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Hello Everyone!

I'm just passing by to close the month of August! Wow, lots of news had invaded this Blog, hadn't they? However, do not worry! The Third Season is still going, and lots of new things are yet to come! Just wait and see!

Seven Months of The Blue Moon Knights... Seven Months in Service of those who need, doesn't matter if it is on Central America or in the depths of Finland, the Knights are everywhere!

Sakura Hayes

- My Lost Lenore-

While Electro Archer, Black Witch and DarkStalker went to the Kazakhstan Consulate, Elite Dragon and Lotus Flower kept their surveillance. The two of them were soaring over different blocks in order to locate Zoe.

"Nothing here" Said Elite Dragon through his magical communicator while soaring near MASP¹ "What about you guys?"

"Negative" Said Melchior near Ibiriapuera Park² "Not a single trace of Soviet activities 'round here."

"Sorry, Leader" Said Ice Guardian "Nothing... Wait a second..." The Finnish went to the edge of the building in which he were "I'll contact you soon, Leader"

"I'll be waiting" Answered Anael "Melchior, has Thalas given you some kind of message, anything?"

"Nothing at all" Answered Elemental Alchemist "Well, it was approximately eight o'clock when we left the hotel's lobby,right?" He was looking at all sides searching for Kimi "Now it is... Four and a quarter. Like, they should have said something..."

"Keep your communicator on and don't down your guard" Answered Anael putting his feet on ground and letting Altagracia down "And do not forget to keep an eye on Kimi. If Thalas calls me, I'll arrange somewhere to meet; however, if you find Zoe..."

"I know how to proceed" Answered the Salvadorian "I'll call them. Be cool" He shut the line down "Problem is... I lost Kimi. I'm screwed if Anael discovers that." He tried to sync his communication device with Kimi's "Where the hell are you? Answer me please!" He started to run to outside the park.


Kimi had found Zoe; even though she tried to undercover, it was hard to hide a light green hair from everyone. Even though she was wearing civilian clothes — navy blue boots, violet pantyhose, black miniskirt and a petroleum blue puffy blouse with a fuchsia vest —, he knew she might have her gun hidden somewhere.

"I'll need to go there under-covered" He said to himself "Even in civilian form I may trigger that Nazi Hunting mode of hers. Considering that..." He put his Icicle Stone on his left and and made it float " Some shape-shifting would be more than appropriated. Let's see...". 

His Stone showed him some new male outfits; some would change minor details of his traits; others, however, would change his face completely. "No, I don't want blonde appearances!" He said to his Stone. Then, he looked at the street in which he was "Freedom Avenue³... A Japanese descendant! Perfect!" He chose one of the Asian profiles that his Stone made for him.

An icy blue light surrounded the Finnish. In a matter of second, he came from European to Asian: his hair became short and black and the same happened to his eyes, which became dark brown and had the same shape as Japanese eyes. His clothes were more social: a social light blue shirt, navy blue pants and dark moccasin shoes.

"The second round begins" Said the Japanese version of Kimi. He didn't realize his voice hasn't changed at all.

He tried to follow her through the amount of people on the Japanese district of São Paulo. Freedom Avenue was richly decorated with Japanese traditional symbols: paper lanterns, Sakura-pattern paintings and outdoors, Japanese-written signs and other references.

She walked as if she was aware of his presence on that place. She went straight to an isolated place of the Avenue, near its ending. Kimi hid himself behind some boxes nearby. Then, he realized she left something on the ground: it was a necklace with a black and white picture inside.

"Huh?" He said while picking the object "It is a..."

"Hey,you!" Said Zoe turning back "This is mine! Give me!"

Kimi gave the necklace back to her owner, who kept looking at him with distrust.

"You are a bit taller for... a Japanese?" She said "Were you following me?"

"Uhm... No..." Answered Kimi trying to keep his cover "Sorry for that..."

She rapdly grabbed his arm and paralyzed him. "Liar!" She said pointing the gun at his face "You are that blonde Knight! I recognize your voice!"

"So, you remember me?" Said Kimi "Well, I think my undercover has no practical use now." His Shaman Stone got him back into his heroic outfit and normal appearance; also, the light tried to freeze Zoe's arms and legs, giving Kimi time to run away from her and out from Freedom Avenue.

"Come back here, you bastard!" Screamed the Soviet getting rid of the ice "Oh, you want to run? You cannot beat me at this kind of activity!" She started to run for real, and she pointed the gun at Kimi, who avoided being hit by the laser thanks to his reflexes.

"I won't leave so easily! Watch this!" She ran and jump on the rooftops, shooting at anyone nearby "I'll shatter everything in this country! You need the salvation that only I, the Soviet Resistance, can bring! Sacrifices are unavoidable, blonde one! Follow me!"

He tried to create magical shields in order to protect the Brazilian from Zoe's attacks. One of the laser bolts struck his left tight, making it hard to walk. He conjured his communication device, sending a message to all Knights.

"Listen, I have found her. Argh!" His leg was bleeding "I'm leaving the Freedom Avenue while trying to create a protection zone against her laser gun. She had injured more than 20 people from the 70 she aimed. I'm following her. Please send reinforcements!"

