museu de Arte de São Paulo" (São Paulo Art Museum). It is located on the centre of São Paulo and has a very nice art gallery which brings paintings, sculptures and other works from a large amount of Art Movements. A nice tourism place to go in São Paulo.

²Ibirapuera Park: This is one of the largest parks in Brazil. The Modern Art Museum of São Paulo is located inside of it. Ibirapuera has the same concept of Central Park in NY City.

³Freedom Avenue: Called "Bairro da Liberdade" in Portuguese, it is the first Japanese inhabitation, built in  10's decade. There you can see lots of references of the Japanese Pop Culture and Traditional arts as well.


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