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—Infernal Balalaika, Part Two –

Zoe kept running from the police, hopping three more buildings. Then, the noise was over; the persecution ended for the night. She sat on the edge of the rooftop and kept looking at the lights of the biggest buildings of São Paulo. Her countenance was full of gloom again. She put her gun away and put her elbows on her tights, putting her head between her hands.

“How different is this world…” She said in a gloomy tone of voice “It is just as robotic as I was supposed to be…” She closed her eyes and a tear came out “As I was supposed to be…”

Images came into her head once more. She was back on 1940 on the southeast part of Black Forest. She was wearing a black overcoat, black leggings, a gray pair of boots, and a white scarf, holding a small nine millimeters handgun.

“Mission: Deactivate Nazi headquarter…” she whispered as if she was dreaming.

Then, the noise of steps came from her left, and she hid behind the bushes nearby. She kept hidden there, waiting for her prey: a Nazi young official. Easy as it could ever be, she thought at the time. A grin smile came into her face.

Johannes appeared with a serious, yet naïve countenance. He was as handsome as Kimi is on Zoe’s opinion. He was tall and muscular with straight, short blonde hair and blue eyes. She felt her heart beating fast. At the time, she thought that it was only the urge to shoot and accomplish her mission.

The Nazi official passed through her without even noticing her presence. She got out of her hideout as swift as the wind of the desert, and prepared to shoot. It’d be a clear shot. Perfect.

Then, an enormous bear came behind her; she hadn’t had time to pull the trigger, for the bear pushed the gun away with its strength in its claws. She tried to fight, but the bear was able to push her on the ground, and she was holding its claws with all the strength she had.

“Muscular circuits: Overcharged. Overcharged. Proceed to reboot” Said her inner system. “Помогите мне (pomogite mne!)!” She screamed desperate.

Johannes, who was just a few steps away from the scene, rushed to save a girl who, at the moment, he didn’t knew that was a Soviet agent. He used his rifle to kill the beast: one shot was enough, and the bear fell dead just few meters away from Zoe. She was trembling of both fear and embarrassment.

“I’m so lucky!” He said while approaching from the Russian “I had not just tested my newest weapon, but saved a courageous and strong lady. Tell me…” He helped Zoe to stand up, holding her waist “What’s your name?”

She could answer; her heart was beating fast and her voice seemed to be gone, for she tried to speak and couldn’t say a word.

“Shy, right?” Said the Nazi with a smile “Okay, I get it” He stepped back and put his arms behind his back “Considering the hat you are using and your Slavonic treats, I assume you are Soviet, right?”

“Russian” Zoe said with a low tone of voice, clearly embarrassed.

“You don’t look as threatening as I thought a Russian girl would be…” He said while looking into her eyes “In fact, you are cute. You are not scary.”

Zoe’s face went white to red in a matter of seconds, and the Nazi laughed discretely at her reaction.

“I have something here to eat…” He said offering a piece of bread “Here, take it”

Zoe accepted timidly and sat on the ground near him.

“This whole war thing…” He started “I wish it would just end…” Then, he looked into Zoe’s eyes, who was eating the bread given by the German “You haven’t said your name”

“So did you” Zoe answered with a mischievous tone and a sarcastic smile.

“Fair enough” Johannes answered with a smile “Mein name ist Johannes Klaus von Ericht. Funny name, right?” He said with a smile that made Zoe’s face become red again “Now’s your turn. I want to know your name.”

“Zoya…” Zoe said shy “Zoya Rasputinova”

“Nice to meet you, Zoe” Said the Nazi “I assume that this gun is yours, right?” He said showing the 9mm to the Soviet “Here, take it.”

“Thanks… I guess” She said distrustful.

“Relax; I’m not looking for a fight.” Said Johannes while giving her the gun “Wow, tiny hands… You certainly don’t look like a double agent or spy…”

“Well, I…” She was completely embarrassed and couldn’t say anything. Her heartbeat didn’t allow her to think. Then, she hears the bells coming from the nearest Nazi headquarters.

“Damn it… More work is coming.” Said Johannes while standing up “Well, sunshine, I’ll have to go…” He gave her a brief kiss on her forehead “Just because I like you, I won’t say that you were near here. Now, I’ll gently ask you to turn around and return to your previous location. Understood?”

Zoe nodded affirmatively.

“I’ll keep in touch. I’ll find a way to keep talking to you.” He while walking away. “See you soon, Zoe…”


“And you had kept your word…” Zoe whispered on the top of the building. “You have written me numerous letters, which I received sometimes on the battlefield. Your handwriting was so perfect… I’ll never forget the day you invited me to have lunch on Munich…” She briefly laughed “Well, I had to find a good excuse to tell Stalin… If only Trotsky were alive to see… He’d have laughed of Stalin’s face, I’m pretty sure.”

Her golden eyes were soggy with tears that wanted to come out.

“Why did you die?” She asked herself while crying “Why the hell were you on that cursed plane, flying across the sky towards the British? Why you… Why didn’t you stay at that headquarter, where I could find you safe and sound?”

She embraced her legs and kept crying. It was too painful for her to remember it all.


“Ouch!” Screamed Ice Guardian while Altagracia healed him “That hurts!”

“Sorry, master…” Said Altagracia.

“Well, at least I know she thinks I’m a slave and a Nazi…” He said with irony “How wonderful…”

“Nazi?” Asked Thalas, curious.

Kyllä” Answered Kimi “She just looked at my face and her eyes became reddish and she kept saying: Nazi. Eliminate.” He said the last words in a mocking tone, which made even Anael laugh.

“Okay, this is serious” Said Kaiser “I think we should make a research about that… You know, we may find more information about her and her links with Nazis…”

“She is soviet!” Intervened Anael “She may have been programmed to kill’em all after USSR became one of the Allies’ forces.”



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