"Finally you gave me an answer!" Said Melchior with angry and worry "I'm coming, don't worry!"

Kimi used his Stone to make a floating carpet to follow Zoe. At least, he could hasten this way...



¹MASP: It's the abbreviation for "Museu de Arte de São Paulo" (São Paulo Art Museum). It is located on the centre of São Paulo and has a very nice art gallery which brings paintings, sculptures and other works from a large amount of Art Movements. A nice tourism place to go in São Paulo.

²Ibirapuera Park: This is one of the largest parks in Brazil. The Modern Art Museum of São Paulo is located inside of it. Ibirapuera has the same concept of Central Park in NY City.

³Freedom Avenue: Called "Bairro da Liberdade" in Portuguese, it is the first Japanese inhabitation, built in  10's decade. There you can see lots of references of the Japanese Pop Culture and Traditional arts as well.

- Infernal Balalaika, Part Three -

The night kept calm at that day,  for Zoe didn't make any further moves. The Knights went to sleep without saying anything about the Soviet. Both Anael and Kimi were angry at themselves for being defeated by the robot: Anael underestimated her, and Kimi simply lost control of the situation.

On the following morning, all the Knights sat down on the round table at their hotel room in order to discuss the next steps.

"You were talking about doing some researches last night, right?" Said anael to Kaiser "Here's my proposal: you choose at least one of us to help you on your quest and make a full profile: I want every single thing you can find about that agent, understood?"

"Kylla, sir" Answered Kaiser "What about the rest of us?"

"We are going to do some surveillance time" Said Elite Dragon "Since we are not going to fight Zoe directly, we will have to trace her moves. I'll be heading to the São Paulo police headquarters in order to get their latest information on the case. However, time is short: we have to hasten"

"I can go with Kaiser, hermano" Said Electro Archer "I have knowledge of some libraries nearby. There is one just on the next block over here" He pointed at a building located northwest of their room "I think that is a great place to get started."

"Fine" Agreed Kaiser "Maya, would you like to join us?"

"Of course" Said Black Witch with a smile "So, to this library,then."

"Okay" Said Elite Dragon with a triumph smile "So we are divided in two teams: I, Melchior, Kimi and my sister will be doing some big surveillance time today, while Kaiser, Thalas and Maya will do some time travelling" He looked at his watch on his right arm "Well, I think you guys will have plenty of time to do it. All of you have the magical communicators set? If either you finish the research or we find suspicious activity from Zoe, get the communicators and meet us."

All the Knights agreed and left the room: Anael's team left dressed as heroes, and Thalas' team left on civilian clothes.

"If something goes wrong, call me" Said Anael at the lobby "I'll be waiting news from you."

Thalas nodded affirmatively and left on the company of Kaiser and Maya. Then, the rest of the Knights went on the opposite direction.

"Altagracia goes with me" Said Anael before opening his wings "We will cover the right part of the city; you and Melchior keep the left part of the city safe."

"Understood" Said Kimi and Melchior at the same time, watching Anael flying away with Altagracia in his arms.


Thalas, Maya and Kaiser walked on silence from the hotel to the library. Even though it seemed small for a library on the outside, its inside was huge: it had some underground floors which lead to hundreds and hundreds of books related to a large variety of interest: from Arts to Nuclear Physics, that place had it all from a large amount of authors.

"Well" Said Thalas with a mischievous smile "What are we waiting for? Let's rediscover USSR!"

Maya got a huge round table isolated from everyone else by two corridors of shelves. On the following, Kaiser and Thalas walked through the shelves searching for any books related to the former Soviet Union.

"I went here once with my uncle Jean-Claude." Whispered Thalas "He used to drag me and my cousin Felicia to the World History part..." He kept whispering while evaluating the books' covers before either choosing or discarding them "He seemed crazy about something... Well, nevermind." He put seven books on the round table "I think I found some pretty interesting material."

"So did I" Whispered Kaiser with five more books "Well, they are not exactly related to Soviet Union, but they come right into the roots of the matter: robots. They talk mainly about Mechatronics and some other hypothesis — like conscientious humanoid droids, for example"

"Fair enough" Said Maya with a smile " Here I have some things about the Socialism" she put a pile of three books on the table and went for the second pile "Nazi-fascism Era and other dictatorships" More three books "And finally Russian history" She came with ten books  and a computer "Well, we'll have to write everything down for Anael to see." The boys looked at her slightly scared "So, are we or are we not ready to start?"

They nodded affirmatively slowly and grabbed the books. Because the library had its own paper-craft store, Maya bought the boys two notebooks and one more for her so that they could make their notes and go to the computer with the overall conclusions.

Kaiser was being overwhelmed by the amount of information he could find; there was one name that kept appearing on some Soviet reports related to Science: Dr. Boris Yankovich*. Kaiser made some marks about that name. This Kazakh doctor seemed to have done a ton of contributions to Soviet Union's development in military areas. There were also some minor reports about his actions concerning economics in agricultural areas.

