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- Infernal Balalaika, Part Three -

The night kept calm at that day,  for Zoe didn't make any further moves. The Knights went to sleep without saying anything about the Soviet. Both Anael and Kimi were angry at themselves for being defeated by the robot: Anael underestimated her, and Kimi simply lost control of the situation.

On the following morning, all the Knights sat down on the round table at their hotel room in order to discuss the next steps.

"You were talking about doing some researches last night, right?" Said anael to Kaiser "Here's my proposal: you choose at least one of us to help you on your quest and make a full profile: I want every single thing you can find about that agent, understood?"

"Kylla, sir" Answered Kaiser "What about the rest of us?"

"We are going to do some surveillance time" Said Elite Dragon "Since we are not going to fight Zoe directly, we will have to trace her moves. I'll be heading to the São Paulo police headquarters in order to get their latest information on the case. However, time is short: we have to hasten"

"I can go with Kaiser, hermano" Said Electro Archer "I have knowledge of some libraries nearby. There is one just on the next block over here" He pointed at a building located northwest of their room "I think that is a great place to get started."

"Fine" Agreed Kaiser "Maya, would you like to join us?"

"Of course" Said Black Witch with a smile "So, to this library,then."

"Okay" Said Elite Dragon with a triumph smile "So we are divided in two teams: I, Melchior, Kimi and my sister will be doing some big surveillance time today, while Kaiser, Thalas and Maya will do some time travelling" He looked at his watch on his right arm "Well, I think you guys will have plenty of time to do it. All of you have the magical communicators set? If either you finish the research or we find suspicious activity from Zoe, get the communicators and meet us."

All the Knights agreed and left the room: Anael's team left dressed as heroes, and Thalas' team left on civilian clothes.

"If something goes wrong, call me" Said Anael at the lobby "I'll be waiting news from you."

Thalas nodded affirmatively and left on the company of Kaiser and Maya. Then, the rest of the Knights went on the opposite direction.

"Altagracia goes with me" Said Anael before opening his wings "We will cover the right part of the city; you and Melchior keep the left part of the city safe."

"Understood" Said Kimi and Melchior at the same time, watching Anael flying away with Altagracia in his arms.


Thalas, Maya and Kaiser walked on silence from the hotel to the library. Even though it seemed small for a library on the outside, its inside was huge: it had some underground floors which lead to hundreds and hundreds of books related to a large variety of interest: from Arts to Nuclear Physics, that place had it all from a large amount of authors.

"Well" Said Thalas with a mischievous smile "What are we waiting for? Let's rediscover USSR!"

Maya got a huge round table isolated from everyone else by two corridors of shelves. On the following, Kaiser and Thalas walked through the shelves searching for any books related to the former Soviet Union.

"I went here once with my uncle Jean-Claude." Whispered Thalas "He used to drag me and my cousin Felicia to the World History part..." He kept whispering while evaluating the books' covers before either choosing or discarding them "He seemed crazy about something... Well, nevermind." He put seven books on the round table "I think I found some pretty interesting material."

"So did I" Whispered Kaiser with five more books "Well, they are not exactly related to Soviet Union, but they come right into the roots of the matter: robots. They talk mainly about Mechatronics and some other hypothesis — like conscientious humanoid droids, for example"

"Fair enough" Said Maya with a smile " Here I have some things about the Socialism" she put a pile of three books on the table and went for the second pile "Nazi-fascism Era and other dictatorships" More three books "And finally Russian history" She came with ten books  and a computer "Well, we'll have to write everything down for Anael to see." The boys looked at her slightly scared "So, are we or are we not ready to start?"

They nodded affirmatively slowly and grabbed the books. Because the library had its own paper-craft store, Maya bought the boys two notebooks and one more for her so that they could make their notes and go to the computer with the overall conclusions.

Kaiser was being overwhelmed by the amount of information he could find; there was one name that kept appearing on some Soviet reports related to Science: Dr. Boris Yankovich*. Kaiser made some marks about that name. This Kazakh doctor seemed to have done a ton of contributions to Soviet Union's development in military areas. There were also some minor reports about his actions concerning economics in agricultural areas.

"Thalas, could you please give me the computer?" Kaiser asked whispering "I think I have found something..."

The French Guatemalan saved up his historical in Internet and gave the notebook to Kaiser, who wrote fast the keywords to his research.

"I hope I'm right..." Said the Finn in low tone.

"So do I" Said Thalas "Here" He showed Maya his report "Well, it seems that Stalin was planning to make a whole cyber army in order to keep expanding USSR's borders and keep pushing the Nazis away 24/7." He revealed some paragraphs on each book that led to his conclusions "The robots would be used to keep safety in cities and rural areas as well, keeping the society under control"

"The problem is..." Said Maya showing her own report "The project was cancelled due to a problem with the first subjects: they either didn't react to any commands or actions from the scientist — like threatening situations — or they overreacted, killing their creators with anything at hand..."

"Except one.Zoe." Kaiser entered on the conversation showing the computer and the notebook "Well, there are neither images of her nor her name, but the descriptions match those of Zoe: personality, physical traits, outfit..." He showed then the image of Dr. Yankovich "I think this is her creator, Doctor Boris Yankovich from Kazakhstan. Well, he is dead now, but he left a scientific legacy. Check my notebook."

"At least we have an idea of..." Maya started to say when she had an idea "We have to go to Kazakhstan's Consulate!"

"Are you kidding?" Kaiser said in a distrustful tone "How do you think they are going to give those informations to us? They are classified as State's Secrets!"

"Well, I understand your idea, Maya" Intervened Thalas "However, how are we going to convince them to do so, considering that they might not believe in us?"

"They will." said the Honduran with confidence "They are not fool: they are aware of Zoe's activity; also, the Blue Moon Knights are becoming famous around here. They may not believe in three teenager civilians, but heroes are more trustful. And if they refuse, I'll show them my reptile traits, if you know what I mean..."

"She will become a Komodo Dragon just for fun" Whispered Thalas on Kaiser's ear in order to clarify Maya's speech "Believe me, it is brutal. Better they buy her idea." He looked at his watch on his left arm "Well, it is four of the evening. Better we get going."

"Gosh, I'm so hungry" Whispered Maya feeling a bit sick.

"Well, we get something to eat on the way to the Consulate." Said Thalas "Kaiser, search for Kazakhstan's Consulate address here in São Paulo. We will contact Anael as soon as we get more details about that Doctor Yankovich. We have at least one hour to get there, talk to the Consul, obtain the information and meet Anael somewhere. We will have to run against the time."



*Doctor Yankovich is fictional; any similarities to reality are mere coincidence. This series does not have any commitments to real facts. I do not intent to hurt nor to depreciate any famous people from former USSR or World War 2 times.


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