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“If I hadn’t underestimated her…” Hissed Anael with anger “If I had just reacted a bit faster… Ouch!” He screamed while Altagracia casted a healing spells that forced his body to heal faster. His eyes were still in that reptilian form, and that was no good sign. “I’ll have my second round. I’m not finished yet.”

He stood up and used his Shaman-Stone to get back into his civilian clothes. He was starting to think and act as dragon. Anael had never been someone full of pride; however, at that moment his pride had been hurt, and he couldn’t stand that.

She is gunned and stronger than 30 men…

That sentenced pronounced by the President was echoing on Anael’s mind. The Guatemalan closed his eyes in order to calm down. Had he been more cautious, he might have had succeeded against the Russian. Now, he was standing on the balcony of their rented room, boiling of anger.

Inside the room, Kimi gave Anael a pitiful look. There was nothing the Finn could do to aid Elite Dragon now.

“Thalas” Said Kimi a bit thoughtful “Have Anael told you something about the Russian agent?”

Oui!” Said Thalas with his French speech “Her name is Zoya Rasputinova!”

The Finnish widened his eyes and his twin brother got surprised by his expression.

“What’s the matter, veli?” Kaiser asked.

“I recall that name…” He said with a thoughtful countenance “Find me a computer!”

“Do you really think that you will be able to find that information on the Internet?!” Maya asked a bit shocked “I think you are being a bit naïve here… Like, it is private information from the former USSR!”

Kimi gave her a smile while Melchior was setting the notebook.

“I don’t need that” He said with a mischievous smile “My Shaman-Stone can help…” He placed the Icicle Stone near the keyboard while researching “Let’s say that it will give an extra help. Behold!”

While Kimi typed the agent’s name, the Stone made a magical veil surrounding them and revealing some pieces of information about the Russian in a way that even the best finders couldn’t do.
Images about the girl were rare, but they were found. The stone made a fine mosaic of them. Unfortunately, there weren’t that much information available, but it was all they had. And could be more than enough to Kimi.

“I knew it!” He said with satisfaction in his face “She’s more dangerous than I thought!”


Meanwhile, in the darkest corner of the city, the agent — Zoe — was hiding from the police. The green-haired girl was furious and hurt — Anael’s assault made some serious scratches on her arms and on her chest. They were deep and oil was splitting from them.

She was on an abandoned flat, which had some things that would make her life easier.

“Where the hell am I?” She asked to herself in pain “This is not Moscow! Where are the Soviet officials…? Where is Stalin?”

The Russian girl stared at the online computer with fascination and a bit of distrust.

“What’s this?” She said to herself fascinated “That weird device…” She then typed her homeland’s name: Union of Socialist Soviet Republics.

She was completely overwhelmed with information; images, articles, videos, maps, everything. Tears started to roll on her face, and a happy smile took place. Her homeland was there. Then, her expressions changed from happiness to sorrow almost immediately.

USSR didn’t exist anymore. The countries that once belonged to them were now independent… and capitalist. Her golden eyes widened of surprise and anger at same time.

“Does Stalin know about that?!” She asked to herself “Wait…” She saw a link that said Yosef Stalin and she clicked on it. Then, she avoided a painful scream “Nyet!”

He was dead. Stalin died on 1953 and Khrushchev took his place on the following year. She researched about Trotsky as well, and the same result was shown — dead. She became desperate. Tears were falling over her face.

“In which year are we?” She said with a weeping voice “Isn’t it 1942?” She looked at the calendar next to her: Year 2012.

“2012… How come?!” She rapidly made her math “Have I… Have I been sleeping for… 70 years?!” She stepped away from the computer, and used her gun against it, shooting in the device and shutting it down definitely.

She sat on the cot and started to cry. Her life was completely destroyed.

“I failed! I’m a disgrace!” She screamed at herself “I haven’t done my service well, that’s why he put me to sleep on that metal coffin and send me to this weird place! Now he is dead and I cannot do a thing about this…”

She laid on the cot and continued to cry until she put her system into sort of a sleeping mode.

“That boy…” she said slowly and angrily “He’ll pay me for the scratches…”


What?!” Melchior said incredulous “Kimi, are you a hundred percent sure?! Like…”

Kyllä” Kimi said with a serious countenance “She’s the one, I’m sure of that. She was a robot designed in 1924 — the year Lenin died — to protect the Soviet party chiefs — presidents, if you prefer. It seems that she protected Stalin until 1942, when she was ‘put to sleep’”

“Inactivated” Said Anael from the balcony “So, she thinks that she’s still on the Second World War times?”

“Yes” Said Thalas “And she may be looking for Stalin.”

“She might have already discovered that he’s dead by now.” Said Kaiser thoughtful “If she has done so…”

“She may be full of anger right now…” Anael said looking at her photos of the 40s “Like I am right now”

“No more fights for you, brother!” Said Altagracia “You are already injured and won’t solve anything by fighting!”

Anael was ready to protest, but stayed quiet. Her sister was right. His pride was too hurt for the night.
“Let me go after her” Kimi said with a decide countenance “I may be able to get some more information… If you allow me, Leader”

“Okay” Anael said with a discrete smile “Suit yourself”

Ice Guardian left with satisfaction on his face. Right after he shut the door, Anael hung the hammock and put his pajamas, ready to sleep.

“Better don’t talk about the issue anymore” Whispered Melchior “There’s too much stress in the air for the night…”


The city was shutting down rapidly as the cars were leaving the streets. The night started to engulf the city in its darkness, and the streets became silent. Too silent.

Kimi was hidden on the shadows of the highest buildings, trying to go back to the place where they found Zoe for the first time in order to trace the route she may have used to escape from the havoc she caused.

“Woohoo… Zoe…” He whispered in a provocateur tone “Where are you?” He had arrived on the place where the cars were left and Anael found his first defeat in a close combat. He could understand what his leader was feeling right now — it’s not that easy to be beaten on something that everyone you know consider you good at.

He felt the wind on his back, pulling his hair in front of his face, and that gave him and idea.

“Icicle…” Kimi whispered, gently blowing some flocks of ice on the wind “You have been my companions since I can remember; help me once more… Find my enemy…”

The light flocks made a clear path on the dark sky for Kimi. The pieces of ice showed Kimi that Zoe went to the southeast, and she hadn’t gone that far. Step by step, Kimi followed the icicle.

“That city is too damn quiet” Mumbled Ice Guardian to himself “I have to find her and quickly…”

Then, he stopped; he heard a familiar noise, and his face changed the countenance. He was looking disappointed. The sound he heard was the one made by a gun when the shooter is adjusting it,

“Found you…” Whispered a female Russian voice which Kimi knew “What was your plan after all?”


Field Notes: 

1.There are lots of thing that Zoe is not aware yet...
2. Moskau is the title of a music track made by the German Industrial Metal band Rammstein


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