"Thalas, could you please give me the computer?" Kaiser asked whispering "I think I have found something..."

The French Guatemalan saved up his historical in Internet and gave the notebook to Kaiser, who wrote fast the keywords to his research.

"I hope I'm right..." Said the Finn in low tone.

"So do I" Said Thalas "Here" He showed Maya his report "Well, it seems that Stalin was planning to make a whole cyber army in order to keep expanding USSR's borders and keep pushing the Nazis away 24/7." He revealed some paragraphs on each book that led to his conclusions "The robots would be used to keep safety in cities and rural areas as well, keeping the society under control"

"The problem is..." Said Maya showing her own report "The project was cancelled due to a problem with the first subjects: they either didn't react to any commands or actions from the scientist — like threatening situations — or they overreacted, killing their creators with anything at hand..."

"Except one.Zoe." Kaiser entered on the conversation showing the computer and the notebook "Well, there are neither images of her nor her name, but the descriptions match those of Zoe: personality, physical traits, outfit..." He showed then the image of Dr. Yankovich "I think this is her creator, Doctor Boris Yankovich from Kazakhstan. Well, he is dead now, but he left a scientific legacy. Check my notebook."

"At least we have an idea of..." Maya started to say when she had an idea "We have to go to Kazakhstan's Consulate!"

"Are you kidding?" Kaiser said in a distrustful tone "How do you think they are going to give those informations to us? They are classified as State's Secrets!"

"Well, I understand your idea, Maya" Intervened Thalas "However, how are we going to convince them to do so, considering that they might not believe in us?"

"They will." said the Honduran with confidence "They are not fool: they are aware of Zoe's activity; also, the Blue Moon Knights are becoming famous around here. They may not believe in three teenager civilians, but heroes are more trustful. And if they refuse, I'll show them my reptile traits, if you know what I mean..."

"She will become a Komodo Dragon just for fun" Whispered Thalas on Kaiser's ear in order to clarify Maya's speech "Believe me, it is brutal. Better they buy her idea." He looked at his watch on his left arm "Well, it is four of the evening. Better we get going."

"Gosh, I'm so hungry" Whispered Maya feeling a bit sick.

"Well, we get something to eat on the way to the Consulate." Said Thalas "Kaiser, search for Kazakhstan's Consulate address here in São Paulo. We will contact Anael as soon as we get more details about that Doctor Yankovich. We have at least one hour to get there, talk to the Consul, obtain the information and meet Anael somewhere. We will have to run against the time."



*Doctor Yankovich is fictional; any similarities to reality are mere coincidence. This series does not have any commitments to real facts. I do not intent to hurt nor to depreciate any famous people from former USSR or World War 2 times.

—Infernal Balalaika, Part Two –

Zoe kept running from the police, hopping three more buildings. Then, the noise was over; the persecution ended for the night. She sat on the edge of the rooftop and kept looking at the lights of the biggest buildings of São Paulo. Her countenance was full of gloom again. She put her gun away and put her elbows on her tights, putting her head between her hands.

“How different is this world…” She said in a gloomy tone of voice “It is just as robotic as I was supposed to be…” She closed her eyes and a tear came out “As I was supposed to be…”

Images came into her head once more. She was back on 1940 on the southeast part of Black Forest. She was wearing a black overcoat, black leggings, a gray pair of boots, and a white scarf, holding a small nine millimeters handgun.

“Mission: Deactivate Nazi headquarter…” she whispered as if she was dreaming.

Then, the noise of steps came from her left, and she hid behind the bushes nearby. She kept hidden there, waiting for her prey: a Nazi young official. Easy as it could ever be, she thought at the time. A grin smile came into her face.

Johannes appeared with a serious, yet naïve countenance. He was as handsome as Kimi is on Zoe’s opinion. He was tall and muscular with straight, short blonde hair and blue eyes. She felt her heart beating fast. At the time, she thought that it was only the urge to shoot and accomplish her mission.

The Nazi official passed through her without even noticing her presence. She got out of her hideout as swift as the wind of the desert, and prepared to shoot. It’d be a clear shot. Perfect.

Then, an enormous bear came behind her; she hadn’t had time to pull the trigger, for the bear pushed the gun away with its strength in its claws. She tried to fight, but the bear was able to push her on the ground, and she was holding its claws with all the strength she had.

“Muscular circuits: Overcharged. Overcharged. Proceed to reboot” Said her inner system. “Помогите мне (pomogite mne!)!” She screamed desperate.

Johannes, who was just a few steps away from the scene, rushed to save a girl who, at the moment, he didn’t knew that was a Soviet agent. He used his rifle to kill the beast: one shot was enough, and the bear fell dead just few meters away from Zoe. She was trembling of both fear and embarrassment.

“I’m so lucky!” He said while approaching from the Russian “I had not just tested my newest weapon, but saved a courageous and strong lady. Tell me…” He helped Zoe to stand up, holding her waist “What’s your name?”

She could answer; her heart was beating fast and her voice seemed to be gone, for she tried to speak and couldn’t say a word.

