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Sports Journal of the Day,

Ah, finally a basketball game! Well, on that jungle hotel we can play that awesome game on a perfect grassland courtyard. I could play barefoot (awesome!). Well, I played with Anael against the Finn twins. We won, like, 3 times in a row (the same as three quarters). The scores: 39-34, 42- 39, 37- 29 (Kaiser twisted his ankle, so we had to stop earlier than we thought). Anael is better than I thought. He’s got the moves to play nice and swiftly! Thalas didn't want to play - he was reading (again). Scary...

Even so, I’m feeling weird these days. Since we went to that ancient stargazing spot, I couldn’t sleep right. I started having some annoying dreams, and I spend most of the night awake. The result – I start my day looking like a mummy and acting like a zombie. Not nice at all…

Well, I started to sing some Maiden songs lately, and I discovered that my voice is similar to Dickinson’s! To distract me from my bad slept nights, I started singing. Nice idea, since Run Silent Run Deep can scare away any nightmares (in my opinion), and that allowed me to take a long nap on this afternoon.

Also, I started to notice that sunlight is bothering me a little. Like, I’m getting a bit sunburned (and that’s awkward, for I’m copper-skinned) and weak after some time of exposure. What the hell is happening?

Melchior Raven-Hayes


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