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From Guatemala City with Complete Disorientation,

What the hell is happening?!

This week has been complete madness! First, my book, Sankari, starts to fly and display some alarmist images about a doomed near future. Neither I nor Thalas understood the meanings of those images, but they may be the clue to understand Melchior’s health status…

Speaking of which, the second strange event – Melchior’s illness got worse and pretty peculiar. Like, he seems to be affected by sun light, and certain metals give him rashes on the moment he touches them. Also, he is getting more and gloomier these days… I’m really worried about him…

And Anael. My god, I can’t believe on what he did! As I said to him, if he abuses of the Shaman-Stone, it will pay back. He called me totally scared and lost, telling me what has he done to that stupid (yet poor) man; I went to his home to examine his eyes, and I realized that the Shaman-Stone is really draining his life-force and modifying Anael’s personality and thoughts. I’m concerned about his future…

Why am I the only one who concerns about things in this group?!

Kimi Das Vaali


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