“Shy, right?” Said the Nazi with a smile “Okay, I get it” He stepped back and put his arms behind his back “Considering the hat you are using and your Slavonic treats, I assume you are Soviet, right?”

“Russian” Zoe said with a low tone of voice, clearly embarrassed.

“You don’t look as threatening as I thought a Russian girl would be…” He said while looking into her eyes “In fact, you are cute. You are not scary.”

Zoe’s face went white to red in a matter of seconds, and the Nazi laughed discretely at her reaction.

“I have something here to eat…” He said offering a piece of bread “Here, take it”

Zoe accepted timidly and sat on the ground near him.

“This whole war thing…” He started “I wish it would just end…” Then, he looked into Zoe’s eyes, who was eating the bread given by the German “You haven’t said your name”

“So did you” Zoe answered with a mischievous tone and a sarcastic smile.

“Fair enough” Johannes answered with a smile “Mein name ist Johannes Klaus von Ericht. Funny name, right?” He said with a smile that made Zoe’s face become red again “Now’s your turn. I want to know your name.”

“Zoya…” Zoe said shy “Zoya Rasputinova”

“Nice to meet you, Zoe” Said the Nazi “I assume that this gun is yours, right?” He said showing the 9mm to the Soviet “Here, take it.”

“Thanks… I guess” She said distrustful.

“Relax; I’m not looking for a fight.” Said Johannes while giving her the gun “Wow, tiny hands… You certainly don’t look like a double agent or spy…”

“Well, I…” She was completely embarrassed and couldn’t say anything. Her heartbeat didn’t allow her to think. Then, she hears the bells coming from the nearest Nazi headquarters.

“Damn it… More work is coming.” Said Johannes while standing up “Well, sunshine, I’ll have to go…” He gave her a brief kiss on her forehead “Just because I like you, I won’t say that you were near here. Now, I’ll gently ask you to turn around and return to your previous location. Understood?”

Zoe nodded affirmatively.

“I’ll keep in touch. I’ll find a way to keep talking to you.” He while walking away. “See you soon, Zoe…”


“And you had kept your word…” Zoe whispered on the top of the building. “You have written me numerous letters, which I received sometimes on the battlefield. Your handwriting was so perfect… I’ll never forget the day you invited me to have lunch on Munich…” She briefly laughed “Well, I had to find a good excuse to tell Stalin… If only Trotsky were alive to see… He’d have laughed of Stalin’s face, I’m pretty sure.”

Her golden eyes were soggy with tears that wanted to come out.

“Why did you die?” She asked herself while crying “Why the hell were you on that cursed plane, flying across the sky towards the British? Why you… Why didn’t you stay at that headquarter, where I could find you safe and sound?”

She embraced her legs and kept crying. It was too painful for her to remember it all.


“Ouch!” Screamed Ice Guardian while Altagracia healed him “That hurts!”

“Sorry, master…” Said Altagracia.

“Well, at least I know she thinks I’m a slave and a Nazi…” He said with irony “How wonderful…”

“Nazi?” Asked Thalas, curious.

Kyllä” Answered Kimi “She just looked at my face and her eyes became reddish and she kept saying: Nazi. Eliminate.” He said the last words in a mocking tone, which made even Anael laugh.

“Okay, this is serious” Said Kaiser “I think we should make a research about that… You know, we may find more information about her and her links with Nazis…”

“She is soviet!” Intervened Anael “She may have been programmed to kill’em all after USSR became one of the Allies’ forces.”


Hello Everyone!

I'm just passing by to drop a package of images. Ready, set,go!

An image of Anael and Maya at an open
market in Guatemala City.

Thalas and Melchior having a good time in the streets
of Guatemala City, Guatemala

Kimi (Cyan, embarrassed) and Kaiser (Blue, smiling)
remembering their best moments in life...

Zoe recalling her long deceased love...

Well, that's all for the night! Stay tuned for more!

Sakura Hayes

-Infernal Balalaika, Part One-

Kimi was on a dead end and Zoe went after him slowly, step by step. The golden-eyed girl had a grin smile on her face while loading the gun.

“I suppose you are one of the Dragon’s friends, right?” She said with irony “I bet he won’t like it when he figures that…”

She suddenly stopped speaking. She felt paralyzed, and her countenance became full of rage.

“Tsc.Tsc.Tsc. You underestimated me” said Kimi slowly turning around “Do you actually think I’m that easy to beat?” His halberd was touching the ground in a way that allowed Kimi to use his icy powers to freeze Zoe’s legs “You should’ve thought twice before doing so.”

“You are going to regret this!” Grunted Zoe; then, she started to overcharge her body, breaking the ice which was holding her legs. “Let’s fight, them! No tricks!”

She jumped on the Finnish, hitting him with her fists. He tried to hold her arms with all the strength he had, avoiding her punches. Then, he threw her body against the ground and stood on top of her. This time, he was the puncher.

“Why are you causing all this trouble?” Ice Guardian said while holding her arms against the asphalt “We are not in the World War times! Stop causing that much havoc!”

She gave his a mischievous smile.

