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Closing July

Hello Everyone!

Well, Vacation Time is over... For now. This month may be ending, but August is starting, and the Third Season comes with it!

The comic strips are going to keep the blog alive before the new Season comes alive. Also, why don't you guys give the Knights a like on the Official Facebook Page (see the box above)?

Stay tuned for more news and stuff!

Sakura Hayes

Hello Everyone!

This is Sakura Hayes speaking, just passing by to tell you that a new feature is coming: some comic strips! That's right! While waiting for he next Season to come, why not having some of our beloved Knights' images to shorten the waiting?

I'll be posting some comics on DeviantArt and here as well. Stay tuned for more news!

Sakura Hayes

Good Night Everyone!

This is Sakura Hayes speaking (after some time O.o)! Well, I have some things to tell you so BRACE YOURSELVES!

Well, the ending of the Journal Weeks means that the next Season is coming! That's right: the Third Season is on its way. August will be its month, which means that the Knights' story will continue...

Also, I'm preparing some new images to post on Facebook and DeviantArt, so stay tuned for more news and stuff!

Sakura Hayes

P.S.: If you have a special request (e.g. the poll's winners, which I'm going to draw and — if possible — post tomorrow), do one of the following:

1. Send me a message on Facebook Official Page (see the box above)
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Have a nice night!

Hello Everyone!

This is Sakura Hayes speaking, just passing by to tell you the results of the first poll of this Blog. Since this poll allowed you to choose multiple answers, do not get surprised by the results shown here.

The question were "Who's Your Favourite Blue Moon Knight?". And here are the winners:

1st Place: Anael Moon'Seeker/ Elite Dragon (7 votes)

Tied on 2nd Place: Melchior Raven-Hayes and Maya Altahuela/ Elemental Alchemist and Black Witch (5 votes each)

Tied on 3rd Place: Kimi and Kaiser das Vaali/ Ice Guardian and DarkStalker ( 3 votes each)

4th Place: Thalas-Juán Dharalión / Electro Archer (2 votes)

5th Place (the Least Favourite): Altagracia Moon'Seeker /Lotus Flower (1 vote =C)

Total votes: 12 ( you cold choose multiple answers)

Well, these are the results and I'll be doing a special picture considering these values to post on the Official Facebook page, in this blog and on DeviantArt as well!

Stay tuned for more news and stuff!

Sakura Hayes

Dear Writing Atelier,

Straaange stuff!

Okay, Altagracia, calm down; first, Maya start to disappear clamimg to do some weird magical stuff; then, Melchior gets sick and totally anti-social; now, my brother electrocute some ramdom guy and Kimi's book starts to rebel and fly around with weird symbols! Okay, it's a madhouse...

The results: Maya seems to be extremely happy. Thalas and Kimi are getting crazy and my master Melchior is getting gloomier and gloomier. My brother has calmed down now, but he's still trembling a bit. His eyes changed to that reptile form, you know? And it took too long for them to get back into normality. I called Maya to see if she knows more about that — Shapeshifting herself into reptiles is one of her specialties.

I've finished some other tasks of Kimi; he's too busy now solving my brother's problems, so I won't show him yet. I'll call Maya and see what she's up to...

Altagracia Moon’Seeker

To my Silent Friend, the Notebook,

It's working!

My efforts are not being in vain. See, I had gone through some of the hieroglypics on the archeological site, and I made some discoveries that will be more than useful for me to develop new spells and stuff...

I had done some transcripts on my grimoire, and I'll use the information gathered to work on this project. I told Kaiser about the great news, and he proposed to help me on my personal quest. Since his element is the closest to darkness, he is more than qualified to help me.

I'm feeling a bit better about my powers because I discovered that my powers won't vanish, for they are permanent, like Melchior's. I'm going to sleep now; I feel tired of my research.

Maya Altahuela

Traveller’s Notes, for Those Who Follow Me,

Melchior went worse. Again. This time, he couldn’t sleep at all and his allergies are getting pretty nasty. Anael came by and forced Melchior to go to the hospital and see what’s going on with him.

