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Dear Writing Atelier,

I really love those vacations!!!

Well, it has been some time since Anael invited me to go with him to his vacations’ trips… Since I’m now a Blue Moon Knight I think he sees me differently… Quite of.

Today we stayed at the hotel, playing some cards. Melchior showed me the Magic Game, which is played with a nice deck full of pretty (and some scary) cards. I didn’t know my brother played those either, and he’s quite of a nice player!

Well, yesterday Maya vanished and Kimi went looking for her along with Thalas, who was acting strange… I don’t know, at some point he argued with Kimi (I assume this because Kimi came back to the hotel pretty upset). Thalas came back few moments before Maya’s arrival pretty frustrated. The others didn’t notice that – only I did.

When Maya arrived, Thalas opened a fast (but wide) smile. The guys started to make some jokes about that, especially Melchior, who loves to get at Thalas’ nerves. I think Thalas loves Maya, but he doesn’t know how to say that… I think last night really upset him; for he wasn’t playing with us… he preferred to read a book instead…

Altagracia Moon’Seeker


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