“Humpf. A mere slave like you wouldn’t understand what it feels like… Finn” She said with disgust.

“You will regret your words!” He said strongly slapping her face “You Soviet bastard! My country knows better than anyone how’s like to suffer on the hands of your ‘beloved master’!”

“Hey, you over there!”

Kimi stopped hitting Zoe to look upwards; there were some police officers from São Paulo on the rooftop of the nearest building, using some lanterns to light up the dead end and see their faces. The lanterns’ light went straight on Kimi’s face, revealing his physical treats to Zoe who, up to that moment, hasn’t seen her adversary clearly.

His eyes were turquoise; his skin was pale like snow, and his hair was long and blonde like wheat. His face had delicate, yet masculine treats, and Zoe couldn’t avoid a rapid and silent sigh.

“How handsome…” Zoe whispered, closing her eyes.

That moment endured more than fractions of seconds to the soviet female robot. The image of Kimi disappeared together with São Paulo, and she came back to the World War…

Another man was at Ice Guardian’s place — same height and approximately same weight; however, his hair was short instead of long like the Finn’s. His eyes were more like blue, and he was wearing a military officer outfit… With a well-known symbol…

Zoe suddenly opened her eyes, which turned bloody red.

Nazi” She said to Kimi “Target found. Eliminate!”

“What?!” The Finn said slightly scared.

He didn’t have time to react; right after he screamed, the Russian robot removed his hands from her arms and pushed him to the asphalt ground. Then, she stood up and used her laser gun against the authorities, striking them as she pulled the trigger.

Ice Guardian was still stunned when he stood up on his feet. The authorities had fallen on the ground and Zoe approached of them. She seemed to be whispering something.

“Target: Not-Nazis. Resume Mission” She slowly turned her head on Kimi’s direction “Redefining target… Gone.”

Zoe didn’t see Kimi in the place where he stood before. The Finn had run away; the robot could hear the sound of more police coming there. Cars and a helicopter were approaching. She gave herself an evil smile and her eyes glowed even bloodier.

“Resuming mission”

Instead of running towards the cars, she preferred to run away; she was going to chase the one she called Nazi: Ice Guardian. She made her way out of the dead end and accelerated up to 50 kilometers per hour, running as fast as she could. She could hear the police right behind her, trying to make the persecution.

“Huh” She mumbled with irony “As long as you keep yourselves depending on those inefficient cars, you won’t be able to catch me! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

She jumped on windows trying to get to the rooftops of the nearer buildings; faster than humans could ever be, she climbed over a ten-floor building, reached its rooftop and  made a roof-hopping maneuver  in order to gain more distance.

“Where is that Nazi?” She asked herself “When I find him…”

She stopped on the third rooftop she jumped on. Her eyes became golden again and she felt her heartbeat faster. Zoe’s body has its circuits arranged in a way that is similar to our body — she has her artificial digestive, nerve, circulatory, and other systems organized as if she were human. She has veins, stomach, brain and other organs, including a heart.

“Why is it beating so fast?” She said to herself while slowly putting her left hand on her chest, near her heart “Is that because… Is it him?”

She closed her eyes, and images came into her mind. She was back on World War 2 times. She could see herself clearly on a beach, wearing a dark green overcoat beneath a dark dress and dark long socks. She was also wearing a pair of synthetic crocodile boots and her traditional Russian hat. There was a young man near her, wearing the Nazi officials’ outfit. He had almost the same traits as Kimi — tall, muscular, blonde and blue-eyed. The differences were the hair length, the blue tone of his eyes and his name.

Johannes…” She said to herself, letting a tear roll over her face.

In her memory, she was being kissed by Johannes. Certainly, if Stalin knew about that, she’d be considered a traitor, and he’d had killed her.

“So, that’s my punishment?” she asked herself opening her golden eyes slowly “Why have I fallen in love? Why? Why have I betrayed the Socialism? Does that blonde Finn have the answers for that? And his Dragon friend?”



“If I hadn’t underestimated her…” Hissed Anael with anger “If I had just reacted a bit faster… Ouch!” He screamed while Altagracia casted a healing spells that forced his body to heal faster. His eyes were still in that reptilian form, and that was no good sign. “I’ll have my second round. I’m not finished yet.”

He stood up and used his Shaman-Stone to get back into his civilian clothes. He was starting to think and act as dragon. Anael had never been someone full of pride; however, at that moment his pride had been hurt, and he couldn’t stand that.

She is gunned and stronger than 30 men…

That sentenced pronounced by the President was echoing on Anael’s mind. The Guatemalan closed his eyes in order to calm down. Had he been more cautious, he might have had succeeded against the Russian. Now, he was standing on the balcony of their rented room, boiling of anger.

Inside the room, Kimi gave Anael a pitiful look. There was nothing the Finn could do to aid Elite Dragon now.

“Thalas” Said Kimi a bit thoughtful “Have Anael told you something about the Russian agent?”

Oui!” Said Thalas with his French speech “Her name is Zoya Rasputinova!”

The Finnish widened his eyes and his twin brother got surprised by his expression.

“What’s the matter, veli?” Kaiser asked.

