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Maya's Writing Lair #4

To My Silent Friend, the Notebook,

I think that the guys are making a bit of a fuss about me and Thalas… I know I have this story with him, but I doubt it’s going to result on something…

Well, today I went to the Temple by myself, just to see the old construction better. When I was an Eclipse Warrior, I couldn’t do that… Ay, Diós mío, how much I miss Iracema and Jasmine! Although I talk to Jasmine a lot, Iracema… is someone I really miss, for she is no longer living, you know? Both I and Anael feel the same… Specially him. It’s funny; Anael can be more romantic than I am!

Then, I was observing the hieroglyphs and all the other stuff the Temple still had… Tikal has this magical feeling; it’s like con can sense the presence of the Mayans once lived there; I stood on the main entrance of the Temple with my eyes closed, just to meditate… And feel the gentle wind touching my face.

I stood there for a long time. What have the boys done while I was absent?

Maya Altahuela


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