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-Infernal Balalaika, Part One-

Kimi was on a dead end and Zoe went after him slowly, step by step. The golden-eyed girl had a grin smile on her face while loading the gun.

“I suppose you are one of the Dragon’s friends, right?” She said with irony “I bet he won’t like it when he figures that…”

She suddenly stopped speaking. She felt paralyzed, and her countenance became full of rage.

“Tsc.Tsc.Tsc. You underestimated me” said Kimi slowly turning around “Do you actually think I’m that easy to beat?” His halberd was touching the ground in a way that allowed Kimi to use his icy powers to freeze Zoe’s legs “You should’ve thought twice before doing so.”

“You are going to regret this!” Grunted Zoe; then, she started to overcharge her body, breaking the ice which was holding her legs. “Let’s fight, them! No tricks!”

She jumped on the Finnish, hitting him with her fists. He tried to hold her arms with all the strength he had, avoiding her punches. Then, he threw her body against the ground and stood on top of her. This time, he was the puncher.

“Why are you causing all this trouble?” Ice Guardian said while holding her arms against the asphalt “We are not in the World War times! Stop causing that much havoc!”

She gave his a mischievous smile.

“Humpf. A mere slave like you wouldn’t understand what it feels like… Finn” She said with disgust.

“You will regret your words!” He said strongly slapping her face “You Soviet bastard! My country knows better than anyone how’s like to suffer on the hands of your ‘beloved master’!”

“Hey, you over there!”

Kimi stopped hitting Zoe to look upwards; there were some police officers from São Paulo on the rooftop of the nearest building, using some lanterns to light up the dead end and see their faces. The lanterns’ light went straight on Kimi’s face, revealing his physical treats to Zoe who, up to that moment, hasn’t seen her adversary clearly.

His eyes were turquoise; his skin was pale like snow, and his hair was long and blonde like wheat. His face had delicate, yet masculine treats, and Zoe couldn’t avoid a rapid and silent sigh.

“How handsome…” Zoe whispered, closing her eyes.

That moment endured more than fractions of seconds to the soviet female robot. The image of Kimi disappeared together with São Paulo, and she came back to the World War…

Another man was at Ice Guardian’s place — same height and approximately same weight; however, his hair was short instead of long like the Finn’s. His eyes were more like blue, and he was wearing a military officer outfit… With a well-known symbol…

Zoe suddenly opened her eyes, which turned bloody red.

Nazi” She said to Kimi “Target found. Eliminate!”

“What?!” The Finn said slightly scared.

He didn’t have time to react; right after he screamed, the Russian robot removed his hands from her arms and pushed him to the asphalt ground. Then, she stood up and used her laser gun against the authorities, striking them as she pulled the trigger.

Ice Guardian was still stunned when he stood up on his feet. The authorities had fallen on the ground and Zoe approached of them. She seemed to be whispering something.

“Target: Not-Nazis. Resume Mission” She slowly turned her head on Kimi’s direction “Redefining target… Gone.”

Zoe didn’t see Kimi in the place where he stood before. The Finn had run away; the robot could hear the sound of more police coming there. Cars and a helicopter were approaching. She gave herself an evil smile and her eyes glowed even bloodier.

“Resuming mission”

Instead of running towards the cars, she preferred to run away; she was going to chase the one she called Nazi: Ice Guardian. She made her way out of the dead end and accelerated up to 50 kilometers per hour, running as fast as she could. She could hear the police right behind her, trying to make the persecution.

“Huh” She mumbled with irony “As long as you keep yourselves depending on those inefficient cars, you won’t be able to catch me! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

She jumped on windows trying to get to the rooftops of the nearer buildings; faster than humans could ever be, she climbed over a ten-floor building, reached its rooftop and  made a roof-hopping maneuver  in order to gain more distance.

“Where is that Nazi?” She asked herself “When I find him…”

She stopped on the third rooftop she jumped on. Her eyes became golden again and she felt her heartbeat faster. Zoe’s body has its circuits arranged in a way that is similar to our body — she has her artificial digestive, nerve, circulatory, and other systems organized as if she were human. She has veins, stomach, brain and other organs, including a heart.

“Why is it beating so fast?” She said to herself while slowly putting her left hand on her chest, near her heart “Is that because… Is it him?”

She closed her eyes, and images came into her mind. She was back on World War 2 times. She could see herself clearly on a beach, wearing a dark green overcoat beneath a dark dress and dark long socks. She was also wearing a pair of synthetic crocodile boots and her traditional Russian hat. There was a young man near her, wearing the Nazi officials’ outfit. He had almost the same traits as Kimi — tall, muscular, blonde and blue-eyed. The differences were the hair length, the blue tone of his eyes and his name.

Johannes…” She said to herself, letting a tear roll over her face.

In her memory, she was being kissed by Johannes. Certainly, if Stalin knew about that, she’d be considered a traitor, and he’d had killed her.

“So, that’s my punishment?” she asked herself opening her golden eyes slowly “Why have I fallen in love? Why? Why have I betrayed the Socialism? Does that blonde Finn have the answers for that? And his Dragon friend?”



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