“I recall that name…” He said with a thoughtful countenance “Find me a computer!”

“Do you really think that you will be able to find that information on the Internet?!” Maya asked a bit shocked “I think you are being a bit naïve here… Like, it is private information from the former USSR!”

Kimi gave her a smile while Melchior was setting the notebook.

“I don’t need that” He said with a mischievous smile “My Shaman-Stone can help…” He placed the Icicle Stone near the keyboard while researching “Let’s say that it will give an extra help. Behold!”

While Kimi typed the agent’s name, the Stone made a magical veil surrounding them and revealing some pieces of information about the Russian in a way that even the best finders couldn’t do.
Images about the girl were rare, but they were found. The stone made a fine mosaic of them. Unfortunately, there weren’t that much information available, but it was all they had. And could be more than enough to Kimi.

“I knew it!” He said with satisfaction in his face “She’s more dangerous than I thought!”


Meanwhile, in the darkest corner of the city, the agent — Zoe — was hiding from the police. The green-haired girl was furious and hurt — Anael’s assault made some serious scratches on her arms and on her chest. They were deep and oil was splitting from them.

She was on an abandoned flat, which had some things that would make her life easier.

“Where the hell am I?” She asked to herself in pain “This is not Moscow! Where are the Soviet officials…? Where is Stalin?”

The Russian girl stared at the online computer with fascination and a bit of distrust.

“What’s this?” She said to herself fascinated “That weird device…” She then typed her homeland’s name: Union of Socialist Soviet Republics.

She was completely overwhelmed with information; images, articles, videos, maps, everything. Tears started to roll on her face, and a happy smile took place. Her homeland was there. Then, her expressions changed from happiness to sorrow almost immediately.

USSR didn’t exist anymore. The countries that once belonged to them were now independent… and capitalist. Her golden eyes widened of surprise and anger at same time.

“Does Stalin know about that?!” She asked to herself “Wait…” She saw a link that said Yosef Stalin and she clicked on it. Then, she avoided a painful scream “Nyet!”

He was dead. Stalin died on 1953 and Khrushchev took his place on the following year. She researched about Trotsky as well, and the same result was shown — dead. She became desperate. Tears were falling over her face.

“In which year are we?” She said with a weeping voice “Isn’t it 1942?” She looked at the calendar next to her: Year 2012.

“2012… How come?!” She rapidly made her math “Have I… Have I been sleeping for… 70 years?!” She stepped away from the computer, and used her gun against it, shooting in the device and shutting it down definitely.

She sat on the cot and started to cry. Her life was completely destroyed.

“I failed! I’m a disgrace!” She screamed at herself “I haven’t done my service well, that’s why he put me to sleep on that metal coffin and send me to this weird place! Now he is dead and I cannot do a thing about this…”

She laid on the cot and continued to cry until she put her system into sort of a sleeping mode.

“That boy…” she said slowly and angrily “He’ll pay me for the scratches…”


What?!” Melchior said incredulous “Kimi, are you a hundred percent sure?! Like…”

Kyllä” Kimi said with a serious countenance “She’s the one, I’m sure of that. She was a robot designed in 1924 — the year Lenin died — to protect the Soviet party chiefs — presidents, if you prefer. It seems that she protected Stalin until 1942, when she was ‘put to sleep’”

“Inactivated” Said Anael from the balcony “So, she thinks that she’s still on the Second World War times?”

“Yes” Said Thalas “And she may be looking for Stalin.”

“She might have already discovered that he’s dead by now.” Said Kaiser thoughtful “If she has done so…”

“She may be full of anger right now…” Anael said looking at her photos of the 40s “Like I am right now”

“No more fights for you, brother!” Said Altagracia “You are already injured and won’t solve anything by fighting!”

Anael was ready to protest, but stayed quiet. Her sister was right. His pride was too hurt for the night.
“Let me go after her” Kimi said with a decide countenance “I may be able to get some more information… If you allow me, Leader”

“Okay” Anael said with a discrete smile “Suit yourself”

Ice Guardian left with satisfaction on his face. Right after he shut the door, Anael hung the hammock and put his pajamas, ready to sleep.

“Better don’t talk about the issue anymore” Whispered Melchior “There’s too much stress in the air for the night…”


The city was shutting down rapidly as the cars were leaving the streets. The night started to engulf the city in its darkness, and the streets became silent. Too silent.

Kimi was hidden on the shadows of the highest buildings, trying to go back to the place where they found Zoe for the first time in order to trace the route she may have used to escape from the havoc she caused.

“Woohoo… Zoe…” He whispered in a provocateur tone “Where are you?” He had arrived on the place where the cars were left and Anael found his first defeat in a close combat. He could understand what his leader was feeling right now — it’s not that easy to be beaten on something that everyone you know consider you good at.

He felt the wind on his back, pulling his hair in front of his face, and that gave him and idea.

“Icicle…” Kimi whispered, gently blowing some flocks of ice on the wind “You have been my companions since I can remember; help me once more… Find my enemy…”

The light flocks made a clear path on the dark sky for Kimi. The pieces of ice showed Kimi that Zoe went to the southeast, and she hadn’t gone that far. Step by step, Kimi followed the icicle.

