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1st Poll's Results!

Hello Everyone!

This is Sakura Hayes speaking, just passing by to tell you the results of the first poll of this Blog. Since this poll allowed you to choose multiple answers, do not get surprised by the results shown here.

The question were "Who's Your Favourite Blue Moon Knight?". And here are the winners:

1st Place: Anael Moon'Seeker/ Elite Dragon (7 votes)

Tied on 2nd Place: Melchior Raven-Hayes and Maya Altahuela/ Elemental Alchemist and Black Witch (5 votes each)

Tied on 3rd Place: Kimi and Kaiser das Vaali/ Ice Guardian and DarkStalker ( 3 votes each)

4th Place: Thalas-Juán Dharalión / Electro Archer (2 votes)

5th Place (the Least Favourite): Altagracia Moon'Seeker /Lotus Flower (1 vote =C)

Total votes: 12 ( you cold choose multiple answers)

Well, these are the results and I'll be doing a special picture considering these values to post on the Official Facebook page, in this blog and on DeviantArt as well!

Stay tuned for more news and stuff!

Sakura Hayes


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