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Traveller’s Notes, for Those Who Follow Me,

Well, it seems that Maya’s up to something… Yesterday she asked me to not tell anyone where she was heading. Something has caught her attention after talking to that elder Shaman — and after going to that ancient observatory. She may be doing a research about magic, as always. It is impressive how she keeps studying, even on vacation times…

Well, I stayed on the hotel room again. Melchior’s condition got pretty worse all afternoon long, but he got better after the sunset. I’m getting as concerned as Kimi… What has happened to Melchior to get so sick and so suddenly?

Well, I started to craft some wooden weapons – Thalas taught me how to make bows, crossbows, arrows and bolts, and I went with Altagracia to some parts of the rainforest. She wanted to show me some of the most beautiful birds of the world…

Kaiser Das Vaali


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