“That city is too damn quiet” Mumbled Ice Guardian to himself “I have to find her and quickly…”

Then, he stopped; he heard a familiar noise, and his face changed the countenance. He was looking disappointed. The sound he heard was the one made by a gun when the shooter is adjusting it,

“Found you…” Whispered a female Russian voice which Kimi knew “What was your plan after all?”


Field Notes: 

1.There are lots of thing that Zoe is not aware yet...
2. Moskau is the title of a music track made by the German Industrial Metal band Rammstein

Hello Everyone!

As you have noticed, I've update this Blog a lot in the past few days (and today as well). So, I'll be listing the recent changes on the blog:

  1. The Olympics Strips Series + Image — a group of Comics related to 2012 Olympics which were designed to advertise the Knights and show'em in the Olympics as athletes;
  2. A New Villain in Hall of Infamy page — This page is now featuring a short profile of Zoe (Zoya) Rasputinova, a Soviet Robot who woke up on nowadays after 70 years of inactivity;
  3. New SeasonCover + New Season — The Third Season and Third SeasonCover have already arrived on this Blog
Upcoming Uptades:

  1. Magical Items
  2. (Maybe) Seasonal Characters
  3. (Maybe) A New Page...
So, these are the latest news at the moment. Stay tuned for more!!!

Sakura Hayes

Hello Everyone!

Just to finish this large amount of updates, here's a picture related to the Olympics:

This image features Melchior and Kaiser having a typical
British brunch

Stay tuned for more news and stuff!

Sakura Hayes

Hello Everyone! Another delayed Comic Strip, which is also featured on my DeviantArt account. Here it comes:

This strip features Anael and Altagracia as
competitors for Guatemala in  All-Round
Olympic Gymnastics (Anael) and
Rhythmic Gymnastics (Altagracia)

Stay tuned for more news and stuff!

Sakura Hayes

Hello Everyone! This comic strip is being posted with a noticed delay, for I had some issues in my real life that forced me not to post it earlier. So here it comes:

This strip features Anael, Altagracia, Maya and
Kaiser lunching while Thalas tries his best to
get a medal for Guatemala in Archery

Stay tuned for more stuff!!

Sakura Hayes

-Victim of Choices-

Anael was on his bedroom, studying Biology. At least, he seemed to be doing so. His fingers were bond at each other so hard as if he was praying. His face had this grin and sad countenance, for he was having a serious trouble on thinking. He had a bid decision to make.

“Do I tell my mom?” He said to himself, sad “Do I tell her that I’m Elite Dragon, and the fact I’ve been coming home injured has nothing to do with skateboarding?” He stared at his book, and then stared at his clock. It was 7h30 p.m., and his mom would only arrive at 8 o’clock.

Then, he started to hear some footsteps on the corridor; he already knew who was coming.

Hermanita” He said, smiling sadly at her “What do you think I should do?”

“Tell mommy!” She said with a decided countenance “And do it fast, because Melchior and Kimi already sent me a message! They are asking us to meet on Thalas’.”

“Okay” Anael answered gloomy “Wait for me downstairs…”

The little Guatemalan girl agreed and went downstairs to wait for her brother, who decided to tell the truth. Anael grabbed some paper and a pen. He had to write down some things.

“Sorry for not telling you earlier, Madre” Elite Dragon said while writing the note “I promise I’ll do my best to come back home…” He finished writing and put the note on a fancy envelope near his mom’s desk.

Then, he went downstairs to meet Altagracia, and Elite Dragon used his Shaman-Stone to change to his heroic outfit and led his sister to do the same thing.

“Let’s go” Anael said to his sister “Brazil awaits for us…”


Thalas was waiting for the Leader of the Knights to proceed. Hidden behind the tress of Thalas’ garden, the other Knights united in a circle with Kaiser on the middle. Then, he opened a vortex which would lead them to São Paulo. One by one, they entered on the portal and left Guatemala, hoping that the country would stay safe while they were out.

The void led them to the modern city of São Paulo. The high buildings and the large amount of cars and lights impressed the Knights, who were standing on the rooftop of one hotel. Anael plugged a communication device on his right ear and made the special call.

Señor Presidente, estamos en Brasil. Te haré otra llamada por teléfono cuando nuestra misión fue cumplida” He ended the call and stared at the flashing town. São Paulo seemed to be on its regular days.

“Do we have to warn the Brazilian president as well?” Thalas asked without looking at Anael.

“I don’t think so” Elite Dragon answered serious “She is already aware of our presence in her country.” He put his mask, which enhanced his night vision “Well, the agent does not seem to be here…”

Then, they started to hear some havoc on the city on the following block in front of them. Some lightning could be seen down there, and Elite Dragon approached to the edge of the rooftop.

“She is there” He hissed like a cobra, pointing at the havoc “Time to work, boys!”

