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For Those Who Read,

Things in my place have gone weird!

Well, I was coming back from my archery practice when I caught Kimi having trouble with Sankari. Okay, the book was flying around my bedroom and was showing some weird symbols to us. Like, some random stuff about destruction… I didn’t get it at first. Then, I saw a drawing of a continent… Still I’m not sure what that book was trying to tell us… The funniest thing was watching Kimi running around the room, trying to get the flying book…

Also, I noticed that Melchior has being a bit gloomy these days. After we came back from the observatory, he started having nightmares and couldn’t sleep because of that. He hasn’t even gone play basketball these past 3 days! I’m starting to worry about him. Also, he got sick and Kaiser is taking care of him. Kimi is busy trying to solve Anael’s issue… (Still I don’t understand that amount of fury Anael had…)

I started to write some stories as a hobby… These adventures I had had at this point are enough material to write kickass fictions. Fingers crossed!

Thalas-Juán Dharalión


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