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For Those Who Read,

Vacation time, at least. Anael invited all of us to go to Tikal’s ruins again; so many memories came into my mind at that trekking…

I could recall all the events of the Survival test as if they happened the previous day; all that people running on the emerald grass, climbing on the majestic trees, fighting, laughing, suffering…

I remembered when we met Melchior; he was in the same truck we were, so serious and grin that not in a million of years would I’ve thought that he would be that people person he is. And a natural joker. The truth is, even though I argue with him multiple times, I owe him too much to count, for he saved Anael’s life in that treacherous jungle, and so did with mine recently, at the Elven Fortress. Even being a jackass sometimes, he can do something right when he wants to…

Maya remembered perfectly about the ‘Mayan Football’ we played at the Temple’s ruins. I really laughed at those memories, for she was still looking for a chance of beating our team in that game. I smiled at her and promised that, someday, we were going to play it again.

She sarcastically smiled at me and agreed. I don’t know why I agreed… There was something in her eyes… Maybe the golden shine… That made me does not think in a ‘no’ as a possible answer. Am I falling in love, or something?

Thalas-Juán Dharalión


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