He gave them a brief grin smile and threw his body away from the building, and soared fast to the chaos area. Then, Melchior conjured a flying carpet to Thalas, Maya, Kaiser, Kimi and Altagracia to follow Anael, and he conjured a levitation spell to himself in order to fly almost as naturally as Elite Dragon did.

While flying, Elite Dragon realized that several people on the streets of São Paulo were pointing at him, and he waved at them in the friendliest way he could.

“I hope these people get used to us” He thought while looking at them “They remind me of Guatemala… Of my mommy… And… Iracema” He rapidly closed his eyes while turning his head to the weird dots of light “Well, if ever want to see my beloved mom and Guatemala again, I’d better not get killed here, and I must not fail to those people.”

His wings started to beat as if he was going to land on the asphalt. People were screaming and abandoning their cars as if they were trying to escape from some sort of demon. Anael saw a little girl being left behind and ran to save her.

“Hey, little princess, do not cry.” He said gently avoiding hissing. “Let us find your parents…”

He widened his eyes and embraced the girl strongly; then, he was immediately hit on his back by a strange lighting. He could have fatally injured the little Brazilian if he hadn’t embraced her in a protective way. His scream caught Thalas’ attention, who understood that things were going to get tough.

“Melchior!” He shouted “Help me get these people out of here! You, follow the Elemental Alchemist!” The archer said to the crowd, pointing at Melchior “He’s going to lead you to a safer place! Right now, what matters the most is getting out of here! There’s going to be a fight here, and it’s not gonna be pretty! Do you understand?!” People nodded affirmatively while running towards Electro Archer.

“Follow us!” Maya and Melchior shouted while guiding the civilians to another part of the town “Families stay together and do not lose track of your kids! Youngsters please help the elderly!”

Altagracia and the Finn twins stayed behind some steps northwest of Thalas, who was worried.

“Have you seen Anael?” He asked with eyes wide open “I cannot see him through these cars…”

“Uh oh...” Kaiser said while looking at the burning cars near to were Anael spotted the agent.


Anael was on his knees with the child with her head on his chest and strongly hugging him; he was up to fifteen cars distant of Thalas and he was feeling pain.

“Are you okay?” He asked. The child nodded affirmatively.

He was going to tell her to run, but he had to look to the agent and discover who he (or she) was. Through the smoke of burning cars a female form took place. A fragile, yet strong female form. She had straight, light green medium-length hair, which ended up to her shoulders. Her eyes were golden. She was white-skinned and medium-height. Her outfit was a light pink one piece with white boots and gloves. She was holding a strange fire weapon, and she had strange devices attached to her head instead of ears. Anael gave her a sarcastic grin smile — she was different from what he expected her to be. Then, his countenance became full of anger.

“Listen carefully to me” He said to the girl on his arms “I’ll need you to be brave and fast. Run away from here as fast as you can.” He looked at the agent, who was approaching slowly “Run into the direction pointed by the cars” He said, pointing at the line of abandoned cars “My allies — the other heroes — are waiting for you. I’ll keep that mean lady away from you.” He finished his instructions and let the little Brazilian go.

The girl obeyed Anael and let the Guatemalan alone to fight his newest enemy.

He stood up; the soviet agent put her gun away and ran towards him. He electrified his hands to respond, but the agent was too fast and Anael fell on the ground so hard that he crackled the asphalt.

She screamed something in Russian and started to hit him with her fists. Up to the third punch, Anael grabbed her left arm and electrocuted her, causing the agent to step aside and retreat some steps.

He stood up and cleaned the right corner of his mouth, which was bleeding. His legs were trembling, but it didn’t stop Elite Dragon, who ran towards her, jumped and kicked the green-haired girls causing her to fall. He could see the lightning going through her body. She was furious.

“Get out of my sight!” She screamed with a heavy Russian accent.

Anael was going to punch her face when she grabbed his left arm and threw him on the ground, creating another hole on the asphalt and causing Anael to spit a considerable amount of blood. The Russian girl knelt before the injured Guatemalan to whisper something in his ears. A death message.

Zoya Rasputinova” Said the Russian with a grin tone and heavy accent “Now that you know, your life will be shorter than you thought…”

She ran into the black smoke of the burning cars, leaving Anael on the asphalt spitting lots of blood. The Guatemalan tried to stand up; however, the best he could do in his condition was to stay on the ground with his belly on the asphalt. He conjured the communication device.

“Thalas… answer por favor” Elite Dragon said in pain “The agent… Su nombre es Zoe — se escribe Zoya’ en ruso” He said to his friend that the agent was called Zoe “She continued her path to the eastern part of the city. I’m too hurt to follow her — she is much stronger than I thought she’d be, just like the President said…” He wanted to say more things, but he fainted.


“My child! Obrigada!” Said a Brazilian brunette who was the mother of the child saved by Anael.

Por nada” Answered Altagracia “Now get to a safer place, okay?” Then, she came closer to Kimi “Any news related to my brother?”

The answer came almost immediately; they heard the explosion of several cars; the flames grew wilder, and Thalas came out of them holding Anael, who was severely injured.

“What kind of enemy is this?” Kimi whispered with his icy blue eyes wide open.


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