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Maya's Writing Lair #5

To my Silent Friend, the Notebook,

Well, I had started to develop some works on the grounds of magic. Since I joined the Knights, I have been asking myself — what if, someday, my powers end?

Like, my friends' source of power are their Shaman-Stones, but I do not possess one; my powers were given to me by Eclipse, and she's dead now.

I wandered through the ancient buildings and I started to read the hieroglyphics, and I noticed that some of them talked about ancient magic — the one most Shamans try to follow. Maybe it's my way out of that problem I'm facing.

I had to avoid Thalas in order to work better. However, I couldn't keep this secret. I feel like cheating on them, so I decided to tell to the one there who understands how's that feel to be the stranded one: Kaiser.Well, he's not going to tell anyone about my work... And that will be more than enough for now.

Maya Altahuela


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