My brother asked me to take care of Sankari while he was going out. I decided to read it a bit and see what I could tell about these recent events… Also, I wanted to learn more about my people, about my own story.

Maya called me; she said her work was worth it after all, and she was really thankful about my attitude regarding the secret I kept. She also said she would show me later the results, but I’d have to wait until she finished the rest of the details…

Kaiser Das Vaali

From Guatemala City with Complete Disorientation,

What the hell is happening?!

This week has been complete madness! First, my book, Sankari, starts to fly and display some alarmist images about a doomed near future. Neither I nor Thalas understood the meanings of those images, but they may be the clue to understand Melchior’s health status…

Speaking of which, the second strange event – Melchior’s illness got worse and pretty peculiar. Like, he seems to be affected by sun light, and certain metals give him rashes on the moment he touches them. Also, he is getting more and gloomier these days… I’m really worried about him…

And Anael. My god, I can’t believe on what he did! As I said to him, if he abuses of the Shaman-Stone, it will pay back. He called me totally scared and lost, telling me what has he done to that stupid (yet poor) man; I went to his home to examine his eyes, and I realized that the Shaman-Stone is really draining his life-force and modifying Anael’s personality and thoughts. I’m concerned about his future…

Why am I the only one who concerns about things in this group?!

Kimi Das Vaali

Sports Journal of the Day,

It’s getting worse.

mean, all of the previous things – the nightmares, the sunlight weakness… Something is clearly wrong here, and I’m not just talking about books that can evade physics’ laws… The nightmares got pretty worse – I just lay down and few minutes after I wake up screaming for my life – no, I’m not exaggerating: they are too creepy and sometimes I feel like they are too real for me to be only dreaming…

And the weakness –today, I went with Kaiser to buy some metal CDs when I felt dizzy and weak. It was like my skin was burning, and it was hard to breath. Kaiser had to send me to the hospital, and he called Thalas to come by and see how I was looking. Since I fainted (and slept for the first time in days), I don’t remember anything, except what Thalas told me – that my skin was full of water bubbles and rashes. It was pretty ugly.

Also, I’m starting to develop allergies to certain kinds of metal (I mean, periodic table elements, not metal genres) – I cannot touch neither silver nor platinum-made objects. Like, my hands get itchy and some rashes come out. It gets pretty nasty. What’s happening to me?!

 Today, I received a call from Jasmine. I think Thalas’ uncle is going to kill him, because I spend a long time talking to her. I think we are cool now, and we became friends. Besides, I was feeling a bit bored of being locked on Thalas’ place and it was a nice conversation…

Melchior Raven-Hayes

For Those Who Read,

Things in my place have gone weird!

Well, I was coming back from my archery practice when I caught Kimi having trouble with Sankari. Okay, the book was flying around my bedroom and was showing some weird symbols to us. Like, some random stuff about destruction… I didn’t get it at first. Then, I saw a drawing of a continent… Still I’m not sure what that book was trying to tell us… The funniest thing was watching Kimi running around the room, trying to get the flying book…

Also, I noticed that Melchior has being a bit gloomy these days. After we came back from the observatory, he started having nightmares and couldn’t sleep because of that. He hasn’t even gone play basketball these past 3 days! I’m starting to worry about him. Also, he got sick and Kaiser is taking care of him. Kimi is busy trying to solve Anael’s issue… (Still I don’t understand that amount of fury Anael had…)

I started to write some stories as a hobby… These adventures I had had at this point are enough material to write kickass fictions. Fingers crossed!

Thalas-Juán Dharalión

Dear Diary,

What the hell?!

Something weird has happened at Thalas’ – To Kimi more specifically. Well, the Sankari simply started to show some awkward symbols, and Melchior is acting a bit weird as well… Thalas said he was having nightmares recently, and thus he couldn’t sleep well at night (he was looking like a mummy, I must tell you).

