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Traveller’s Notes, For Those Who Follow Me,

Ha, ha, ha, ha! My brother always gets himself into trouble – as a result of that, I always have fun at his costs. Such a bad brother I am…

Anyways, we started our vacations in big style, for we went to the woods of Tikal, were the Blue Moon Knights’ story started… Well, I learnt how to play Mayan Football and it was quite nice, even though my tights are still killing me…

Today was the waterfall rift day! Another thing the Central trio did, basically we made a canoe and went down a furious river, ending the trip jumping – yes, you read it correctly – from the canoe and going straight to the bottom of the river.

We divided ourselves into three teams: Me and Altagracia, Thalas and Maya (sensing some chemistry…) and Anael, my brother and Melchior. Anael showed us how to craft a canoe using some dead trees near us. As always, Anael’s ecological consciousness helped us doing something fun without destroying Mother Nature…

With a bunch of trunks we made the canoes and the oars, one for each person. I carried my canoe in my back with a little help from my brother and Altagracia. Thalas and Maya helped each other, and Anael carried his canoe by himself! He is way stronger than us, indeed… Even being only 13 years old…

We had made our way through a narrow path up to a huge hill. Then, Anael showed us where the raging river started. I felt some butterflies in my stomach, but I took a deep breath before placing the canoe near the river bend. First, I sat down, and then Altagracia did the same.

I used my oar to push the canoe away from the stream. The rest… well, it was complete madness! We all tried our best not to get killed there, for the river was stronger than we thought… Except for Anael and Melchior, who nailed the river like they were masters on that art of river rafting (Like a Boss!).

When we jumped from the canoes, I held Altagracia very hard, for I didn’t want her to get harmed. When we fell on that cold, refreshing water, I felt like it was the best sensation in life. Guatemalans are blessed for having such great environment near them. I hope they preserve that. Well, depending on Anael… It’s safe already.

Kaiser Das Vaali


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