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Sports Journal of the Day,

It’s getting worse.

mean, all of the previous things – the nightmares, the sunlight weakness… Something is clearly wrong here, and I’m not just talking about books that can evade physics’ laws… The nightmares got pretty worse – I just lay down and few minutes after I wake up screaming for my life – no, I’m not exaggerating: they are too creepy and sometimes I feel like they are too real for me to be only dreaming…

And the weakness –today, I went with Kaiser to buy some metal CDs when I felt dizzy and weak. It was like my skin was burning, and it was hard to breath. Kaiser had to send me to the hospital, and he called Thalas to come by and see how I was looking. Since I fainted (and slept for the first time in days), I don’t remember anything, except what Thalas told me – that my skin was full of water bubbles and rashes. It was pretty ugly.

Also, I’m starting to develop allergies to certain kinds of metal (I mean, periodic table elements, not metal genres) – I cannot touch neither silver nor platinum-made objects. Like, my hands get itchy and some rashes come out. It gets pretty nasty. What’s happening to me?!

 Today, I received a call from Jasmine. I think Thalas’ uncle is going to kill him, because I spend a long time talking to her. I think we are cool now, and we became friends. Besides, I was feeling a bit bored of being locked on Thalas’ place and it was a nice conversation…

Melchior Raven-Hayes


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