Also, I’m feeling a bit… Modified. I don’t know; since we came back from Deeper Finland I feel I get angry easier… And I tend to react badly. Well, I haven’t done anything terrible… I had this argument with a guy in the street. See, I was living my life, skateboarding as usual, when I accidentally ran over someone’s feet. I confess I haven’t seen the person, but he got so angry that he started calling me names, etc.

don’t know what happened, but last thing I remember is the guy falling on the street electrocuted. I haven’t killed the guy, but somehow I used my powers against him. When I looked at the nearest window, I saw my eyes modified. And it stayed that way the entire day!

I know it was my entire fault… And Kimi said that this would happen if I kept using my Shaman-Stone more than I actually needed… Still, I felt so scared. What if this had happened to someone of my family? My Sister or my mother? What if… I killed the man? I don’t know, I’m scared… I need to talk to Kimi. NOW.

Anael Moon’Seeker

Dear Writing Atelier,

Melchior's health status is getting me worried. He's my master, and I don't like to see him so gloomy and sick. I tried to cheer him up but he gave me a brief smile... And them he became sad again.

The weirdest thing happened when I tried to heal him... he hit my hand and moved to a darker corner. I think the sudden change on brightness  scared him a bit. Now he doesn't want to talk to anyone. I'm worried...

Because of Melchior, Kimi has to do some extra work. Today, he gave me lots of magical lesson to do. Okay, back to my super-hyper-me-overpower- awesome beautiful grimoire... I have to check some of those spells...

Altagracia Moon’Seeker

To my Silent Friend, the Notebook,

Well, I had started to develop some works on the grounds of magic. Since I joined the Knights, I have been asking myself — what if, someday, my powers end?

Like, my friends' source of power are their Shaman-Stones, but I do not possess one; my powers were given to me by Eclipse, and she's dead now.

I wandered through the ancient buildings and I started to read the hieroglyphics, and I noticed that some of them talked about ancient magic — the one most Shamans try to follow. Maybe it's my way out of that problem I'm facing.

I had to avoid Thalas in order to work better. However, I couldn't keep this secret. I feel like cheating on them, so I decided to tell to the one there who understands how's that feel to be the stranded one: Kaiser.Well, he's not going to tell anyone about my work... And that will be more than enough for now.

Maya Altahuela

Traveller’s Notes, for Those Who Follow Me,

Well, it seems that Maya’s up to something… Yesterday she asked me to not tell anyone where she was heading. Something has caught her attention after talking to that elder Shaman — and after going to that ancient observatory. She may be doing a research about magic, as always. It is impressive how she keeps studying, even on vacation times…

Well, I stayed on the hotel room again. Melchior’s condition got pretty worse all afternoon long, but he got better after the sunset. I’m getting as concerned as Kimi… What has happened to Melchior to get so sick and so suddenly?

Well, I started to craft some wooden weapons – Thalas taught me how to make bows, crossbows, arrows and bolts, and I went with Altagracia to some parts of the rainforest. She wanted to show me some of the most beautiful birds of the world…

Kaiser Das Vaali

From Tikal’s Woods with Thoughtfulness,

That Shaman was really fascinating… I think he had realized that we have some magical powers, considering the way he was talking…

I’m concerned about Melchior … it seems that Melchior is developing some kind of an illness, and that is making him a bit gloomy. It sucks to be sick on vacation…

Today I decided to go to an isolated place to play flute. It has been some time since I used it, and I miss listening to a calm, soft sound, instead of the regular sound of urban settlements.  Also, it is great to achieve some piece of mind, for the sound takes me elsewhere when I’m stressed out.

Kaiser decided to spend the day taking care of Melchior. Apparently, he couldn’t sleep all night long, and he also feels feverish. Too bad he’s not going to play basketball today. He is an awesome player, and I hope he keeps playing nicely as he does, even if he chooses not to go professional.

Now, I’m wondering – I haven’t seen Maya all day long (except now that she arrived). What has she done all that time?

