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From Tikal’s Woods with Thoughtfulness,

That Shaman was really fascinating… I think he had realized that we have some magical powers, considering the way he was talking…

I’m concerned about Melchior … it seems that Melchior is developing some kind of an illness, and that is making him a bit gloomy. It sucks to be sick on vacation…

Today I decided to go to an isolated place to play flute. It has been some time since I used it, and I miss listening to a calm, soft sound, instead of the regular sound of urban settlements.  Also, it is great to achieve some piece of mind, for the sound takes me elsewhere when I’m stressed out.

Kaiser decided to spend the day taking care of Melchior. Apparently, he couldn’t sleep all night long, and he also feels feverish. Too bad he’s not going to play basketball today. He is an awesome player, and I hope he keeps playing nicely as he does, even if he chooses not to go professional.

Now, I’m wondering – I haven’t seen Maya all day long (except now that she arrived). What has she done all that time?

Kimi Das Vaali


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