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Hello Everyone!

This is Sakura Hayes, just passing by to tell you about the newest update made on this blog! Have you seen that Kimi and Kaiser's outfits had completely changed? Yes, their Shaman-Stones made a little revamp in their looks, increasing their powers as well! I'll describe them just a bit:

1. Kimi's Icicle Outfit - instead of his traditional Guardian outfit, this icy outfit resembles more of his element - Ice - and gives him a more elvish look. Still possessing his halberd, he uses this weapon as an ice conjuring staff. This outfit firstly appears on Chapter 22;

2. Kaiser's Void Wayfarer Outfit - abandoning his Fallen Guardian outfit of a dark overcoat with purple details, this outfit reveals Kaiser's element - Void - and enhances his magical abilities, making him one of the magicians. Also, like Anael, he receives a conjurable sword. This outfit appears firstly on Chapter 23.

See further details at:

Stay tuned for more news!

Sakura Hayes


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