Kimi Das Vaali

Sports Journal of the Day,

Ah, finally a basketball game! Well, on that jungle hotel we can play that awesome game on a perfect grassland courtyard. I could play barefoot (awesome!). Well, I played with Anael against the Finn twins. We won, like, 3 times in a row (the same as three quarters). The scores: 39-34, 42- 39, 37- 29 (Kaiser twisted his ankle, so we had to stop earlier than we thought). Anael is better than I thought. He’s got the moves to play nice and swiftly! Thalas didn't want to play - he was reading (again). Scary...

Even so, I’m feeling weird these days. Since we went to that ancient stargazing spot, I couldn’t sleep right. I started having some annoying dreams, and I spend most of the night awake. The result – I start my day looking like a mummy and acting like a zombie. Not nice at all…

Well, I started to sing some Maiden songs lately, and I discovered that my voice is similar to Dickinson’s! To distract me from my bad slept nights, I started singing. Nice idea, since Run Silent Run Deep can scare away any nightmares (in my opinion), and that allowed me to take a long nap on this afternoon.

Also, I started to notice that sunlight is bothering me a little. Like, I’m getting a bit sunburned (and that’s awkward, for I’m copper-skinned) and weak after some time of exposure. What the hell is happening?

Melchior Raven-Hayes

For Those Who Read,

Yadda, yadda, yadda… That old man talks too much, I think. Well, I don’t know why Kimi and Anael gave too much attention to that Shaman… That ‘power within’ talk was getting in my nerves… Still, I think that these two folks can make something useful of that…

As we walked inside the rainforest today, I noticed some branches on the ground. I decided not to let them rotten, and I used them in another way – I build a bow and some arrows with the thinner branches. Then, I used my new weapons to practice a bit of archery. I don’t know, but this sport kind of makes me more alive – and active than ever. I practice whenever I can, and the results can be seen on battlefield (pride moment).

Finally, we went to an ancient Mayan Observatory tonight, as Maya asked us. The night is even darker in the rainforest than we thought, and the stars are brighter than they seem. Maya started telling us a story about the stars and their origins. Mere myths, of course, but they caught my attention. The way she tells stories is something beyond imagination.

When I went to sleep, I took the hammock next to the window. I wanted to stare at the sky… And think for a moment that my parents would be there, looking after me. Things haven’t been easy for me during these years, and they do not seem to be getting better… I hope I prove myself wrong...

Thalas-Juán Dharalión

Dear Diary,

We are still on Tikal, and I think we are going to stay for this week here. Today, we went to some sort of a Shaman spot in an isolated village. The local Shaman was a nice old man indeed, and he seemed to know our powers. He started to tell us thing about our power within, and how to achieve it.

I think that only Kimi and I were paying attention to his words. I saw Kimi writing down the Shaman’s wise words, and I was trying to listen carefully to them in order to remember.

It’s good to have a break of this hero life. However, we will be heading back soon... I think something is about to come…

Anael Moon’Seeker

Dear Writing Atelier,

I really love those vacations!!!

Well, it has been some time since Anael invited me to go with him to his vacations’ trips… Since I’m now a Blue Moon Knight I think he sees me differently… Quite of.

Today we stayed at the hotel, playing some cards. Melchior showed me the Magic Game, which is played with a nice deck full of pretty (and some scary) cards. I didn’t know my brother played those either, and he’s quite of a nice player!

Well, yesterday Maya vanished and Kimi went looking for her along with Thalas, who was acting strange… I don’t know, at some point he argued with Kimi (I assume this because Kimi came back to the hotel pretty upset). Thalas came back few moments before Maya’s arrival pretty frustrated. The others didn’t notice that – only I did.

When Maya arrived, Thalas opened a fast (but wide) smile. The guys started to make some jokes about that, especially Melchior, who loves to get at Thalas’ nerves. I think Thalas loves Maya, but he doesn’t know how to say that… I think last night really upset him; for he wasn’t playing with us… he preferred to read a book instead…

Altagracia Moon’Seeker

To My Silent Friend, the Notebook,

I think that the guys are making a bit of a fuss about me and Thalas… I know I have this story with him, but I doubt it’s going to result on something…

Well, today I went to the Temple by myself, just to see the old construction better. When I was an Eclipse Warrior, I couldn’t do that… Ay, Diós mío, how much I miss Iracema and Jasmine! Although I talk to Jasmine a lot, Iracema… is someone I really miss, for she is no longer living, you know? Both I and Anael feel the same… Specially him. It’s funny; Anael can be more romantic than I am!

