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Dear Writing Atelier,

Straaange stuff!

Okay, Altagracia, calm down; first, Maya start to disappear clamimg to do some weird magical stuff; then, Melchior gets sick and totally anti-social; now, my brother electrocute some ramdom guy and Kimi's book starts to rebel and fly around with weird symbols! Okay, it's a madhouse...

The results: Maya seems to be extremely happy. Thalas and Kimi are getting crazy and my master Melchior is getting gloomier and gloomier. My brother has calmed down now, but he's still trembling a bit. His eyes changed to that reptile form, you know? And it took too long for them to get back into normality. I called Maya to see if she knows more about that — Shapeshifting herself into reptiles is one of her specialties.

I've finished some other tasks of Kimi; he's too busy now solving my brother's problems, so I won't show him yet. I'll call Maya and see what she's up to...

Altagracia Moon’Seeker


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