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Dear Diary,

What the hell?!

Something weird has happened at Thalas’ – To Kimi more specifically. Well, the Sankari simply started to show some awkward symbols, and Melchior is acting a bit weird as well… Thalas said he was having nightmares recently, and thus he couldn’t sleep well at night (he was looking like a mummy, I must tell you).

Also, I’m feeling a bit… Modified. I don’t know; since we came back from Deeper Finland I feel I get angry easier… And I tend to react badly. Well, I haven’t done anything terrible… I had this argument with a guy in the street. See, I was living my life, skateboarding as usual, when I accidentally ran over someone’s feet. I confess I haven’t seen the person, but he got so angry that he started calling me names, etc.

don’t know what happened, but last thing I remember is the guy falling on the street electrocuted. I haven’t killed the guy, but somehow I used my powers against him. When I looked at the nearest window, I saw my eyes modified. And it stayed that way the entire day!

I know it was my entire fault… And Kimi said that this would happen if I kept using my Shaman-Stone more than I actually needed… Still, I felt so scared. What if this had happened to someone of my family? My Sister or my mother? What if… I killed the man? I don’t know, I’m scared… I need to talk to Kimi. NOW.

Anael Moon’Seeker


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