Then, I was observing the hieroglyphs and all the other stuff the Temple still had… Tikal has this magical feeling; it’s like con can sense the presence of the Mayans once lived there; I stood on the main entrance of the Temple with my eyes closed, just to meditate… And feel the gentle wind touching my face.

I stood there for a long time. What have the boys done while I was absent?

Maya Altahuela

Traveller’s Notes, For Those Who Follow Me,

Ha, ha, ha, ha! My brother always gets himself into trouble – as a result of that, I always have fun at his costs. Such a bad brother I am…

Anyways, we started our vacations in big style, for we went to the woods of Tikal, were the Blue Moon Knights’ story started… Well, I learnt how to play Mayan Football and it was quite nice, even though my tights are still killing me…

Today was the waterfall rift day! Another thing the Central trio did, basically we made a canoe and went down a furious river, ending the trip jumping – yes, you read it correctly – from the canoe and going straight to the bottom of the river.

We divided ourselves into three teams: Me and Altagracia, Thalas and Maya (sensing some chemistry…) and Anael, my brother and Melchior. Anael showed us how to craft a canoe using some dead trees near us. As always, Anael’s ecological consciousness helped us doing something fun without destroying Mother Nature…

With a bunch of trunks we made the canoes and the oars, one for each person. I carried my canoe in my back with a little help from my brother and Altagracia. Thalas and Maya helped each other, and Anael carried his canoe by himself! He is way stronger than us, indeed… Even being only 13 years old…

We had made our way through a narrow path up to a huge hill. Then, Anael showed us where the raging river started. I felt some butterflies in my stomach, but I took a deep breath before placing the canoe near the river bend. First, I sat down, and then Altagracia did the same.

I used my oar to push the canoe away from the stream. The rest… well, it was complete madness! We all tried our best not to get killed there, for the river was stronger than we thought… Except for Anael and Melchior, who nailed the river like they were masters on that art of river rafting (Like a Boss!).

When we jumped from the canoes, I held Altagracia very hard, for I didn’t want her to get harmed. When we fell on that cold, refreshing water, I felt like it was the best sensation in life. Guatemalans are blessed for having such great environment near them. I hope they preserve that. Well, depending on Anael… It’s safe already.

Kaiser Das Vaali

From the Woods of Tikal with a Certain Feeling,

Vacations started with this ‘feeling’ in the air. I mean, what was that interaction between Thalas and Maya? Manifestations of chemistry? Hm…

I learnt how to play this game… Mayan Football. I don’t know, it feels a bit weird! The movements are different; the goal scores are different… It’s different.  Right now my entire body hurts, for the rubber balls are really painful to control…

Well, we went to the deeper parts of the forest, searching for the river in which Melchior, Thalas and Anael jumped into in order to save their lives. We found it after 30 minutes of walking straight to the southwest. It was the most beautiful river I’ve ever seen! The waters were so clean and the sun was shining in it so beautifully…

Then, we jumped inside it; it was too hot for us to be standing there. Since we were still with the rubber ball, we tried to play volleyball in the water. We shouldn’t have done that, for the ball is too hard and Anael cannot control his strength…

Now, we are back to the hotel and I’m sunburned AND completely covered with hematomas. Thank you so much, rubber ball…

Kimi Das Vaali

Sports Journal of the Day,

Best vacations ever!

Thalas and Maya had arranged another Mayan Football match, for she wanted to have another chance to play with us. Well, I had to teach Kimi and Kaiser how to play it, for they had never seen this game. They did pretty good, I must tell you…

Then, we went to the ruins of Tikal’s Temple and set everything to play. The first team was composed by me, Thalas and Anael – the team we played at Survival test. The opposing were Maya, Kimi and Kaiser. Altagracia was forbidden to play by her brother, who said she was too young and little to play with a bunch of strong guys.

