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Sports Journal of the Day,

Best vacations ever!

Thalas and Maya had arranged another Mayan Football match, for she wanted to have another chance to play with us. Well, I had to teach Kimi and Kaiser how to play it, for they had never seen this game. They did pretty good, I must tell you…

Then, we went to the ruins of Tikal’s Temple and set everything to play. The first team was composed by me, Thalas and Anael – the team we played at Survival test. The opposing were Maya, Kimi and Kaiser. Altagracia was forbidden to play by her brother, who said she was too young and little to play with a bunch of strong guys.

When we started playing, it was complete madness! Everyone did their best, running towards the ball, controlling it with their hips, tights, head and shoulders. I scored the goal loop five times, I think, but Thalas was far more impressive, as always: eight times without breaking a sweat… I mean, before Maya came closer to him.

She did great as well, for she scored ten times alone. Kimi and Kaiser scored four times in total; pretty lousy, but they are just beginners, so we couldn’t ask them to do much more than that, and Maya understood that, for she didn’t get angry with them about losing the game.

We went to this jungle hotel near Tikal to sleep and think of what to do the following day. I couldn’t sleep as much as I wanted, for some thoughts came into my mind… Thoughts about a certain person…

Melchior Raven-Hayes


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