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Hello Everyone!

This is Sakura Hayes speaking, just passing by to open the month of July! Finally, vacation has arrived, and I'm looking forward to this month? Why, because there will be several updates on this blog!

Let's walk through the new features that will be available here:

1. New Pieces of the Blue Moon Knights' Journals - Between Seasons, the Knights will be posting their day to day news about their regular lives, which may be related to the upcoming Seasons...

2.A Whole New Set of Images! - This month I'll be posting images of the Knights' vacations here, with brief descriptions and a bit of dialogues (funny moments, always). Also, I'll be preparing some wallpapers and other features to post on my DeviantArt profile, which will be available for buying (I'll adjust prices as soon as I have posted them);

3. Videos! - I'll use my free time wisely: I'll learn how to make animations, so that I'll be able to do some videos which I'll post on my YouTube account. I'll start doing the trailers of the previous three Seasons. Then, I may do more edgy videos...

4. Sankari's Excerpts - These will be a special collection of posts; since the Second Season was focused on elven people (a.k.a. Kaiser and Kimi's people) and I left somethings with no explanation, these posts will be used as a guide through the series. When you read one of those, you may feel like you were one of the Knights exploring the mists of this very important artifact.

These are the new features of July! Have a great Summer (for North Hemisphere readers)/ Winter (for South Hemisphere readers) vacation!

Sakura Hayes


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