When we started playing, it was complete madness! Everyone did their best, running towards the ball, controlling it with their hips, tights, head and shoulders. I scored the goal loop five times, I think, but Thalas was far more impressive, as always: eight times without breaking a sweat… I mean, before Maya came closer to him.

She did great as well, for she scored ten times alone. Kimi and Kaiser scored four times in total; pretty lousy, but they are just beginners, so we couldn’t ask them to do much more than that, and Maya understood that, for she didn’t get angry with them about losing the game.

We went to this jungle hotel near Tikal to sleep and think of what to do the following day. I couldn’t sleep as much as I wanted, for some thoughts came into my mind… Thoughts about a certain person…

Melchior Raven-Hayes

For Those Who Read,

Vacation time, at least. Anael invited all of us to go to Tikal’s ruins again; so many memories came into my mind at that trekking…

I could recall all the events of the Survival test as if they happened the previous day; all that people running on the emerald grass, climbing on the majestic trees, fighting, laughing, suffering…

I remembered when we met Melchior; he was in the same truck we were, so serious and grin that not in a million of years would I’ve thought that he would be that people person he is. And a natural joker. The truth is, even though I argue with him multiple times, I owe him too much to count, for he saved Anael’s life in that treacherous jungle, and so did with mine recently, at the Elven Fortress. Even being a jackass sometimes, he can do something right when he wants to…

Maya remembered perfectly about the ‘Mayan Football’ we played at the Temple’s ruins. I really laughed at those memories, for she was still looking for a chance of beating our team in that game. I smiled at her and promised that, someday, we were going to play it again.

She sarcastically smiled at me and agreed. I don’t know why I agreed… There was something in her eyes… Maybe the golden shine… That made me does not think in a ‘no’ as a possible answer. Am I falling in love, or something?

Thalas-Juán Dharalión

Dear Diary,

Finally, vacaciones!

Well, all of us are tired from these last events we had to attend; my God, how I missed my Ciudad de Guatemala! My mom still doesn’t know I’m the leader of the Blue Moon Knights, but I think she’s getting suspicious about it…

Today I went with the other to the rainforest of Tikal. For me, Thalas and Melchior, this is the place of everything started, you know? If I hadn’t gone to Tikal to do that Survival task with Thalas, maybe we wouldn’t have become the Knights…

While we were trekking, a quetzal soared near me; I don’t know, but I felt like it did that to drive my attention to him. A beautiful bird, which symbolizes free for all Guatemalans…

Now, about my Shaman-Stone… The ‘merging’ process is getting a bit stronger, but the two necklaces are not merging yet. Let’s see if I can work on that, since I had given more power to my Stone recently…

Anael Moon’Seeker

Hello Everyone!

This is Sakura Hayes speaking, just passing by to open the month of July! Finally, vacation has arrived, and I'm looking forward to this month? Why, because there will be several updates on this blog!

Let's walk through the new features that will be available here:

1. New Pieces of the Blue Moon Knights' Journals - Between Seasons, the Knights will be posting their day to day news about their regular lives, which may be related to the upcoming Seasons...

2.A Whole New Set of Images! - This month I'll be posting images of the Knights' vacations here, with brief descriptions and a bit of dialogues (funny moments, always). Also, I'll be preparing some wallpapers and other features to post on my DeviantArt profile, which will be available for buying (I'll adjust prices as soon as I have posted them);

3. Videos! - I'll use my free time wisely: I'll learn how to make animations, so that I'll be able to do some videos which I'll post on my YouTube account. I'll start doing the trailers of the previous three Seasons. Then, I may do more edgy videos...

4. Sankari's Excerpts - These will be a special collection of posts; since the Second Season was focused on elven people (a.k.a. Kaiser and Kimi's people) and I left somethings with no explanation, these posts will be used as a guide through the series. When you read one of those, you may feel like you were one of the Knights exploring the mists of this very important artifact.

These are the new features of July! Have a great Summer (for North Hemisphere readers)/ Winter (for South Hemisphere readers) vacation!

Sakura Hayes

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